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I remembered I had a picture that would give a visual on what some areas are like in our part of the world right now.  Many people have been and are dealing with flooding. Not just one or two areas, many places in the Province, not only cottage country, any where,  there is water.  Our lakes, and rivers are swollen and over flowing their banks. People are scrambling to save what they can.  There have been thousands and thousands of sand bags filled and carried to numerous destinations.  Still the water rises.

According to weather specialists, we’ve not seen the likes in decades, records have been broken.  The climate changes  the world is experiencing is all very real.

Please pray for those in need, and give thanks of appreciation to the many generous souls who have come forward to volunteer their time and help to those who are having to face the raging rising waters, and watch helplessly as their property disappears under the incoming tides.

PL Precept # 18  Each moment is a turning Point

PL Precept #16  All things progress and develop.

This too shall pass, meanwhile, pray…



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  1. We had the same not long ago in Australia. Wide spread flooding and many people lost their homes, some, their lives. Ours was from the oddest cyclone, that took her time moving across our continent, dawdling as she dumped more rain than four cyclones would normally dump. She kept on taking her scenic tour through Queensland and New South Wales until she finally decided to go sight seeing to New Zealand, with similiar results. I would not be surprised at all if she then continued her world tour in Canada. The results for human and livestock can be devastating from such events, but our parched landscape bloomed for weeks afterward and the wildlife flourished with so much water available. In the end, our dams were filled, water supplies replenished, and farming land got a good dose of fertile silt. There is always a positive to balance out a negative. Blessings!

  2. Always praying Oya. Love to you.

  3. Moz Loordes said:

    In my prayers. The lowlands of the UK are flooded more often now, part of the problem is that the marshes that used to act like a natural sponge, were drained and built on – to fulfil our second major problem, not enough land for housing. I thank the divine that we live in an area close to the sea and any excess water simply runs off the cliffs into the ocean.

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