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Rest easy

uh huh not going no where – that is thick crusted heavy snow. Had to use the shovel to move the snow from that one step and it was not cooperating.. it was wanting to stay right where it was.

My intuition told me when I woke up… You staying in girl. I started to change my mind wanted to try leaving … when I went to test the situation, I saw that …uh huh.. my first thought was the right one….

Value your intuition.. when you suddenly have an “a=ha!” moment , or when a thought pops into your mind, it is God sending you a message. As soon as you notice something you should act upon it right away

Perfect Liberty 2014.19

See dear friends, still at this tender age .. you would think I would simply know to trust my intuition, (shakes head) the headstrong child is still part of my BEing. Going to focus on decluttering.. Have a good productive day! This storm is blanketing everywhere… stay safe, dry and warm.

rust you say!

Nay it is art…


under the majesty of the sky

the temperament of the clouds

the treasure lay,

surrounded by a crowd of flowers

lush and green waving in the breeze

cheerfully saying hello to passersby

oh… for a closer look

checking mirrors back and front,

I pulled over to seek my treasure out


not gems that gleam in the sun

but a sturdy piece of artwork

that has been lovingly blessed each day

by natures wonderful expressions

(most call it weather)

set in concrete for all to see,

this piece of art has grown lovelier with each passing season

I can’t say for sure, but I would guess

that not many are struck by its beauty

or come to admire, yet pass it each day

such is life, in French there is a saying

“to each his/her own”

You see rust, you say! Lad show me the way!

PL calendar day 3

Instead of worrying, do something about it..

It doesn’t help to over think situations such as, “What if this happens?” or “Things might end up that way.”  Instead be proactive and change how you see and do things in each situation.





Wednesday 8th


Day 8 of the PL calendar

First accept Everything

Life is filled with moments, sometimes happy and at times inconvenient.  It is important to first accept every situation as it occurs and try to accept and understand it for what it is.

Bom dia!! Greetings on another bright sunny morning.  Mid week already, where doe the time go.


It was  fantastic day yesterday to travel the roads, the trees along the highway are starting to bud, I could feel the anticipation in every direction.  The water levels were still very high as we approached the West Island (heading into Montreal).  We observed that the water was still half way up the trees that would usually be above the water line on dry land.

Please take time to remember that tho’ the weather is currently dry, there are thousands who have suffered severe water damage over the last weeks, and need our prayers.  Not just a few, but many people have lost year of memories and accumulated treasures, and are finding themselves in a place of sadness with weeks and months of rebuilding and hard work just to regain a sense of “normal”

Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood– Ralph Waldo Emerson


wall art -small town Ontario

anticipation 4.3.17



as the days grow warmer the anticipation grows

soon, not only will we celebrate a new day

the new buds of spring will come alive

and the art of the bloom

will bless and bring colour

to skies that have been winter gray

Bees will actively tend their hives

and our toes will be free again


YAY !!!

polar vortex, Artic chill

What do you think?  Does this suggest to you that it is cold outside 🐱


The sun shone so brightly today, for the first time EVER in my life, I out on a second pair of sunglasses over the ones I was wearing so that I could drive safely.  Even then, the glare was so hard on my eyes, it actually began to feel painful.  My eye balls wanted to retreat deep into the recess of my skull.

The sky was the purest of blues, if not for the constant reminder that we were under a frost bite warning, and a caution that it was going to get colder as the day wore on, AND with the wind chill factor, it was like minus 30 degrees Celsius .. Note I am a Canadian that relates to the weather, as seen above in Fahrenheit.


I have been told, snow is coming, it was clear and bright today, but it seems certain that over the next 24 hours, we will have snow.  The snow will come and the temperatures will raise, so that we will be in for freezing rain/sleet.

Knowing this, I have prepared myself for a day of creativity indoors.  I am lucky that if I decide not to go out, I don’t have to.  The joys of being retired.


Yes, snow does have to be shovelled, or getting out of the laneway, could be a challenge, but for those who love to be outdoors, skiing, whether downhill or Cross-Country, snow is welcome. When was the last time you sailed down a snowy slope on a toboggan


LOL true, once at the bottom, you have to make your way to the top again.  Great way to stay in shape, and it is something the whole family can do.

Yes it is cold, Yes it is going to snow, Yes it could get slippery, but you know what, you have managed all these years, you know how to deal with the Canadian winter, or the Colorado lows… where ever you are, use common sense, dress accordingly, drive safely, enjoy the world around you.


