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Saying Hello

a view

I can see you in the distance

I know you are there

everywhere I look

I feel your presence

 tears have abated for now


like the rain on the window pane

I know the sky will clear

but you my darling

will always remain

in the sun, the sky

the night and stars


you are, today, tomorrow

and forever



Another great picture Bonnie, thank you.

Mother 1921-2017

Mother passed 3.6.17

Mother’s life was like an abstract painting, she lived creatively and managed to  keep all the  assortment of unique personalities that she loved  on one mosaic canvas.  She had an inner strength and resolve that kept her going for 96 years. Pansies were her favourite flowers.  She loved colours, when she set her mind to something, it got done. In later years, she loved to , crochet and knit in quiet times, but she dedicated much of her life to volunteering and working for the good of others.  She remained actively involved in all her charities and “projects” till well into her golden years. RIP Mother, your unconditional love and tenacious spirit, will always be with us.

PL Precept #1     Life is Art

Oyashikiri (blessings)



Wordless Wednesday -almost=^_^=


Happiness is when a group of people come together to combine their talents to bring smiles to the audience, young and old.

The Perfect Liberty Kappa-Za work tirelessly, and diligently to bring the “Way” of Perfect Liberty to everyone.

Let us also put “Makoto” (sincerity) into everything we do.  Make every second count.


no words needed

Not one person walked by this car without whipping out their phones to take a picture. I did wait awhile to see if the owner would come out.  But no, so I captured a few myself and left the area.  There was a whole theme on the top too.  It would have been hard to get a picture without the other getting another person in the picture.  That is how much attention this car was getting.

The hours, the attention to detail, this was  a dedicated passion. That edging is coins, pennies, dimes and nickles.  There was something to see, everywhere you looked. Kudos to the owner of the car, that is what I call, personal expression!

=^_^=  What will you do today to make someone smile….



Life is Art, Vida es Arte

cat smile

Brinde aplausos al Makoto de las personas  – Applaud the Makoto of Others  – Makoto (sincerity)

When we want something, really want something, we tend to apply ourselves to reaching that goal.  It may or may not be good for us, but we want it… and gosh by golly, we are going to do our best to achieve/ or get what we want. I watched a video today about some of the basic training done by athletes, in this case it was soccer, goal tenders.  I watch the game, and I see the players running, jumping and doing simply amazing things with their bodies as they work their way across the field.  When the ball is kicked towards the goal keeper, I’m stunned at the movement and the efficiency in which the goalie can reach for the ball.  It could be coming at him/her from any direction, from what seems to be a standing still position the goalie leaps into action.  It is amazing.

These dedicated athletes work hard to do what they do.  We watch and cheer them on, but do we remember to  applaud their hours of training and selfless single-minded focus on their craft. We get to enjoy their performances because they have devoted their time and energy to be the best they can and what they want to do.

The videos were very inspiring for me, and I am not athletic, never-the-less just watching I got a feeling of tightening in my abdomen, I just couldn’t imagine that kind of determination, passion, and drive, dancers who hone their skills are much the same, the body is going to do what it is required … they practice every day.

Life is a serious of challenges that come at us from every direction, it is with dedication to our faith, and our Makoto at applying  our knowledge to  our daily activities to live as better human beings.  It is important to remember that we are not alone, and that we should appreciate those around us who make our lives so much richer.

optical illusion

 Namaste      –     Oyashikiri

What was, is…

Abandoned or forgotten, is there a difference… 


On the 11th of each month, we in PL (Perfect Liberty) celebrate Ancestors Day,

with a special ceremony.  Through this ceremony, we express our gratitude

for the love and virtues of our ancestors, asking that we ourselves, continue

to grow and learn to bring love and understanding to others in the world around us.


By  now, most of you know I love to discover an old abandoned vehicle, and capture it

to enjoy and add to my Pinterest board, the neighbours I’m sure appreciate that i don’t

bring them home to display on the front lawn, or the back forty.  Not all of them are left to the elements

some like the one above have been lovingly restored, and are happily on the road again.


We can do that with an object, but with a human  heart, no……

Once the love and laughter is gone, and the body fails to carry on

we are left with an empty space, all that will remain is a memory in its place

Appreciate and love .. today…

In expressing appreciation to God in our daily lives, with sincerity (makoto)

we renew our determination to follow and practice a way of life  that ensures

our memories and our quality of life in the moment, will be good ones.

Seek to retain focus in  your faith and connection with God

Always – Forever

Namaste     –    Oyashikiri



68dc02b731c14f2b79ac665c842e840f  When in life we begin to grow

We are taught by our parents,

by teachers, and by the life around us

There are some things that we

really take to, that captures our

imagination, so we apply ourselves

and we work hard to accomplish

what our heart desires.

