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Thursday doors 10.20

portal-iwz_001Right. If only life were that simple..

Oophs sorry, wrong door, and you can simply close it and go to the next one.  It happens more often than we would like to acknowledge.  Another project, another impossible discussion with ?, a deadline looming and we’ve not come to a decision.

If we landed in a bit of a pickle, chances are, we by our own actions  had a hand in lading us there.  Time to stand back and really examine the “door/issue/challenge”.  See it as an opportunity.

vampires-graveDon’t be deterred by how it looks, if you want inside, or to know what is behind the doors, then you will need to creatively find a way to do just that.

fairy-garden-ds10940-mebob2000-on-flickrA door big or small, any shape at all, has always fascinated me, I doubt that will change anytime soon.  Even when I know what is behind the door.  I want to open the door and go inside.  Unless of course it is housework, and dirty dishes waiting on the other side.

doorgreen-by-jim-gove-on-flickrgreen door by Jim Gove on flickr

p1000224plain on the outside maybe, but inside…comforts of home in a land far far away

Where would you like to be today?

Come on, come outside and play..

we can each take a turn

at having our own way…


do you believe me?

sure you do

after all

I am after all

an another version




vocations – relationships

“Tell me and I will forget

Show me and I will remember

Involve me and I will understand”



At 24 young Dorothy Hart a successful actress in Hollywood, left her career to become a Catholic nun, Mother Prioress Dolores Hart  What a change this young lady made in her life…  Thomas Merton said “A man knows he has found his vocation when he stops thinking about how to live and begins to live.”  We are guided in life though an interplay of human responsibilities and divine directives.  Spiritual maturity  requires diligence, a clever mind and a trusting /loving heart.

c464e1442818105ebe86231e6b8dafb5A few ingredients for a good relationship are, respect, courtesy, appreciation and a dedication to the commitment, whatever that may be.  Negative thinking is something that afflicts us all at one time or another.  PL Precept # 15, All is a Mirror. No matter how often I revisit this Precept, it always presents me with a new perspective, life is an ongoing lesson, and I am the dedicated student.  Part of living in the moment is accepting the feelings that can wash over me at any  given time,  The homework is applying myself to understanding the moment, and then letting it go. A negative moment, will only be so, if we don’t apply positive action (s).


Wherever life leads you

With whoever you are sharing

with another or on your own

“Always be with God”

(PL Precept #11)

Namaste     –   Oyashikiri



*Cathedral rocks,Yosemite National Park by Noreo (Flickr)

** Boulder Creek lake, autumnejohnson.tumblr.com

A turtle day

a5af37145413a2c598e3eb044df0540fTo the Chinese and other Asian cultures, the turtle is a symbol of longevity.  My Mother had a collection of turtles,  I remember he coming home from her travels abroad with another turtle for her charm bracelet or for the collection that was growing in leaps and bounds in the curio cabinet.  When the turtle comes to mind for me is when I am having what I call a “Turtle Day:”…   Usually a mental health day, a day where I know I want to retreat into my “make believe” shell and just sleep or day dream.

Today is the 21st of the month, the day that in PL (Perfect Liberty) we gather to show our appreciation , saying Thank you, for all that we have experienced in the previous days and weeks.  We pray for guidance and renew our dedication to live with full Makoto (sincerity)  following the practices and instructions as laid out in Perfect Liberty.  Just as we must eat and sleep regularly to refresh our bodies, so too must we  pray and give thanks to God on a regular basis and say Thank you for the blessings of life.


Whatever is meant to be, will be.  The results may not be what we expected or even wanted, but we are open to what life brings our way, we will be truly blessed.  Feelings of appreciation become real when you express them and mean them.



*turtle totem wisdom teaches us about walking our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity

( *Lena Townsend)



Namaste -Oyashikiri

*green sea turtle swimming among coral -Lee Rentz – Flickr

** found on contentinacottage.blogspot.ca

****pictures. furkl.com




6d4857cc0cfddfaff07e01c1169ddebcYesterday was the first of the month.

On the first day of every month, in PL (Perfect Liberty) we gather at the church for a ceremony that reaffirms our dedication to World Peace.  We pray for World Peace, we pray that we will continue to live in a manner that will  lead us to our goal and encourage us to live the PL Way. The ceremony doesn’t last long, I’m now familiar with it, and find that I am energized as the “officiant” speaks the words, I am drawn into the purpose of the process. I become part of the ceremony, in a way that is like a daydream.  I am enveloped in the essence of “Spirit”.


