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good morning


A change was made for about a week. instead of my solitary eggs.. (poached) I added fruit. I had a hankering for  persimmons and indulged myself.  Didn’t help that at T & T ( Asian grocery story,) they were only being sold by the crate.  During the Chinese New Year, this fruit is much in demand.

Lesson learned.  I am not a big fruit eater, love blueberries, (in season)  and will have the odd apple over the course of the year, but fruit is not part of my daily diet.  The lesson, one should do things in moderation…. this is a lesson, I seem to have to revisit more than I would like to.


Meet Oskar, his human sent me this picture the other day.  I have yet to meet Oskar in person, he is such a charmer.  A morning smile is always  the best way to start the day.

Merci Oskar, than you Oskar for the smile..


Blessings everyone, have a happy productive day, service is at 10 tomorrow, see you then.



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  1. Oskar is handsome and I am a major fruit eater. 🙂

    • he is .. I can’t wait for the day I actually get to meet him.. my two will be jealous, but.. hey.. life is an experience, right!! I used to eat a lot more fruit, but being diabetic, that cut a lot of that back.. and as I age.. well…………… I find other delights.. =^_^=

      • Aah, my Grandmother cannot eat much fruit, either. She, along with a few more family members are diabetic.

  2. have a good day my friend.. =^_^=


  4. I love fruit and actually get cravings for it. Oscar is adorable! Hearty wave to you from across the miles! 🙂

  5. Lovely breakfast! 🙂

    • is it the persimmon that appeals or the blueberries,, =^_^= This is my first time ever to eat them.. so many people know about them.. I must have been in the back forty looking for picture possibilities.. It took me so long to discover them.. The different varieties have different tastes and texture too. like wow.. never too old to learn!

  6. You seem to be skirtting the topic you are trying to say

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