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you can run, but the heat follows
engulfed in the constant unrelenting heat
you search for the open skies and the welcoming spray of the ocean waves
finally you find a place where the gentle breeze is playfully caressing the trees, a woodpecker is feeding on the tree, the floral scents are wafting over your senses
think carefully of what you will do and say each day, be grateful, appreciate the many splendours of what this world has to offer. We see a lot, hear a lot, there is no denying that there is a bombardment of endless uncomfortable atmospheric mass of unpleasant and uncomfortable energy that is at times out of control.
WE must find the peace, the quiet, the natural nurturing environment of clear skies, fresh growth, and take the path(s) that lead out of the negativity and back into the light of love, peace, and gratitude.
photo -Chris Okeefe

It is important to say “Thank You” Everything that appears in front of you is all material for you to improve yourself, whether its food, people, or things. Learn to accept everything whether it is something you like or not.

Perfect Liberty 2020.9

In PL we learn that everything happens for a reason. It is how we accept what happens, our attitude, and the steps we take to deal with the opportunities offered, . Change begins within ourselves.


storytelling photos taken in SL, my thanks to all the artists (creators) who put together the builds. pixel photos (digital photographs) by Q

SL > Second Life is a virtual platform out of California, Linden Labs.

8th July

Always be true to yourself

Good morning everyone, yesterday was a very busy day, thought I’d share a bit of it with you. I’ll also be posting this article in the Virtual News 8 blog. Lessons we learn along the way are many, yesterday, I enjoyed sharing time with friends in the virtual world of Second Life. It was a reminder of how being with friends and sharing pastimes, and interest, listening to good music and just “chilling” can make for an awesome visit.

My good friend and “sister” in SL is Yume Yoshikawa, she is a FT DJ in SL and has been for absolutely years. We go back to 2007. Where I have been mostly a builder, doing builds, designs and selling my line of clothes, she was and is always working her talents as a music buff who shares her gift of music spinning in the best clubs in SL.

The first picture on top was taking at a Japanese fair, Japonica, where one could enjoy seeing the many cultural displays and merchandise

SL allows the artist in us to play, We can be as creative as we want, what we don’t know, we can learn, there are mentors who will take the time to teach new comers how to live, work and play in this virtual environment. Then there is the entertainment side.. you will find live music performers, dancers, story tellers – there is a whole area where you will find Theater plays, poets, art gallery displays, the world spans the globe..(club members)

Yesterday early in the day I was at Japonica, which you can see was all about Japan and Asian culture. I could just as easily been visiting another part of the world and enjoying what is being offered by the community of artists who want to share their country/history etc.

Not everyone who visits SL is an artist, but definitely “explorers” The diversity in a virtual environment is so multi faceted, you can explore every dimension of YOUR BEING, You can fly, you can dance, you can visit ancient ruins, learn about Space travel, visit Native American tribal lands of days gone by, voyage on the Titanic… the list goes on.

First, accept everything. Life is filled with moments, sometimes happy and at times inconvenient. It is important to first accept every situation as it occurs, and try to accept and understand it for what it is.

Perfect Liberty 2019.8

You can become more attentive with prayer. Live your life with a prayerful mind so that you can be more attentive and make the people around you that much happier.

Perfect Liberty 2020.8
friendships span the globe

PL Precept # 9 Human beings are all Equal

PL Precept #14 World Peace is Everything. Oyashikiri


FogBound blues Club – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Moon%20Bay/183/64/27

DJ Yume’s schedule

Mon. – OFF
Tues. – 6PM – 8PM SLT: Fogbound Blues catch special show on the 14th July
Wed. – 7PM – 9PM SLT: Tango’s (Various)
Thurs. – OFF
Fri. – 5-7PM Fogbound Blues
7PM – 9PM SLT Tango’s (Latin Sizzle)
Saturdays – OFF
Sundays – OFF

7th day, 7th month

To many 7 is a lucky number. There are numerologist that believe 7 is so perfect and powerful that it represents a connection to the Universe. It is usually very positive, ie. happiness, renewal and perfection. 7 = heaven,

Another definition of 7 in numerology, is that 7 stands for both deep and wise. Asking questions, researching, listening, and sensing are all special skills that 7 uses in its search for awareness.

Here we are today is the 7th. day of the 7th month.! It is said and I lean towards this, that number 7 leans more towards an intellectual approach to life, rather than an emotional one. Being a Virgo, I like it can be an analytical number, it enjoys gathering and filtering information to find an answer. or answers. =^_^= Powerful intuition, you bet!