Daydreams are important in life.  One that  is inspired by spiritual thought/teachings is even more rewarding and fulfilling.  There is a lot of strife in the world, drama and jarring moments.  For our own peace of mind, and well being, it is important to dedicate time to inner peace.

PL Principle # 3 – I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Precept # 3 – God appears through One’s Self.


Namaste – Oyashikiri




* found on scienceray.com

**Pinterest, Sugar Luvs Puppies

*** Lotus flower by Denise Warden -Flickr

solitude in crowded busy places


We have all at one time or another been in such a place, either an airport, train station, bus station, exhibition grounds, it could be anywhere. There is a constant flow of activity around you. You need to unwind, slow down, chill. what do you do?


For me, I turn off, I zone out. This skill didn’t come to me overnight, it is a life long practice that is akin to prayer and meditation.  I close my eyes and turn inward to the quiet within me. Serenity,peace, joy… these are inner qualities of “self”.  Our connection to God/Tao… Life.  PL Precept # 3, God appears through One’s Self... We can’t always travel to distant lands to meditate and pray in temples and at shrines.  There are countries where the churches and temples are open for those who wish to pray and communicate with “the Divine”.  In North America this is not always possible except at given times and days.

When we learn to meditate/pray in a way that connects to our inner “Self”, then no matter where we are, even in a crowded room. we can connect to the quiet and peace within. we rejuvenate, energize and mend the tired/shattered psyche .. giving us that needed extra boost to get on with creativity of our day/night.  PL Precept #21  – Live in Perfect Liberty


Namaste – Oyashikiri



pictures 1 & 2 Japan,  #1 tokyo airport #2, Kenroku-en gardens, Kanazawa

#3 lotus flowr macro by Bahman Farzad on flickr

walking in a daze

door 3f627dd860ab8a89a46b4a5542ba76b3.jpg  Anna BeCanio

So much to see, so much to do, there are times when it feels like one is visiting Alice in wonderland.  Only we aren’t sure how we got there, or just what to do next.  It happens, you are still being social, getting things done, but somehow you have lost the connection to your modem.

You know something is amiss, just can’t put your finger on it. We’ve all heard the expression, “one door closes, another opens”..  Sometimes it just isn’t obvious where that other door is.  Some doors are not what we expected, but then that is the beauty of life isn’t it.  To grow and develop our knowledge base, we have to explore beyond our known borders.

door 3c9c74ecb7d21240bc3d2f9c10757abf.jpg -Talas,Turkey

Is today a day we will open a door, or will we admire the door and keep walking.  Do we lean towards doors with history, or do we wait for that one door that will beckon. ???

door -boarded  28fdd83ab3df73c2e2c3d2f263f7c780

Admittedly some doors are well boarded up, so do we really want to go inside.  In my world the answer would be, probably not, I tend to live in the moment, and going back isn’t an option for me.  I have discovered that life will bring me the lessons that I need to relearn, perhaps in a different format, but I recognize the lesson.  Maybe not at once, but at a given moment the light bulb goes on, and I just know, I’ve been in this space and time before.  Perhaps the players are different and the location, however the lesson is one that I’ve faced before.

PL Precept # 7 (of 21)   Everything Exists in Relativity

PL Precept # 12   Everything has a way according to its Name

When I hit a phase of walking in a daze, I “Let Go” and just try to slow down so that I can regroup.  In the car while going to the gym, instead of going to the one closest to me, I took a left and drove to the one further away.  This meant driving several miles out of my way, but on open road. Driving can be therapeutic.

This is what I heard when pushed the play button – it made a difference in my mood, and set the pace for the rest of the day.

Choreograph your day, your way!

Namaste – Oyashikiri


* photo by Anah Be Carnio

** Turkey

*** flickr-post apocalypse by randomesquephoto

Bom dia, Good morning !

inner peace 1  found sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net


Where are your thoughts today. When the days past have been busy and full, have you made time for you.  Have you made time to say THANK YOU for all you’ve received so far, yes whether for the challenges or the joys.  Does your heart rejoice at the end of the day?

inner peace2  via kristi dingwell morrison

When I first began a life of teaching and service I was a student of life, many decades later, I am constantly learning and relearning lessons that I thought I had learned already.  However, when I reflect on my most inner feelings, or when my emotions are being rendered senseless with constant chatter from my tattle telling mind, I realize that I’ve been forgetting that I am the captain of my ship.  Whatever the circumstance, it was through my choices over time that I am currently in the puddle I’m in.  Sigh, the quotes and sayings that are posted all over social media, and used in my blog and others,  are great, but reading them and acknowledging the truth of them isn’t enough.


