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flowers at TD bells corners

Windows, so important in our daily lives.  Often neglected, still, they reflect and offer up a wonderful array of visual delights.  I hoped the light wouldn’t change before I captured the beautiful yellow flowers.  I was granted my wish.

window multi craft

I know I am not alone in my joy in the simplicity of simply enjoying the creativity in the world that surrounds me.

What have you seen out of your window recently that had a WOW factor.

Hope your week-end is full of discoveries, you are in my thoughts, always and forever.


PL Calendar day 14 – Being considerate of others is just as important as what works for you.



Comments on: "windows" (13)

  1. Your yellow flowers are beautiful. You were fortunate; light changes so quickly. I’m a lucky man. Outside of our windows are beautiful trees, my wife’s flowers, hummingbirds and the odd bit of wildlife that chooses to stroll through the yard.

    • I know I’ve seen small peaks into your backyard… more more more !!! good morning sunshine, spread your glow around today!

  2. cynthiahm said:

    I love to look out at my back garden. Hummingbirds give me that wow factor. I marvel at their tiny wings and how well they can hover.

    • you are so lucky, I have tried to get them in closer to see, but sadly my two whippets, and now mature garden of trees, bushes and squirrel highways does not attract them to me. they are fascinating aren’t they…. waves across the miles.

      • cynthiahm said:

        Yes I do feel fortunate. We put a lot of plants to attract the hummingbirds. They especially like the fuschias. Waving back!

  3. Looking out my windows I see a pond with ducks, occasional water birds and even the horror of an eel fish taking down a duckling or another critters that waded to far for too long.

    I see life; the outside world; and things that bring to memory things from the past; or even things that may answer questions of the present and future.

    But essentially I see ‘The Now!’

  4. Inspired a post, What Do You See!?

  5. The yellow flowers are gorgeous. I love watching the colourful Australian birds outside my window.

    • I’m glad you get to see them up close, I am not one to see beautiful birds in captivity…no matter how well taken care of they are…. freedom to be… good morning dear friend….

  6. Moz Loordes said:

    For ages I’ve tried to attract goldfinch to my bird feeders that I can see out of the lounge window. Just this season, it worked at long last! So that’s my joyful window 🙂

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