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and then- sorrow

roses 6.22.17 PA

the wind blew

rain fell

still my heart

simply lay

like a heavy stone

the light had gone

the sun no longer shone

I was not alone

yet I know

I am still


and nothing

can be done

till the moment comes

that tears are done

you gave unconditional love

now you soar above the clouds

your wings the brilliance of stars

I miss your earthly presence

but for you, free of pain

and earthly ties

you are now free

you will always be

the forever angel in my heart



gave meaning to the word love

always my sunshine and light!


Comments on: "and then- sorrow" (14)

  1. Dear Dymoon, my heart goes to you for your loss of Canaille. You two recognised each other in your generosity and independant spirit. All my love,

  2. I completely understand what you are going through. By writing this and sharing your experience, strength and hope you are helping others who also grieve. For some reason it’s so much harder with furry ones than people for me. Love and hugs to you and your family today.

  3. Fascinating beauty .Regards

  4. A lovely tribute… Thoughts, love a prayers for you in your loss.

    • Thanks Bette, even tho’ I knew it was best for her… I wasn’t prepared for the melt down…
      time will heal.. waves across the miles at her friend..

  5. Such a gorgeous dog, so sorry for your loss, our furry friends truly become part of the family.

  6. This is a beautiful poem, I am going to reblog it for you.

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