We have to live the words we believe in, we have to acknowledge and give thanks to  the Universe for the learning we are acquiring. Live and learn brothers and sisters,this is life, this is living.  Express and live with full Makoto (sincerity)  Reach out and say thank you today when you can, even for minor matters, smile from the heart and have a blessed day.

lotus flower - flickr.com  Bahman Farzad

White Lotus -Sanskrit Pundarika – in Buddhism, the lotus flower resembles the purifying of the spirit which is born into murkiness. =^_^=

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

*** social media

Lotus -Bahman Farzad on flickr

Ancestor’s Day

Ireland, found on Crosshaven - by twowhhhheelsonly on flickr

Today in PL (Perfect Liberty) we will celebrate Ancestors Day in a ceremony at 10 a.m. in the church.  This ceremony is performed every month on the 11th. 10:a.m.

Through this ceremony, we express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors. The word “ancestors” applies not only to family but to people who have influenced our lives, helped  and guided us to live the  PL   WAY.


What do we teach the  youth of today. What values do we impart.  These are not questions requiring an immediate answer, these are the thoughts to reflect on while living our daily lives.   With all due respect, I wish you all the blessing of a life filled with love, awareness and caring for your fellow man.

Namaste             –               Oyashikiri


* Ireland,old graveyard, by Twowheelsonly on Flickr

** found on boredpanda.com (Pascal Champagne)


Bom Dia.. Good Morning everyone!

Brazil on a foggy day -Pinterest


Brazil on a foggy day *

My heart and prayers go out today to the readers who are presently suffering tragedy and sorrow, to the friends who are facing challenges that required a lot of inner strength.  Those of us who today have extra energy and love to share, please, let us put our hands together in prayer and silently send Oyashikiri to our brothers and sisters out there.

The Tao – Over and over, sages  have told us that the world is but a dream, and when one wakes on a foggy morning, with mists obscuring hills and valleys, we might even agree with them.  Reality can often be phantasmagoria.  The world is a dream from which there is no escaping.

Brazil,found on dailyscreebs,cin

Tough times never last, but tough people do – Robert H. Schuller

“take a chance, take charge, take control” Robert H. Schuller

Upon awakening, decide to do something – anything – that will improve the quality of life for someone. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I love each and everyone of you with all my heart.  I have been so blessed to be able to share this time with you.  If you have something to do today, do it with joy and enthusiasm.

    Namaste  –    Oyashikiri 

Brazil, Lencois, Bahia

Joie de vivre

* Found on Sakurako22.tumblr.com

** found on dailyscreens.com – Brazil, views at Christ the Redeemer,Rio de Janeiro

*** Flickr – Brazil, Lencois,Bahia (Angelo nero (angel preto) by Cigh!


rabbit mosaic by Doreen A Smaligirl

White Rabbit 1-b by Doreen A Smaltigirl on Flickr.

 Mosaics – how time-consuming a real work of love.  Not something I would attempt. Nor do I always feel an appreciation for the craft.  Seeing this piece on a rabbit running, looking at his time piece, reminded me of the Alice in Wonderland story and the Mad Hatter.  To achieve this delightful piece of art, the artist had to first visualize what  he/she wanted to achieve.  The many hours (days,nights, even weeks) would have been spent putting it all together.

So it is for many of the projects we begin in life that are part of our own “make over”.  There isn’t a day goes by where someone I know isn’t doing something  or preparing something for … when???  If I do this now I’ll have time to do XYZ  later.  Its called planning ahead. Me, I no longer maintain that activity in my “top drawer”   I don’t really know when this “habit” changed, somewhere along the way, unconsciously it went down to a “when I get to it” drawer.

Willie Nelson

Found on delphiglass.com – 2014 Online Art Glass Festival Mosaics – 3rd Place – Willie in Shades by Tom

This is another craft that requires attention to detail, planning and patience.  I look at this and my mind is in awe of the time and the focus that this artist had to have had to complete this piece.  My kudos to both creators of the works shown in this blog today.  My hat is off to both of you.

My creative level today leans towards scrambled eggs.  I kid you not…

scrambled eggs

Found on worthpinning.com Easter Bunny thanks to @Sylvie Chen – pinned by Jane Wang

 I was late, I was late

for a very important date

 you were not forgotten !

it was only a question of when

finally, the moment came

 happily my enthusiasm hadn’t waned

I may get behind

but YOU dear God, are always

ever present in my mind


namaste – oyashikiri

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