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the border caper

After an evening of reading about, talking about and looking at planes it was a thrill today to find books and magazine information on the Spitfire aircraft. But then I am getting ahead of myself. (Those of you who have known me for any length of time, recall my fascination of aircraft and how I had model aircraft hanging from the ceiling of my sun room.) =^+^+

May 30th. Eartha and Xsa decide on taking one of their “hit the road” capers. Point the car and head out. The only for sure, is that we are going to have a day of adventure. Eartha’s opening greeting was .. “just in case, I’ve brought my passport” Not to be left out, I immediately went to collect mine and off we drove.

Knowing chances were slim to none, we headed for the Canadian American border. What the hay, the day was sunny, the air was cool, refreshing and we were on the run from total boredom. YES we did, we drove to the border and headed across the beckoning empty bridge. We had a delightful meeting with the “border staff” on the American side. Of course, we were turned around, but it was a charming exchange.. we were both very impressed …and pleased.

As Canadians, we have to truthfully say, that the border staff at our own border station, was very dry, and lacked the social “exchange” we had received by the American personnel. Never-the-less it did not dampen our mood.

I also found a book on the Mosquito.. hard cover.,

There was such a sense of adventure and absolute delight that we were enjoying a day on the road. The landscapes were bountiful, and full of charming buildings, farms, newly planted fields, and fresh new growth on saplings and trees along the roads we were traveling.

We ate in Iroquois, the restaurant we wanted was not going to open till 4. Not to be deterred, we ate, freshly made sandwiches with big round delicious radishes. Everything is exciting when you are on a “journey” The books, were a true find. Sitting free for the taking along the road we were traveling. (a back road, taken on a whim )

Rather than thinking “I have to..” think “ok, let’s do this!” When you procrastinate and put things off until later, you will make things harder than they need to be. Get up and do it now.

Perfect Liberty 2020.30

I hope you will take the time to watch these amazing documentary videos from the Military Aviation museum We had a totally dreamy day. It was full of new discoveries, wonderful conversation, new encounters, and a purely “in the moment” day of activity.

There were other “finds” that will be unveiled over time.

June 1st. Day of Peace. Harmony brings us Peace.


a blank page awaits

New encounters can help you change. Be up for anything, even if it is out of your comfort zone. this is a chance for you to improve yourself as a human being.

Perfect Liberty 2020.30
start something new – pick a new colour to begin your day


Can you name a made in Canada airplane? Did you even know Canada made airplanes? Do we have fighter planes? Just asking. =^_^=


No one can take away the joy you get from putting your whole heart into something. The joy you feel when you’ve put your all into something is yours and yours alone. Nobody can take that away from you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.29



photo Dave Renz (day 68)

Yuppers today I woke up with a maudlin mind. My thoughts travelled down roads, through valleys and dales that well…just brought tears that needed to be expressed. Crying doesn’t mean I’m unhappy, it means I am reliving a series of events that tugged at my heart strings.

I talk to you all about love all the time. Love is forever moments that live on in the energy field that is me, myself and I. Crying is cleansing, to allow a tear drop to fall is to allow the sunshine in on a sunny day.

music,singers,song writers, story tellers, what a beautiful world we live in

There will always be a way. If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28

Now I’m off to exercise, walk my many steps, and move. How about you! step, step, step, exercise your brain, your body, your everything. Life is for living.



standing still

when activity happens all around you. yet…. all you see, is endless sky..

ever ask why….


PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point

the rudeness of some humans

There are days when getting back under the covers seems to be the best course of action .. however, there is always someone in the “crowd” that has different ideas.

With the sun making its early morning appearance, comes the moment when the human decides its time to get up. Does that mean we have to do likewise? Guess it does. The promise is for very hot and humid weather today.. meaning. .. an early morning “walk/run”

Use things for what they are meant for. Everything has a purpose. Let’s use things to their fullest potential.

Perfect Liberty 2020.26

The reward is often in the taking of the risk, or stepping out into the day. Wake up and live each moment of your day.


PL Precept # 15 All is a mirror

each and everyone of you

can we disappear

how medication /drugs can affect your life.

As a diabetic I have learned to never take for granted that what works today, will work tomorrow. We, like the Universe are always changing. Recently, you all know that due to my meds. I had a few days/weeks of oops and wow, darn, and golly.

Changes were made, and the waves took on a more realistic ebb and flow. However, it is never that simple. All the other pieces of “me” then have to adjust to the new ripples in what can be a very calm environment. One drug was changed, to be replaced by two. Sounds simple enough, and it will be once the body adjust. Meanwhile..we practice patience and relearn to stand still while what needs to happen .. happens.

It is in these times, that we give thanks, for the blessings we have had, and the love and the friendships that we have had enrich our lives over the seasons.

Let’s find the joy in everything. Are you looking for things to complain about> Let’s change our perspective and live a cheerful and joyful life.

Perfect Liberty 2020.25

Can we disappear, yes from view maybe, but from ourselves.. no. never.

Today is another day in our lives. For some, you are still enjoying a long week-end. for others it is back to a work week. Whatever, where ever you are. May you be blessed with the Universal love that surrounds us all.



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