Catch a falling snowflake on the tip of your tongue, see how long you can hold it there =^_^=


pictures.Bing search

** remember the weather forecasters, are not the ones who  “control” what you do, YOU are the master of your own “world”

Gather information if you want, but YOU decide how and what you will do .. and when.






first winter storm 2015

winter alone

It was our first winter storm in 2015, and guess what, the year will be over very quickly, only a few more days now, and we will enter into 2016.  With the storm warnings, and the cold blowing winds, I’m sure that there were many who were not loving the day.  Especially with buses  stalled, and stuck in snow banks, the cold weary commuters had to stand and wait in the blustering weather for transportation.  It was certainly a dump, no light dusting today… when I left the house shortly before nine there was already a good foot of snow in the driveway.


Snowblowers and shovels were the toys being used today.  When I was leaving home and hearth on my adventure, I saw only trucks like mine or bigger, on the roads, and of course commercial vehicles.  The big city  plows and sidewalk cleaners were likely in the downtown core and major streets in the city’s core.  I could hear the ice pellets hitting the roof of the truck, yes there was some of the little crystals gems flying through the air as well as the flakes of snow.  I couldn’t hear the wind, but I could see the trees bending and the commuters hankering down into their winter coats with scarves wrapped firmly around for more protection.

blizzard oil on canvas Joseph Farquhharson  1846-1935

So what was I doing out?  I was enjoying the day.  I watched the gray mist darken the day, when I got out of the truck to enter a building, I felt the cold on my face, and the  embrace of the winter chill.  My boots left a deep waffle like texture in the soft snow, and my coat  kept me warm while I walked.  I had the store basically to myself, the staff that did make it in, were busy telling of their adventure, I had time to wander and delight in the treasures that were laid out for me to discover.

Clerks had time to visit,   we enjoyed some social chit-chat, while we dealt with the transaction at hand.  It wasn’t rushed, it was nice and leisurely, and then while walking back to the truck, I got to appreciate how the snow had fallen and covered the truck in a blanket of white… there was a crystalized veil across the windshield… the pattern a lovely lace.  Mother Nature had done this in a very short time, she is obviously good at what she does.

snow fall in Ottawa

Smaller cars were having their challenges, I decided to take a different route home.. It was a little longer maybe, but it was a bus route, the roads would be plowed.  It wasn’t till I got back closer into the city proper that I saw just how much traffic was being affected.  For sure I had to be extra careful, stay focused, and enjoy my surroundings while staying vigilant.  I loved it.

It was good to be out on my own, going from A to Z I even broke out in song. Yes. be thankful you were not with me.  I felt that my positive good mood would see me home safe and sound, and it did.  I had a great sense of satisfaction in my outing, it was rewarding even…   I didn’t let the voices of “others” over shadow my desire of experiencing the day.  I embraced what was presented me, and took it all in, and said thank you  at the end of it all… the great mood just continued on, and tomorrow, will be another day… Hopefully just as amazing as this one was.


You know who else had a great day… the children who got to make slides and play in the snow… and the skiers who finally got enough snow to have a day doing what they love to do.  =^_^=  life can be magical!

I loved today …  and I love YOU

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri






*** Blizzard oil on canvas by Joseph Farquharson,British 1846-1935

photos from CBC Canada

some from Pinterest

weather -whether

China, snow castle

This is a picture of the Snow Castle built for the Harbin Snow Festival in China.

snow, NY city

A not so much fun time for commuters in NY City after/during a winter storm

Sand storm

How about this, this is a sand storm, never experienced one, and hope not to, this is my first time to even see one

Weather happens, we have absolutely no control on what will appear over the horizon, we can guess, forecast, but the truth is, the world is so big and there are so many factors involved that we are never really sure .. the only certainty is when it happens.  We all know the possibilities, we all have experienced the weather in one form or another.  Sometimes it has been simply blissful, and other times, downright problematic, but we deal with it.  What else can we do.  Rain, or shine, the core of it all … is… we are alive… we are living it.

Each day is a new beginning, it really and truly is.  Yes the weather can be fierce, but it can also be like this.

Canadian Rockies, lodge

For this picture to have been taken, (Emerald Lake Lodge, Canadian Rocky Mountains) there had to have been a snow fall, lots of it. In life, it is our choice to see and dwell on the negatives, or whether we take action, deal with it, and move on.   Whether we like or love the weather, it doesn’t matter, it is here, now and always …. our forever companion through this journey of  ours here on earth.

snow and sun

The sun shines, even when it snows.  So can you.  Whether we are happy or not, that is our decision, and ours alone.  Weather is not the indicator or reason for our “moods”…

snow, loving it

This little critter is basking in the sunlight……….  enjoy

When we live with love in our hearts

we are weather proof


PL Precept # 7    Everything exists in Relativity

PL Principles # 2     I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather,  Rather 

I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

Namaste    –     Oyashikiri

pinterest & 500px.com

story… a moment in time

The rain fell relentlessly, it poured so hard that the leaves and smaller branches outside the shelter were bowed  in acceptance of the storm that raged.  The winds had picked up, and taller trees were being buffeted by the fierce, determination of the gales that blew over and through them.

storm at sea

Thunder flashed across the sky, down below the water would be churning, the waves demonic,   What was happening, she felt nothing.  While all around her the world expressed her mood, her pain,  the turmoil in her brain… she was a quiet witness, unfeeling to the searing pain within.


