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July 2017

Tranquility is where we find it.  We recognize the moment that the world around us is blanketed with the right harmony of visual, audio and sensual input.

This view of the world through the lens of Dr.Enz (PA) a musician who has taken up photography as another way of expressing his passions.  I have permission to share some of his works with you.  Hope you enjoy.  The soft greens and the reflection in the water came together beautifully.  For me, it was/is visual music.

Not everyone will share my pleasure, and that is what makes life interesting.

Appreciate the differences in others, you don’t have to agree, but you can perhaps learn to understand.

PL Precept #10  Love yourself and Others.


Comments on: "Tranquility" (6)

  1. I feel the word you chose for this beautiful picture. Your message resonates and is well said. I wish more people wanted to understand, had the time to understand…made the time to understand. They could learn true empathy for others who are different. Hugs and muahs to you and I hope your husband is doing well today.

    • thank you dear friend, LOL I just came back from admiring a box of SOS pads..what can I say, SOS pads come in so handy… it is all about appreciation.. right ! xxxxo

  2. Yes. What a beautiful post, from a beautiful person. The photo is amazing. Your narrative profound, and needed in these days.

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