Our passion comes from within

A;vin Aley NY Dance Troupe

If we are in the right groove

we study, we learn, and we find

and cultivate friends along the way

who share our interests

If there is a connection, wow

there is such an intense joy in the sharing

in the way we move, the way we think

and how we experience each other.

It is hard to know at times

where one begins and where one ends.


Although we are often on our own,

the reality is that in life, the natural energies,

or elements, require a positive and a negative

to reach a ONENESS

If we over water, plants will drown

too much sun and dry soil, will cause a drought

love is an emotion,

emotion has a range of expressions

Life is Art.    .. PL Precept #1

When dancers perform, we don’t see the work, sweat,tears, pain that they endured during their practices, workouts, and personal battles they fought for us to see the final product.  Their dedication to their craft, is what enables us to enjoy a breathtaking performance.  Even the work that went into taking the pictures I have used in this blog, the time the photographer took, the patience to get just the right angle, that exact moment to click the shutter.

There is complexity in all that happens.  We tend to only see the surface.  Life is an art form, and we, each and every one of us, is a piece of the puzzle in the whole of this wonderful, exhilarating experience called living….

Each and every time we share time with each other.. I for sure, am enriched.  Thank you.


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

dedication and faith

Panoramic view of the Greek-Orthodox monasteries of Meteora

greek-orthodox monasteries of Meteora

There was a time when our desire to pray and be closer to God/Universe was seen in the physical world around us.  Many dedicated their lives to the practice of living only for that  purpose.

St  Stephen's Holy Monastery

A closer look at St. Stephen’s Holy Monastery, it was not built as high as the others, (during 16th century) it was badly damaged during world war 2 by the Nazis and abandoned.  However dedicated nuns, came back and reconstructed it and are living and praying there today.

We no longer feel that we need to remove ourselves from the world around us, we know that God is everywhere and lives within us.  The majority  of us, need to live and provide for ourselves and family. It is sometimes hard to remember to make time for ourselves  Precious time where we reconnect to the Spirit within.


I understand wanting to live where i can be with others who share my dedication to serving and being of service, to attain this, one must climb a steep and rocky path.  In one of the monasteries I read about, the only access was by rope ladders and nets.  Replacement happened only when “God  let one break”


wherever you are, today is the present

 you will only live it once

live it so that you will not have any regrets

 life is…..you are

no more ….. no less.

namaste …..- ….. oyashikiri

monasteries of Meteora are listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites (Babamail).
journeytohimalayas.com Phugtal Gompa, Buddhist monastery

enthusiasm – opportunities

aqua dome hotel..Austria  aqua-dome.at

This is the Aqua dome hotel in Austria, don’t know about you, but I find it very inviting. Today I watched people jumping into cold water where the ice had been chopped away for the annual polar bear dip (fund-raiser) we are not talking one or two people, there was a large gathering.  All for a good cause, they put on their swim trunks and other festive costumes to jump into the freezing water while a crowd gather to watch the antics.  Weather here was below freezing at the time of day they took the plunge.


I have since learned that this is not uncommon .. the above was the picture of the day 7 December 2012 (Telegraph.co.uk), a winter swimmer drove into freezing waters, Beijing Lake in Shenyang China.


The Huffington Post, posted this picture along with a story on how in an effort to help a family in Missouri, thousands across the country took a dive into freezing waters across the USA.  What kind of determination and hardiness does it take to prompt a person to take this challenge?  In our daily lives we might not take such extreme actions, but we do have to gather our inner strength to tackle some of the difficulties/problems that drop in on us.


This is more “me” – a Japanese Snow monkey settles in to a hot spring  (Jigokudani,Nagano, Japan) for a warm soothing lazy laid back, meditation, (private time).. The enthusiasm in which we tackle our challenges, can often lead to opportunities that bring about positive results into our lives.  Especially when we put our whole effort (Makoto=sincerity) into our actions.

sleeping squirrelA day of activity leaves us tuckered out and ready for a good sleep, especially when we have applied ourselves to the day’s events, living each moment to the fullest….when we finally find that quiet patch, we can easily lie down and effortlessly sleep.


Namaste    –    Oyashikiri

Pinterest +

last picture roberitatesac.wix.com

the passing

a message to a friend

I heard about your loss today

for a moment I felt such a sadness

she had been your friend such a long time

now her spirit had been taken away

then, on reflection I realized the kindness

of it all, her pain and suffering had been released

she was at peace


a gentle caring soul, her spirit will always

be felt, by family and friends who got to know and experience

her genuine warmth and laughter

for her, the life long journey here is behind her

she left with such grace, to the very end

she walked the path she believed in

she was an inspiration

I for one, celebrate  her passing

she is free and where she wants to be.

Namaste – Okyashikiri

words,photo by Q

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