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China Dream Wow… what a start to the day

you have no idea how simply amazing

it has been, to wake to so many birthday greetings

friends from far and wide, saying Happy Birthday!

You simply will not let me forget =^_^=

but then how could I, nor would I want to

you know why, cause each and every one of you

have touched my heart in so many ways.


remember when Q was making her Tiny clothes

I was a sweetie wasn’t I, we had so much fun

and all the waffles we ate, and the dancing! too much

yes, many of you have traveled the years with me

big or small, you all have the biggest hearts

and I am truly blessed to have lived

laughed and loved amongst you all


Nick and Mel, I hope to see you in the fall


Sept.17 may be my day of birth,

but to celebrate my life without you, it just wouldn’t be

as special and happy… as you dear friends, make everyday

a celebration, 

with your sharing, caring, and special ways

of staying in touch, and living the chant of



which one is you – which one is me

Love YOU all

each and every one of you..

Comments on: "me?" (4)

  1. Liz Ciesluk said:

    Happy Happy Birthday my friend. Hope it is the best ever! Love you, Lizzie

  2. Happy birthday

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