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Good morning Monday

Bom Dia

*Deus Natureza (Maria Aldinria M.Martins)

Obrigado Oshioya-Sama Por me ensinar amar assim.  Por ver Deus dentro de mim E em qualquer lugar.


Thank you Oshieoya-sama for teaching me to love, to see God within me  and everywhere around.

*Excerpts from God and Nature, sung in church Sunday, (page)

I can harmonize with you with nature and humankind.  I am happy living like this, a rich feeling hard to find.  Harmonizo-me contigo, com os homens e a natureza.  Viendo assim sou feliz E nao ha maior riqueza

With love and blessings, great the world with your smile and presence.




lego hero


harry potter2

Bom dia, good morning

Lego, Lego, it has been around for years. I never played with it in years gone by, and had no intentions of playing with Lego now. One should never say never. Lately I have been introduced to the many “wonders” of the  Lego world of activities, I thought for the younger generation, however, I have since learned that Lego is played with by the young and old, and that collectors are hugely abundant.

In my travels I came across this set. #75951 Fantastic Beasts. I thought to give it a try. It was not in the cards. My fingers lacked the coordination and my aging gray matter rebelled unkindly to my intentions.  A friends grandson, I was told was a super whiz at building Lego, and that my little 100 some blocks would be sneeze.   His accomplishments are in sets that have thousands of pieces.  I shudder at the thought, what patience he must have.  I surrendered my little horse and carriage.

And look dear friends, I have it back and it is a beauty. I am thrilled. The young man is now my  Lego hero my knight in shining armor.  I will never think of Lego in the same way again.  btw notice that the heroes are younger now.. or is it I am getting older.

harry potter 5

PL calendar day 14    Be a Person who invites happiness

Live your life with good timing and respond quickly to whatever appears in front of you. By doing so, things will keep getting better and better.

Life is continually bringing a lot of happiness and love into my world.  I feel such gratitude and appreciation for my friends, each and every one of you.




no sound


twice I called out your name

twice I listened in vain

no sound, no footsteps, nothing

everyday now, I grow more accepting

that your return greeting

will forever now, be just a memory

the sound of your voice is gone

I can still call and say your name

but, it will never be the same

Nothing ever remains the same

PL calendar day 12

Carry out what you believe in

Once you’ve prepared everything to the best of your ability, seize any opportunity that comes your way and take action, without hesitation.  Express yourself to the fullest.


Thursday doors 10.11th



This house, property and all has always been of interest.  For years I have driven by, but never had occasion to stop.  This past week I had my chance and took it.  The former owners had vegetables and plants offered for sale, the door that now looks unused was always decorated in the fall with festive wreathes,and pumpkins in all sizes and shapes spread out over the grounds.

The grounds are kept tidy, but devoid of the charm and activities that once beckoned so invitingly to passers-by.  The door that welcomed, is now silent and forlorn.

Time passes, life moves on.  Do you best to make every day count.  The only constant in life is change.



11th of ever month, we celebrate by performing an Ancestors Day ceremony.  Through this ceremony we express our gratitude for the love and virtue of our ancestors.  This includes the many people/friends/family that have helped us through the year.  Many people touch our lives in a way that last with us throughout our live time.

Today, the 11th. we will pray with gratitude and thankful hearts, and ask that their protection and guidance will continue.  So that we can continue on our path to live the PL WAY.


I will gather you all in my heart today while I pray.  Be kind today, smile, it will go a long way.  PL Precept #21  Live the PL Way



Doll club day


FCM doll 1996 china (made for Michaels)

before and after pictures of Hopi’s make over.

fright doll hopi3

PL Calendar day 10

Everyone has their own unique personality

Each one of us possesses unique qualities.  Let’s accept and respect one another.

Bom dia a todos, may the happiness in your life, continue to grow, bringing with it, peace and contentment.


This is a new friend I met today. It was a beautiful day. A day spent enjoying the many splendors of rural landscapes.


These two beauties had me stop and turn around so that I could get another and closer look.  Life is good. Animals can impart calm.





Hello, Bom dia, how are you today,

look you can actually see me today,

The shops are closed, but I am still here to say hello

no shoppers to spoil your view,

it is just me and you…

oh, and my sidekick over there

See, look that way…


Por favor, I do implore

come again another day

We reopen on terca-feira, Tuesday

Tuesday is here, so now I have to go, I am delivering food today for the food bank, and winter coats for their “clothes boutique”  Whatever you are up to, do it well, have fun, and most importantly, Smile, you are loved. you are you are your are.

NB  Food box is at the entrance in the church to the right.  If you live too far away, look around for the food banks near you, Contribute when you can.



pictures Q




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