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Last meal in Japan


Knowing it would be a while before I would once more be in Japan, I surveyed the available restaurants well before I decided on where I would eat.  No fast take away, or the airport versions of western food, believe me the dishes all looked good, I was hungry.


I had plenty of time, I decided on a venue that had a more traditional feel (for me).  I saw it as my last meal … and made the most of it.


I obviously have a lot to tell you about, once I’m over this jet lag, I’ll talk more of the benefits of eating healthy, the talk I had with the doctor in Japan, (re. being diabetic)  The Japanese cultural history is world known for promoting good health and longevity. (Food)

Being without internet, social media, television, etc. for an extended period is very self revealing.

PL # 15  All is a Mirror


Comments on: "Last meal in Japan" (6)

  1. Looks and sounds awesome – I am curious what the doc said about health – I believe that many problems are related to different intestinal flukes – and cleansing and supplements can help people restore their bio terrain. A anyhow – your food photos are wonderful and those bar stools are very cool!

  2. stay tuned =^_^=

  3. I have always loved Japanese food. And it always looks so beautiful. Being away from modern communication is always enlightening. 🙂

  4. Now I’m hungry! Lovely tasty looking food. Look forward to hearing more about Japan .

  5. Looks delicious

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