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Mother 1921-2017

Mother passed 3.6.17

Mother’s life was like an abstract painting, she lived creatively and managed to  keep all the  assortment of unique personalities that she loved  on one mosaic canvas.  She had an inner strength and resolve that kept her going for 96 years. Pansies were her favourite flowers.  She loved colours, when she set her mind to something, it got done. In later years, she loved to , crochet and knit in quiet times, but she dedicated much of her life to volunteering and working for the good of others.  She remained actively involved in all her charities and “projects” till well into her golden years. RIP Mother, your unconditional love and tenacious spirit, will always be with us.

PL Precept #1     Life is Art

Oyashikiri (blessings)



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  3. Moz Loordes said:

    An amazing life, you mum will be blessed ❤

  4. Much love to you today. I think of death as our 2nd birthday, we all get two “true” births. The first when we arrive and the second when we transition on from this world and what we are into what comes next. I wish you Mom a loving, spectacular 2nd birthday! Muah and hugs from our house.

  5. […] Good morning family.  How are you doing?  I’m doing alright, just staying in gratitude as much as I can.  Got a letter from my Mom yesterday and that always helps!  Thank you Mom!  I woke up to blowing winds and heavy rain this morning.  Nothing serious, just a quick band of showers passing through.  The woman/angel I drew yesterday is gone this morning.  I have to admit I was a little sad about that, I was really pleased with how she turned out!  Such is the literal nature of drawing things outside in chalk and why I have really taken to it.   It is a true lesson about Attachment and the Impermanence of all things.  My deepest condolences to fellow blogger and artist Dymoon on the passing of her Mom: https://dymoonblog.com/2017/03/07/mother-1921-2017/ […]

  6. My condolences to you and your family for your loss.

  7. My sincere sympathy at the passing of your Mom. What a lovely tribute. She sounds like an amazing woman.

    • Thanks Sue, she was a woman who was ahead of her time.. those who knew her, found comfort in her strength and caring. … waves across the miles

  8. She left good memories for you!

  9. A beautiful tribute to Mother, Dymoon. Blessings and love to you in your loss.

    • thank you. I do miss being able to pick up the phone .. but I know.. she is much happier no longer having to deal with the pain she had to live with in that last year or so. Your kindness is much appreciated.

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