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The Flash of Inspiration Is a Gift From God

When something suddenly clicks or when a great idea suddenly pops into your head, it is actually not something you have control over. Understand that this is wisdom given to you by God. (PL Teaching)

In meditation, we gain direct awareness that is beyond the image. (Tao)

You can’t ever get everything you want. It is impossible. Luckily, there is another option: You can learn to control your mind, to step outside of this
endless cycle of desire and aversion. You can learn not to want what you want, to recognize desires but not be controlled by them.
~Bhanta Henepola Gunaratana~

The PL Thanksgiving ceremony was wonderful today, the BBQ that followed was delicious. The steaks tender,tender, and the salads a perfect “balance” for the diet conscious. I was told the recipes originated in Brazil (Portuguese), the more I get to experience their cuisine, the more enchanted I become.
Shared community and good food. what a nice way to end the week-end. (yes, I did my best to not over indulge =^_^=)
Blessings everyone…  May your dreams (night journey) inspire you to great expressions tomorrow.  Life is Art!  (PL)

When you are living in-Spirit, you can feel inspired by doing virtually anything – (Dr.Wayne W. Dyer)

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