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When cancer calls

nature bells corners SAWe’ve had some time now to think about and mull over the “visitor” we have in our home.  We didn’t go looking for our house guest, but then I don’t think that many people go in search of inviting cancer into their lives.

I personally have had to think about how I am reacting to (relating) to this visitor.  It is not a welcome guest, but… it is here, and we have to deal with it best we can.  I like to drive down country roads, when I want to think and talk to my “self”  Ottawa is a good place to be, since in almost any direction I go, I can be in country spaces surrounded by green space and untamed vegetation.

nature bells corners SA1There is a hodge podge of this and that.  nothing is planned, it just happens.  A patch of flowers, different shapes, sizes and colours of greens all come together to allow for crickets and critters of various shapes and species to mingle and cross paths.

nature bells corners SA2I’ve decided that cancer just didn’t happen, it found its way in, and was allowed to settle in grow and fester.  Ownership has to be taken for this.  Only in accepting this fact, can we move on and make friends with it.  Find out what it will take for it to go away, and then work faithfully, and with dedicated purpose to ease it out of our lives.

nature bells corners SA3Look carefully, there is a path.  It is hidden if you just glance, but if you take your time and look … you will find a way, a path to follow.  Life is always open to change.  Prayer and faith are the most direct path in our connection/relationship to/with God/Universe.  I believe that whatever the outcome, it will be what is best.

nature bells corners SA4Cancer is a world changer, we are blessed that we found out in time, that it had come into our lives.  Knowing, means that now we can work with the specialists and take the necessary steps to improve our lives, and work positively towards a healthier outlook and lifestyle.

Nature is not stubborn, it is resilient.  Acceptance and grasping the opportunity for change positively, will help us flow with the seasons.

PL Precept # 15  All is a mirror

PL Precept 11  Always be with God

PL Precept #18  Each moment is a turning point.



Comments on: "When cancer calls" (14)

  1. velcro2424 said:

    Very well written/said. Too true – find the path and remain positive as that path is taken.

  2. A wonderful way to accept and look at it.

  3. So glad you found this visitor in time.

  4. I love the comment “Always be with God”, because in my life that is a fact, and even more, God is always with me providing me with His steadfast love to benefit from HIs powerful Spirit that enables me to walk in the spirit of His son Yehoshua. His perfect love casts out all my fears and enables me to walk in freedom… Hallal Yah

  5. Sending love and hugs through the weaving paths of the flowers to you and your husband today. Your attitude about this will help guide you through it. Cancer has visited many homes of the people I’ve known and loved – bringing lessons for them and for all of us loving them through the journey.

  6. My mother had a saying that all fish and guests begin to outlive their welcome after three days. Personally, I love having guests, but I think that cancer is definitely an unwelcome “guest” and needs to be ejected from the premises. We hope that the doctors will be able to show Brian’s unwanted visitor the door as soon as possible. Blessings to you both.

  7. Sending prayers for an exceptional medical team and plan, God’s hand on your shoulders as you move through it, and a gigantic push of cancer out of your house.

  8. God’s love I pray for you and your family.

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