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silence that wasn’t

trees all around me, standing waiting
the trees filled the woodland

from the pictures, all looks stark and bare – however that is not what was, what could not be capture in the frame, were the sounds of children laughing, crying out in glee at their discoveries. The happy songs of the chickadees that were swooping and landing with graceful delight at the offered treats.

I captured the trees in the late autumn wardrobes, as they patiently waited for the forecasted snow. There were people all around, dressed for the November chill, colourful jackets and scarves could be seen dotting the skyline as they emerged from their cars in the parking lot some yards away.

It was a happy day, everyone knew what was coming this way. You could feel the icy fingers of the teasing taunting wind… oh yes… snow would be here later that day.*

One should never assume that what you see at first glance, is what IS.

It is easy to misinterpret the situation and jump to conclusions. Always have a humble attitude and double check to make sure.

Perfect Liberty 2020.13

Be easy going and live your life cheerfully and flexibly. Strong emotions can be the cause of various troubles. Always strive to have a cheerful and calm state of mind.

Perfect Liberty 2015,24


*It snowed in abundance later that afternoon =^_^=

today 22nd.

a taste of lace

The forecast said, snow this afternoon, and snow it did. I got out for one more wander ..

the peat moss is covered with all the fallen “leaves”

I could feel the stillness in the air. there was a thin layer of ice on most of the water.

There was a delicious sense of anticipation, it was cold, but not an angry cold, my fingers sought warmth in my pockets, I enjoyed the fresh air, and the brisk stirring of the teasing breeze as it tousled my hair.

From no snow to inches deep on the deck around the supper hour. Already I have been out twice to clear the deck and patio area where the dogs can run. Yes.. I will delight in snuggling down under the covers tonight.

You will find joy when you immerse yourself in your task. When you face your tasks with a can do attitude, you will be filled with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Perfect Liberty 2020.22


take out? tap tap tap

what busy bird(s) came by and left its mark while having a tasty slice of tree
these little devils I just discovered love stucco too..! there are a few in the neighbourhood who are wrecking havoc on my neighbour’s new home. The little beggar(s) comes daily to dine … the upper corner of the house, right under the eaves. I’ve never seen the like. so far nothing he(neighbour) has done has deterred the bird(s) from coming to dine.

What can give artistic pleasure to see the designs of “age” ” on an aging tree standing in the forest, does not incur the same reaction when the same craving for food and substance is applied to a home in an urban setting.

In Taoist philosophy, and in PL, there are always two sides to a coin, there is a positive/negative… just look at your hand, there is a top/bottom. the two are ONE. some difference are readily accepted, they just are. no more…no less. Your hand would not be whole without the top/bottom.

It is only natural that you are different from others. Each of us has our own way of thinking and our own individual lifestyles. That’s what makes life interesting.

Perfect Liberty 2020.20


I had a sculpture (still have) on the roof outside the back porch, the same little “beggar(s) ” kept coming back, nothing I did deterred it. now I have a male head(bust) with many “openings” guarding my property. Totally unique and different. =^_^=


Perfect Liberty, Precept #1

Wednesday moment

Found this in my files this morning, and wanted to share it. I am reminded every day of how much I have to be thankful for. Yes in PL we have Ancestors Day service on t he 11th of every month, but I include gratitude and thanks in my everyday prayers for ALL the precious encounters I have had over the years.

What I was searching for in my “stash” of photos was a simple bowl of rice, I know I have one somewhere. But when I came across the above one on the importance of living in the moment, I decided this one would do.

The world is changing, and we are having to adapt. We are all capable of living with change, for our own piece of mind, we adapt. Transitions tho’ are not like going to a movie, where you pay your admittance, walk in, spend a couple of hours in someone else’s “world” and then walk back out and presto, we are in a different head space.

When on our own, we are still me, myself and I. Funny how that works, even if you are in a partnership, always you will have your own thoughts and your own feelings. “yes ! no one but you can make inner changes, our life begins and ends with me, myself and I”


I thank the “virtual media libraries ” for the quotes used today. I have gathered such “wisdoms” over the years.. Having used many of them when being active in Pinterest.

boot scooting boogie

Its snowing, it is dark and I’m not ready to call it a day. I don’t often get time to just listen to music. Since I’ve started working with wool (roving) doing needle felting, I turned on YouTube, and up came George Strait doing Boot Scootin’ Boogie what a fun piece to work to. Lately everyone is so serious, things are so strained…the fun they( musicians) were having and the bouncing of the music was just what I needed.

