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Everyone has a different point of view.  Let’s enjoy and appreciate the personalities and differences we all have. > PL teaching day 9

It’s interesting Because We all See Things Differently.

 Meet the door.  We have an old wooden door leading into the house, my husband has been talking of changing this door for some time now. About 2 month ago, I was painting a gourd and had left over paint.  Inspiration hit and I applied it to the door.  There wasn’t all that much, but it left this dark blob of paint on the door.  Basically I cleaned my brushes by using the door as a blank canvas, or cleaning pad.  My dear husband came in and out numerous times, never said a word.  Over the next days and weeks, I kept adding to the door, color on color, and white washing it, the more I played with the door, the more I began to like the distressed look it was getting.  Still not a word from hubby.  This is the door we use daily, it is our main mode of access in and out of the house.  He is not someone who misses anything.  So I knew he had seen the door.  Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

2013-01-18 July 8 misc 002 When I finally asked  how come he hadn’t said anything about the door, part of his reply was that he was just glad I wasn’t painting the garage door.  (Our back door is not seen from the outside, one has to enter onto the back veranda first.) =^_^=

Here is a good example of  PL teaching #9     appreciation of “differences”.  He took into consideration, my need to create and express….  The door can be repainted at any time.

I appreciate him all the  more for his understanding. The man is a gem, I am truly blessed.

Life is Art!

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  1. I love it:D

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