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Interacting Proactively

When you hear” Let’s interact Proactively”,  what comes to mind?  There is a lesson in PL, that with society changing as rapidly as it is, we have to keep our eyes and mind in tune to the changes and learn to deal with them proactively.  I agree, however in my daily meditations, I find that there are times when I struggle to be proactive with mySELF.  I underlined, read and reread a sentence once that began “Come back home to yourself” during an especially difficult time in my life,  To this day, I pray for the strength to remain true to the belief that I am where I am meant to be, and to give thanks for getting this far. I will accept and surrender to my present moments, the difficult ones, and the easy ones. LOL and here is the biggie for me… I will stop trying to control the process.…..I will trust in the process.….  I will be proactive with the guiding light of God.

Q snow & ice_005

The more knowledge shared/given away, the more  will be received – Tao

Many blessings on this wonderful day, may you find joy and sunshine, today, tomorrow and always.   Oyashikiri

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