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witches brew

4-years-agoOH my, look at you

what on earth have you gotten into

certainly the month of October

brings out the devilish urge

to prance and dance

in outlandish attire

in full view

hippo-me-years-agobut really, do you remember

the hippo you?

that was years ago.

when all you knew was being a Tiny

in a world of fantasy and creativity

q-having-fun-jpgoh dear… oh dear

where are your clothes

a fine witches brew

you’ve gotten into

it isn’t even Hallow’s Eve

9-28-13_008quick into the pumpkin

hide behind the pumpkin’s silly grin

what are we to do

when the full moon

comes into view

dear oh dear

I do believe we have a case

of October-itice

10-30-14_002there are times

we can be anything we want to be

October is the month to play

to dabble

in a witches brew

come join Q

we wait for YOU



coming to a store near you..


PL Precept #1   Life is Art

have fun, explore allow your creativity to flow

if you visit virtual worlds, you have lots of room to play.

where ever you are.  be present in the moment

and enjoy being YOU

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  1. Betcha didn't know! said:


  2. LOL – this was a fun post! My husband and I still haven’t decided what we are doing for Halloween lol. Probably last minute again. Would love to win the trip to Romania and stay in Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle) – talk about it in my post today. Love to you!

  3. J’aime bien venir, la qualité de ton blog est assez exceptionnelle. En particulier, les visuels ou médias sont remarquables.
    En bref: la charte qualité est respectée.

    Une amicale pensée de Provence où je réside…

    I like to come, the quality of your blog is fairly exceptional. In particular, the visual or media are remarkable.
    In short: quality charter is respected.

    A friendly thought of Provence where I live …

    • thank you so much, merci beaucoup, your kind words will encourage me ..I do admit at times to wonder. Thank very very much, it is greatly appreciated.c’est bien apprecie.. did I spell it alright =^_^=.. I speak French, but confess to being horrible at writing it.. bonne journee…

  4. Great call to be out there and enjoy Halloween. Not sure I can live up to the eye catching costumes but love their spirit.

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