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Does light filter through an unwashed window… yes it does… With the days shorter, and the nights longer, on sunny days when the sunlight streams through the sunroom windows, the room takes on a dazzling delight of coloured rays that give the room a festive quality – yes that is one the delights of the winter months in my home. From the moment I walked into the house those many years ago, the sunroom with all its windows was a “magical” room. Each home should have such a room, We never utilized the room as a functional room, I always decorated and used it as a “canvas” or “feeling” room.

I never wavered from this delight I have in the room. I often will just sit at the fining room chair and just look out the window (this one chair faces the sunroom and its many windows) Its a view I get when emerging from the area of the house where the bedroom and my studio are located, I marvel just catching a glimpse as I walk from one area of the house to another.

Do you have a special nook or area of your home that holds a special meaning to you and you alone? No reason or rhyme, just because…..

It’s okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

PL Japan – You have to memorize it with your body to learn the content – If you want to study each path, you can deepen the content according to your efforts. If you continue to try to reflect on your mental habits and correct them, you will learn some harmonious expressions (listen, see, say, think).

translated in Japan 2021.11.27

rediscover your Blues

DJ Rose Gordon Bloggs McLovely

Where – Toby’s Juke Joint Blues Clubhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tobys%20Bayou/189/256/22 I caught her set Friday 1pm SL time. she was on her own, no host/hostess, it was a full house, and she kept everyone going, didn’t miss a beat. She’ll DJ again on Tuesday 10. a.m.

Toby’s is also where you will find Blue DJ Wayvz, we all remember him from his days at another Blues club here in SL. He is like a fine wine, he improves with age =^_^=.. seriously you know you will be well entertained when you attend one of his shows.

You’ll find DJ Wayvz at Toby’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at 6 pm SL time.

Toby’s offers non stop Blues music from one of the oldest Blues clubs in SL. It is a great place to dance, chat and meet friends.

We have so many different venues to pick from when we want an evening out, if Blues is your genre ,then you might want to check out Toby’s.. I know many of you have been to Toby’s before, then they more or less got quiet, but the place is jumping again, management has changed, the DJ roster has some of the best Blues DJ’s in the biz. Give them a whirl.

Your taxi is above. Join in the fun.

Till soon


It’s a new season.. The Xmas trees are in the tree lots, people have started to look for their special tree. Our model is no exception, she is dressed today in a toasty outfit from Black Angel retail store in SL or in Marketplace. This outfit is Carlia it is a new release http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alyssum%20Island/224/79/22

There is something about the tranquility of Nature, that I find very appealing. I step out of my vehicle and immediately feel the presence of an energy that is endless, the depth of which is beyond my comprehension, yet it feels like “home”.

With my model I am able to express my joy at being outdoors, she is happy, she is playful and most of all she is with “friends” playing in the snow. Something as adults we don’t do enough of. The location of this photo shoot was Winter solstice I will give you the LM (taxi) to the location, please be aware that not all of the area is open to the public, there are residence there be mindful of their privacy. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Real/218/157/21

Be very careful bout doing things you really like. Do everything in moderation. When you overdo, you will lose your balance.

Perfect Liberty 2021.26

Getting along with others. (translated from Japanese in Japan to English.) When people are truly united, infinite power is exerted. The first step in closing is to understand each other and get along with each other To understand the other person, acknowledge his/her strengths and never blame him/her.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11.26
Till soon

Nov. 25th.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American family .. this is a very special time for you, families will gather, friends will get together… It is a time of sharing and being with those we love, if not physically, spiritually, In China, it is the Chinese New Year that is the catalyst for the push to spend time with family and those we cherish… In my thinking” this is something that should happen every day .. but .. it is not always practical, so having this one time set aside for focusing on saying “thank you” to the world around us… is very special, to everyone.

What an odd ball assortment of personalities – I know from past experiences, at gatherings when people come together – often there are a unique number of interesting characters that have been in or at our “family” gatherings that we don’t know all that well – now is the time to “explore” “discover” take the opportunity to walk up to, and check out the diversity in your own “backyard”…

No two doors are alike, or are there to serve the same purpose.. Just like the people around us.

Do things joyfully instead of taking it easy… Enthusiastically engage with what’s in front of you. You’ll enjoy it more.

Perfect Liberty 2021.30

Appreciate each person’s good points. Everyone is human and has both good and bad things about t hem. Let’s strive to look for the good points in others so that we can get along.

Perfect Liberty 2015.16

This being Thursday, please visit Dan’s No Facilities blog for more doors. https://nofacilities.com/2021/11/25/duluth-morning-walk/ he will also have posted the schedule for the month of December for those interested in participating or who just love the theme.

Till soon

virtual fashion

This morning I did a blog on fashion for the Virtual News 8 blog https://virtualnws8.ca/2021/11/23/fashion-moment/ One of the fun aspects of being in SL (Second Life) is that we get to wear and do things that perhaps in our day to day don’t happen as easily for us. i.e in the day to day world, I like being casual and comfortable, while in virtual I can wear spike heels and formals at any given time, day or night and anywhere.

This little number I’m wearing today comes in a multitude of colours, I can change it up to suit my mood or occasion. I particularly liked that the designer of this outfit allowed for the stitching colour to be changed as well as the various items of clothes. outfit is called Aitana, and comes from the Blackbirdlace Store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alyssum%20Island/183/56/22

Anywhere you are, wherever you are, in whatever dimension,

Put your whole heart into everything and express your individuality. When you put your whole heart into expressing yourself, your true beauty will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2020.19
Till soon

Handle things that come your way, one by one. Tackle your issues in the order they appear in front of you. You will be able to get things done more efficiently this way.

