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Trolling Pinterest the other day, I came across this photo.  It caught my attention, you know me and rusted out metal.  I liked it enough to post it to my board on old vehicles .. then I moved on and thought really nothing more about it.  This morning, a bing alerted me to an incoming message… someone wanted to know, how anyone could leave such a beauty to simply rot and decay.  I had no answer, but it did get me to thinking.


What is it, why do we do this.  This was a wooded area for about 70 years in Chatillon, Belgium, it was home to one of the largest car cemeteries in the world (found on Pinterest)  Obviously I am not alone in my love of “old” rusted out beauties.  Yes, I say beauties those of us on the hunt, even wax poetically about the shades of rust.  AND we will wander into fields, back woods, where ever there is a hint of a “capture”  Yet I won’t go on a picnic or eat outside at a cafe, cuz the bugs will annoy me!  Go figure!


If I see or meet someone who has found a treasure and fixed it up.  Man that is someone I want to meet.  And you know I’m going after a picture, and the story.  But. for some reason, I have never asked the question, why abandon a car/truck in the first place.

Does anyone know or want to fathom a guess?

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

have you seen the lastest copy of Canadian Hot Rods..



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Comments on: "Left to?" (12)

  1. Purely economical…too costly to fix, cheaper to get a new one. Things do wear out.

  2. i’d drive 2000 miles to go pick up that plymouth in the top pic!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When we watched American Pickers you saw a lot of this – little old men acquiring these things and then would rather they rot in their yard then sell them so they can be refurbished and useful again….hoarding behaviors lol. Your pictures are much nicer than the scenes we saw or have seen with our own eyes of such behavior.

  4. This is interesting for me because we have an old British sports car, which was modified to look even older by means of a kit. It’s currently undergoing further transformation into a ‘rat~rod’ and, iron ally my husband is figuring out how to make the paintwork look like it’s rusting. Not sure we’ll be able to put it back on the road though ~ due to current regulations. If he ever finishes this project I’ll post photos! 🙂

    • that sounds like a very interesting project.. did he find a way, I am trying to remember what we used to do when I was working in metals, what we did to achieve the rust.. but the senior moment lives on!!!

  5. *ironically* 😉

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