Some how, God was protecting her from the wrenching emptiness in her heart, from the cold reality of the moment.

To survive this moment, God had crystalized her heart.   Under different skies they had promised never to part, to always, till forever be  man, wife,mother,father.   she gasped, clutched at her heart, the children, what would she tell the children.


At the thought of the children, there was a sudden change in the air, in the mood, the wind/rain seem to abate, she felt the tear slide gently down her cheek. In the distance she saw a golden glow.


The children would be on their way home now, the skies were clearing, she could make her way back to the house, and no he wouldn’t be there, but she would be…. and the  joy of making a home filled with love and laughter, void of the frustrations and disappointments of a “dream” gone bad, would be the making of another chapter, in a world full of promise.


Storms happen…………but they don’t last…………….. Sometimes we have to leave the past behind…….. and move on into the sunshine of another………moment in time.

Namaste      .       Oyashikiri

pictures can be found on https://www.pinterest.com/qyhatharbour/weather-%2B-misc-intertest/

Gananoque gateway to 1000 Islands

That was our destination, we headed for majestic shores of the St. Lawrence and the 1000 Islands in the Township of Leeds. When we take to the road it is about relaxation, meeting new people and  making friends and memories. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a country where we can enjoy nature, big cities and small communities in practically any direction we decide to travel.


Whether you are into Arts and Culture, taking in a theatre production, and free outdoor concert in the park Gananoque has it all.  We spent time in the town park, where its serene ambiance, the light summer breeze and the good company made for a most enjoyable way to spend the time.

IMG_20150902_171416416Often we are finding ourselves, on the move.we are setting off in one direction or another, and time passes us by, and is gone before we know it.  In the truck when the miles speed by, the world around us is like a movie of our own  making. Being the passenger, my world is certainly different  then my husbands.  He is focused on the road, and the vistas and thoughts that crowd his awareness.. Sometimes we see the same things, sometimes we don’t. We are in the same vehicle, going the same direction, both in front seats…But we are not seeing the same things.

IMG_20150903_094130     IMG_20150902_171344288

And that dear friends is true in all we experience say and do….=^_^=   On the way back, we were driving into a real whopper of an electrical storm.. Spoiled wife, was nodding on her side of the car, while hubby got to experience the real highlights of the spectacular event.

2a29100a6a1f035150253ce44e8b3371      4d160308a02838ac492c79052ccac40f

We had gotten me a warm fleece throw to wrap around myself on the way home… and i was snuggled in for the night-time drive..  =^_^=   oh, I heard his exclamations of wonder and awe…. he was enjoying his movie, and I mine. We shared every moment of our  journey, together in our own way.

Life is good when we appreciate each others differences. When we learn to live in harmony with the uniqueness of the world around us…..  the everything exists in relativity.

namaste     –      oyashikiri

dull,overcast & sunny


Good Morning everyone.

It is a day of choices.  When a friend dropped over with wool for another friend, the leaves were bathed in sunshine, as I stood on the steps i was wrapped in a soft light of sunshine, with a warmth that was pleasing.  When I came in for my camera, I thought it would be delightful to share the various shades of crimson and bronze of the leaves.  However… when I opened the door not 5 minutes later, the sun had been replaced with cloud and a dismal sky of washed out grays.

Such is life. Thus the expression “seize the day/moment”  Yes the sun has come out again, but guess what, it is not longer shinning down in that area… it has moved on.  Life is good, it is full of wonder and adventure.

Now.. is always the start of something new!

O agora e sempre um ponto de partida


a  worn and weary boat sits by the dock

alone and forgotten

its old, it has seen many seasons come and go

the young ones that it once ferried

have long since moved on in life

the laughter and the fun

the echoes of children playing were on another clock

now as time ticks on

the boat knows it will soon be docked

it will be put away, left to weather

with only memories of yesterday

of young Russ and Margaret

John, Janet and Brian

“yes,” sighs the creaking old boat

Time for one era to end

so a new one can begin… again.


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