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Yesterday I was jolted out of my musings by an artist(Seth Apter) I was unfamiliar with. I had received an e-mail about 3 days of workshops with him in the fall. Attending workshops is not something I am apt to do, but I am a regular at this particular store, and have found that the owner there, keeps up with the latest in the mixed media news.  The store is a treasure for art/craft supplies.

I was sufficiently motivated, that I dressed and headed out the door in search of a stamp that he had used, and to research his embossing powders.  My first stop was about 50-60 miles from my place.  Heading out towards Montreal I suddenly realized that on my left in the lanes coming into the city,  were not a few dozen but miles of cars bumper to bumper inching their way into the city.  Commuters, people who live on the edges of the city trying to get to work,

It was jaw dropping to see so many people patiently making their way west.  As far as the eye could see, coming along the major roadways every vehicle one can imagine.  I am retired, and know to leave my house after the “rush hour”  It was somewhere between 8:30 and 9.  I gave thanks right there and then, that I am now in a different phase of “life”. It was very appropriate when I saw this little sign in the Dollar Tree, when I dropped in.

Please dear reader, if you, like I, have the freedom to explore, discover and live a less structured day to day.  Say a prayer of appreciation today, thank the Universe for your life as it is now, and include prayers of support and energy for those who live along beside us, coping and dealing with the phases in their lives that is their “moment in time”

tulips by Chris

To see more of milfordstreet photography

Thank you Chris, your tulips were lovely.

Have a productive day everyone.

Sunday service at 10: am.     Reminder we have service on the 29th. this month at 7 pm.





Good morning

Good morning, sharing a moment with you.  Long week-end here, clouds, sunshine and rain, must not forget rain.  With just a splash here and there of thunder and lighteninghound persuasionGarden Centres are open and have a steady stream of landscapers and gardeners wanting to get going ton their outdoor activities.  (this includes yours truly)

dog on beach

Yup, life is good.  thanks to the brilliant minds that composed or found and shared the graphics used today.  We all need SMILES.

PL calendar day 20    Find a good balance between your present and past experiences

Without forgetting your original intent, continue to develop your path by also relying on your knowledge and experience.




a cow

2013-10-29 oct 29 021


A cow waited by the side of the road, my mind began a conversation with the cow. I imagined that I was able to sit down in a field of clover and visit …  just me, the open field and the cow.

How calm, how quiet my companion was.  The only sound the masticating of its cud, and the swishing of its tail.

Yes, I would like to explore the possibility of such a moment. No radio, no sounds of traffic, just the environmental sounds of being in a field with a cow. I imagine that the conversation would be different with a goat.  The two are very different.

PL calendar day 19

If you are going to do it, put your whole heart into it

Your degree of seriousness will affect the outcome.  Your daily  accumulation of effort towards your goals shows just how serious you are.




wooden heart


The beauty of wood.  Too big to pick up and hug, I was smitten with this piece.


There is something about wood, that even though it is hard to the touch, I feel its strength yet, somehow it radiates to me warmth and vitality. I would have spent more time just absorbing the story lines in each piece, however, time did not permit.


Had someone been around to ask I would have eagerly asked about the now “dismantled” tree..  I knew I could not bring any piece no matter how small home.  Thank goodness for my Huawei.

Victoria Day long week-end here.  Enjoy the extra day off, importantly “take time for YOU”   .  Sunday service at 10 a.m.

If you have not done so yet, mark your calendars, service on the 29th May is at 7:pm


anyone know what kind of tree that might be?

Thursday doors


The fascination of a door.  I loved that the lace curtain still hung on the door.


This doorway was further away, however, I couldn’t resist a capture so I could revisit later..  Had someone built a fort for the children to enjoy, or… was it an old structure, repurposed.  The character of places found when exploring other landscapes far from the city. Absolute heaven.

Eartha my travelling companion, shares in the delights of taking that secondary road, the quest for adventure, the joy of a discovery.  We did have a final destination and arrived soon enough.  But, not before we found another gem.

The past is part of our present.

PL calendar day 16

Avoid being careless or overconfident.

Even though you have put your best effort into doing something you still may have made some mistakes.  That is why it is important to always work with a prayerful mind.

Why would someone put an old tire there?


Upper New York State


rocking johnnie

There was a time when a restaurant with a juke box was a huge draw.  We would leave home after supper and walk the mile or two to our favourite restaurant  There we would feed the juke box, eat and dance,  Not every place had a dance floor, the ones that had space for us to dance to, were the favourites on week-ends.

For those of us who were around when Happy Days on the telly, it was very similar.  We even had the group that favourite the Pat Boone look, and of course there were the Elvis aficionados. Bike riding was the way the “boys” got around, Do you remember the pack of cigarettes under the sleeve of the T shirt?  I don’t remember any of my gal pals smoking, but the guys did.  .

I even remember getting white socks that were stitched in a way that I could make a wave round my ankle instead of having a cuff?  The risky style was to wear your cardigan backwards with the top three buttons undone.  My Mother had a lot to say about that.

When my husband and I would remember our younger days, it was like we had come from totally different planets.  AND this was with a 5 year age difference.  I can’t fathom what it is like for the teens of today.  My best friends went to a different school, and lived blocks away.  If we wanted to talk and catch up, we walked to a restaurant somewhere in between, to visit and catch up, or sit around one of the parks.  In the winter we congregated at the rink.  we would skate around and around, just exchanging ideas and having a good time.   The boys played hockey at the other end of the rink,  Depending on the parish, and the parents, sometimes a second rink was made up for those who wanted just to skate, and practice jumps and twirls.

The Tree 5.20.17

PL Precept #1.. Life is Art.

These past weeks, remember my husbands last weeks on earth, I have been doing a lot of remembering, thinking, musing, Memories remain, the heart still aches, life goes on. I live to discover another day.  Tomorrow it will be exactly one year.  One full year.

PL Precept # 16  All things progress and develop.

PL Precept # 20  Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.

A big thank you to my family and friends, I appreciate you, each and everyone of you.


Feliz domingo

fireworks 2015 MG_3540

Happy Mothers day to one and all.  There is no longer a clear line between Mothers and Fathers, in todays world, many single parent wears both hats.  I salute you dear parent.

cup of peace

This photo was taken from the Brazilian PL FB page on Facebook – obrigada




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