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PL teaching, day 26 > Let’s Be Simple and Straight-Forward With Our Expressions > If you hold your feelings in, you will always be filled with worry. Always make effort to express yourself freely so you can live with a clear state of mind.

PL is a “living religion” that provides meaning for the hear and now on a daily basis.  In PL, we live enjoying each moment in the here and now.  Pl exists to supports its members fully in gaining a greater understanding of our existence as human beings in this very physical world.  It helps us to improve our life on a daily basis. If you are searching for a spiritual path, with more relevance to your present daily life, we welcome you.  You will find contact information on our websites. (see links in sidebar)

PL Church is a “spiritual  home away from home”  a place to find your “Inner Self”

2012-12-11 Church PL 5.13 008 ………….  Life revolves.  We cannot go back 1 minute, or one day.  Engage life and maintain your pace.………

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