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hello out there

how are you today

I’ve been thinking of you a lot these days

have you been well… are you alright…

has time been good to you…

is your world sunny and bright

a lot of questions, I know

it is just that when my thoughts drift in your direction 

I remember the fun we had

&  how you made me laugh


life is good, I’m very happy

every day I’m presented with a brand new day

and I hope in my heart that you are happy too

the world is such an amazing place…

that our hearts connected is such a gift


love is such a powerful and amazing gift

it transcends all and everything

we may never understand it

but as long as we believe and trust in God

we will always be connected

for we are…. ONE

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri

* man-and-camera.com

** magicalnaturetour.tumblr.com

*** photofrom the world.com

Comments on: "hello…bonjour…alo" (2)

  1. This is a wonderful blog and I’m so glad to hear about the Perfect Liberty church and its precepts. I can’t agree more with your perception of how to work towards world peace. You are definitely showing with this blog how life is art. And thank you for visiting Tovarysh. Many blessings to you.

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