Perfect Liberty 2015.19


Good morning everyone. I’m hearing more and more about how the weather is affecting our moods. It is not even the darkest of days yet… and already there is moaning about the lack of sunshine and the shorter days. Yesterday was the 21st. in another month, the days will start getting longer again. Besides it is not the daylight that determines if we are having a good day or not, it is your mind set.

Things come about when they are meant to happen. Enjoy the moment while you wait. Think of what you can do for the time being, and don’t rush the outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020.10

Free yourself from being overly attached. Overthinking hinders ideas and actions.

Perfect Liberty 2021.22


As the season’s change, the summer sun begins to fade , the nights get cooler, and the mornings are slow to reappear. Darkness comes early and fades later… meanwhile, life in the human lane keeps trucking along adjusting to what ever challenges/opportunities come along. Some adventures we handle better than others. But handle them we must.

Sometimes, it is just hearing your friend’s voice at the other end of the line, or getting a responding text that will ease the “pain” “discomfort” of the moment.. honestly we are lost without our friends… I woke this morning with a shocking pain that ran up both legs. talk about being wide awake in seconds. Yes I have been up and around, doing and doing, winter is on its way, and things need doing. Unfortunately for me, the spirit may have been willing, but the body was “not amused” This morning it reported it’s unhappiness with some of my recent decisions it a very compelling way. I had no choice but to listen… it was a severe reprimand.

If you have ever experienced a muscle/tendon spasm, you know of what I speak. My body didn’t just give me one spasm in one leg, no, it gave me the full treatment to both legs, crippling me without mercy until I was able to find the spray that would freeze and shock the tissues into relenting and letting up. Good morning to me!!!! Guess who will be behaving all day today!

Express your appreciation with enthusiasm. Appreciation is the driving force for progress and development.

Perfect Liberty 2021.21

Ok. that means, that yes it was an unpleasant experience, but I appreciate that my body is telling me of my delinquent attention to it’s needs. I will show my appreciation by listening to my body, and my friends who have all been telling me, “you are doing too much, too soon!!!!” Practice patience… repeat after me, practice patience… practice patience……

practice patience!

To my wonderful friends who have been listening to me, helping me and scolding when I need reminding, thank YOU….


Change your mind, thinking “it will be alright” Do the best you can without being overly attached.

Perfect Liberty 2021.20

So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storms of life and lived – or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?

Hunter S Thompson

To be great – you must be mindful of nine things: To SEE beyond where you look. To LISTEN beyond what you hear. To be GENTLE in judgement. To be RESPECTFUL in manners. To be TRUE to your word. To take PRIDE in your work. To ASK when in doubt. To think of the CONSEQUENES when angry. To think of JUSTICE and fairness when accepting an advantage.

Till soon


In looking for pictures for a door, I came across something I had written, don’t know when, long enough ago that I had tucked it away in a book and only found it again last night when I pulled the book out to look up something. Obviously it was back when I had a printer. Since I need to retype it to get it on the PC.. I’m going to share it with you – as is- I will leave a link at the end of the post to Dan’s No facilities .. where you will find more doors … I had titled the page.. The Sun.

The Sun – written by me, sometime in the past,

The sun that had warmed and welcomed her earlier that day, was no longer friendly. She lay in quiet despair, feeling the unrelenting heat, burrow down deeper into her body. The ground under her was hard, unforgiving and uncaring that her body hurt. Where once she thought of the sun as a healing energy and one that gave life, she now thought only of how it was slowly killing her with its scorching blistering persistence on her now barely living shell.

The long slender arm that once gracefully waved to friends and showed her animation for life now lay limp and useless across her dry eyes. Her parched throat tried in vain to find one tiny drop of saliva anything to relieve the thirst that raged inside of her. She felt her soul evaporating drop by drop into the stillness around her. Nothing moved. The animals knew to conserve their energy. Not a sound could be heard… and she had no energy left to try to cry for help.

How long she lay in the semi state of consciousness, no one would ever know … all hope for rescue was gone, she simply let herself go.

It was in that moment, that she felt rather than saw a presence. She knew her eyes would not open, could not open, her strength was gone. Maybe the angels had come to take her away from this burning inferno. Maybe… she would once more feel the cool of a shaded nook, and feel the fresh green grass beneath her feet. If she were to die now… she would be rescued from this horrible state of passive death.

What was that … a sweet smell .. the air around her had changed… then yes… she felt a drop on her lips. A gentle rain, just enough to slowly wind its way down her throat and give a feeling of reprieve. She knew she could not move… so she lay and accepted the gift from the gods.. her body was bathed in healing rain, drop by drop she felt her skin greedily take it in.

Maybe she would see tomorrow… maybe there was hope… as her body drank this blessing from above, she felt the earth beneath her begin to take shape and mould to her now drenched body. Her arms that had been limp and useless now began to lift in prayer to the skies.

Her eyes opened to the world and she knew she could stand tall and be strong again. In letting go and accepting the moment of despair, she had welcomed the unknown, in doing so it became her friend… She was free to embrace the sun again… for each death is a new life. Always and forever.

I stepped through a door from the past, I don’t know why or what the reason was for my little ‘story” but it still resonates with me today.

Do everything willingly and joyfully. Your upbeat attitude will make things more cheerful and enjoyable.

Perfect Liberty 2021.18

To join in the fun of seeing doors from all over the map, please visit Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2021/11/18/duluth-central-high/

Till soon

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