I loved to dance.. in my younger day, we were out every night dancing ..we’d close the clubs. what happens to us .. well, ok to me. I can’t recall when I went out dancing, or even got up and danced! True I am busy and I do a lot of things I love doing.. Music however, where it was always a part of my “chilling” time.. is seldom something I gravitate to.

My father used to say ” the only thing in life that is constant is change”.. and that is very true for me. It was nice to take a trip down memory lane while listening to music this evening.

New doors to opportunity open for us everyday. it takes courage to step one foot in front of the other, it takes courage to step away from negative habits or thoughts. Our past is always part of us, with all we experience, we become who we are in the present. I am going to try to do more listening to music that makes me want to dance. =^_^=

If you have faith the size of mustard seed.. nothing will be impossible for you.

Matthew 17:20

The everyday things you do will show when it really counts. If you have a tendency to be careless about everyday matters, you cannot expect to perform well at crucial times.

Perfect Liberty 2020.3


Find your happy place.. and frequent it often. Q

a tree

stood alone
but not on its own
a cow on its own
but not alone

With the wind and rain of yesterday, already, many of the trees are bare.. When cows lie down (said me Mom) “its going to rain” Rain it did, it poured, it pelted the car windows, it filled the gutters, it washed away the dust and grime, leaves fluttered to the ground, it was a wet new world all around.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Thomas Edison

A pessimist makes difficulties of his opportunities; an optimist makes opportunities of his difficulties.

Harry Truman

The teacher who is indeed wise doe snot bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

Kahil Gibran

You will find joy when you immerse yourself in your task. when you face your tasks with a can do attitude, you will be filled with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Prefect Liberty 2020.22


new day-new YOU

Do you feel you stand out!

It is only Natural that you are different from others. Each of us has our own way of thinking and our own individual lifestyle. That’s what makes life interesting.

Perfect Liberty 2020.20

Good Morning peelistas, Bom dia amigos! Do you ever feel that you are on your own path, not part of the “happening”… We are all unique! that is the beauty of being part of this Universe. My Mom used to make these little cuddly “bears” for charity. You would see her knitting away whenever she sat down to watch the telly. It was her “happy” place. The piglet I think was a gift to her.

A gentle reminder –

You can learn from anyone. There is a limitation to your own knowledge and experience. Listen carefully and sincerely to others’ opinions.

Perfect Liberty 2015.18

We don’t have to agree, but we can listen, and do our best to understand, why and how someone got to that “place”… We are all ONE. Love is the thread that will link us together… always!



A drive to get petrol for my car, took me beyond where I “had” to go… down through county roads that led me past way too much colour and “wow” moments.

Is there such a thing as colour over-load. This year we have been simply inundated with day after day of Nature’s magical palette. Yes many of the trees are now bare.. Enough so that you can see their stark beauty as you walk the nature trail.

the birds that I saw flying from tree to tree, were plentiful, their songs were a constant melody of various notes as they went about their business.

If you are going to do it, do it joyfully. If you have to do something, choose to do it with joy and enthusiasm. By doing so, you will experience a deeper sense of beauty.

Perfect Liberty 2014.23

October 9th.

When a dragon comes calling, you listen.

Your surroundings are a reflection of you. a person who constantly worries will always find things to worry about. An optimistic person will attract happiness, A kind person will always be blessed with kindness in return.

Perfect Liberty 2018.9

The dragon who is yet unnamed, came calling, actually jumped out at me, giving me cause to pause. “Your mission should you accept, is to prepare me for travel, for I have a destination….’ I ask you.. how could I refuse, we have done, as was requested…. Soon she/he will leave my home for his/her final destination.

Flu shot today.. must get ready. Take good care dear friends, stay safe,


Thursday doors


Thursday Doors is a weekly feature of Norm 2.0, for more doors visit https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2020/10/08/thursday-doors-october-8-2020/

Whatever you use, it will always come back to you, so use it well. When you use money and things to t heir fullest potential, you will always be blessed with ore materials for your self expression.

Perfect Liberty 2018,8

Our history is important in knowing how we have grown as a people/nation… Tomorrows are built on our todays.


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