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Learning is a Lifelong Process

“No matter your age, there is something to be learned and there is always room for improvement. Always remember that there is wisdom to be gained from any situation.”

The day I had today, had me coming home and digging through my PL teachings, till I found the above lesson. Life doesn’t always provide me with a clear picture. I have to come home and process the feelings and emotions I picked up along my journey (running errands)

I just finished reading Louise Penny’s the Beautiful Mystery. the story line takes place in a remote part of Quebec in a monastery where two dozen cloistered monks live in peace and prayer. By suppertime today I was ready to transport myself to the serenity of the chapel or one of the cells. Where I could sit/lie down and turn the “chaos” of the world out.. .. simply take, long deep breaths in gathering in the calm, then holding the quiet before letting out the pollution
of the city.

I will visualize the chapel in the Peace Tower in the Holy Land and recall the tranquility I found there.

Closing my eyes, I allow the moment to wash over me…..
Aaahhhh my smile is starting, yes, I feel now that it will be a happy sleep. good night dear reader….

May you too be blessed with the comfort of a loving heart.

photo – Virtual landscape from SL -by Q

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