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Wednesday's greeting

Isn’t this a great quote. I read it once, then a second time, 10 words, well put together. Another way of say “Life is Art” the first PL Precept.
I dearly want you to meet Sensei Fukito Kimura, the minister I told you about in an earlier blog. From PL Holy Land in Tondabayasghi, Osaka,Japan. He found a way to communicate with me even though neither of us spoke the other’s language. No, not through a translator, on a one on one. ( I was in Japan for Rensei training, blog(s) would be back in early August for those of you wanting a re read)

I was so impressed with his sincerity,kindness and overall demeanor I asked Rev. Goto to ask him if I could communicate further with him once back in Canada.  He graciously agreed.  It has been a challenge, but I did manage to ask him to tell me how he became a minister with PL, and why.  He did write, (Rev. Euguene) our minister here in Ottawa) kindly did the translation for me.   Now here dear reader, is where one of my lessons in life, has to be put into practice. Somehow in the getting the file from the church to my computer it got corrupted.  Patience is one of the virtues, I have had to learn and practice, and to do it creatively =^_^=.  (Rev. Eugene is away)

Rev Kimura

Meet Sensei  Fukito Kimura, a young family man dedicated to his craft.  He had not thought of being a minister till well into the last years of his schooling.  Once that decision was taken, he never looked back.  He had a church, but was called back to the Holy Land headquarters to  work there.  He is the Coordinator of Rensei Training.  He derives great joy and sense of reward in what he does.  On the shy side, he at first appears reserved, but when you watch him in action, ensuring all runs smoothly for the many many attendees,  you realize he is focused on what he is doing.  He is living in the moment.  His words when he wrote were gentle and wise.

When I get the translation again, I will post his response in Japanese for those of you who read Japanese, because I believe that it will be a true reflection of Sensei Fukito’s words.  And the English translation.

I know today’s teaching was on the Value of Money and Things…  but I wanted to talk about the value of Friendships and how  a real connection with another person will always be through a sincere desire to reach out and embrace that person with a love that speaks from the “heart” 

Become a peace maker in life, a smile goes a long way, not everyone is lovable, we don’t always succeed at being gracious or kind, but we can all work towards a happier day. It begins with one tiny step at a time.

Emphasize on the inner spiritual energy of love and peace… Blessings all…

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