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wordless Wednesday


rusted art


pictures from  social media

Wordless Wednesday 2.7.th.

breakfast 2.1.18a

shrimp dim sum

fried dace with salted black beans

PL Calendar # 7

Don’t strain, don’t rush and don’t be greedy instead relax and enjoy the process,



Wordless Wednesday – journey

truck tires a

tracks in the fresh fallen snow




one liner Wenesday

Listening is an art to be practiced everyday



Wakefield, Quebec, Canada

Wordless Wednesday 12-13th



Pics_For_Q (4)

static (27)

Wordless Wednesday -free

God calling 2


“Free take when leaving store “


leather-bound with gold leaf pages

partial verse for this week of December “There would be no dark winter days, were LOVE to live ” in our hearts…..

May you feel and enjoy the beauty of Nature as you live your day today.






Wordless Wednesday

Keeper Nov.28


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