Take on the task even though you are busy. You are busy because you are needed. Actively, positively and creatively juggle your time to fit the new task in.

Perfect Liberty 2020.7


chop suey Monday

Who says a dog’s life isn’t always easy. It is 80 degrees in the shade and the human wants to go for a walk. Give me a break. Personally, I’m going to stand my ground on this one. Ahhh found a place to chill.. and man I’m gonna just lie here till I’m ready to get up. If I could only get him to turn off that noise box.

We humans are always putting words and thoughts into our dog’s actions. Today I took the two whippets out to the country for some quality R & R with some of their whippet buddies out at the Breeder’s “spa”… huge running area, level terrain, shade umbrellas, huge wooden deck. Velcro the oldest (a true senior citizen) was fine till all the youngsters were let out.

Body language says it all, he went to the door that leads out of the back spa area.. and stood there, face pointing out of the area. Non verbal communication, “Let’s head” This human was enjoying a nice breeze and pleasant conversation.. Like Leon (above) my dog was not interested in what I wanted, he had decided it was time to go.

Choices.. choices.. Keeper his sister (grandmother ) to a few of the younger dogs.. was also showing signs of.. ok enough of the activity.. I’m ready to leave. When you live a quiet life, and are suddenly surrounded by very active, curious and playful pups.. you are happy to climb back into the vehicle for the ride home.

So what did I learn today – our animals, communicate to us, communication is key between all living beings. We need to be open and aware to receive … when it happens, it is a wonderful connection.

This next picture is of a sheep that I fell in love with when I was working with textile textures. I went through a phase where i went bananas over sheep.. this breed was one of my favourites.

How can you not smile when you look at this face.


sheep photo – Shirley Keene


Don’t give up! Stick with it, as many time as it takes. Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel and say, “I give uu”, but that is the time for you to dig deep and ush through, Your sincere effort will invite a good outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020. 6


Study Nature, love nature, stay close to nature, It will never ail you.

Frank Lloyd Wright.

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alternations.

Faith Baldwin

photo by Shirley Keene NZ

The gift. Shortly after nine last night, there was a light tap o my back door. The dogs didn’t make a huge fuss.. still, I was hesitant. The top picture is of my Saskatoon serviceberry tree that I took, wht, maybe a couple of weeks ago. It seems the two young lads from across the street, came over with a ladder and harvested what they could from the tree. It was a gift from them to me. How lovely is that! My rascally dogs, had to have known, they alert me to anyone, who sets foot on the property.

The berries for those of you who have not tasted this delightful fruit, is unique, sweet looks like a blueberry but it has more of an apple/asian pear almond like nuttiness. the scientific anme is Amelanchier ainifolia I love the berries and had planted this one as soon as we bought here.(Ontario)

Check out all the nutrients, its profile is similar to the content of blueberries.

Needless to say, I was delighted, what a lovely gesture, and a kindness that added to my already wonderful day!

Your smile energizes the people around you. A smile has the ability to put others at east and give them energy. Strive to be the first to offer a smile each day to those around you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.5

Service at 10 a.m everyone!


this tree is enjoyed by all the birds, and small animals in the are, we all share in its bounty. Nature, brings us all together under one sky.

July 4th.

Work well with everyone regardless of their age or position. The opinions of those who are younger may lead to new solutions, and we can always learn from the accumulated experiences of our elders.

Perfect Liberty 2020.4


photo.Shirley Keene
photo Q

No celebration, for I’ve landed in a far away land

Were life is stark, skies are fire and brimstone

the world I knew, has gone

betrayed by lies, greed, aggression and wars

where once I heard songs and cries of love and pride

where man stood side by side

exploring and discovering with gladness and expectations

for a brand new life, in unexplored lands

Flags flew proudly across the skies

Children learned of the history of the land

the many lives, lost for one cause or another,

BUT it was through hardships that we grew strong and free

Cultures came together – differences were worked out

we were proud and we knew God, we knew love,

we respected and knew gratitude, we knelt on Sundays, we prayed.

Somewhere, dignity and self respect got lost along the way

Oh, nature still abounds, even in shell shocked countries

Where children live amongst the horrors of war

They awake to the sound of gunfire, they sleep under battle torn roofs

True, in North America our skies are still blue

and in gardens, the roses still bloom

But peace is no longer sown across the land

These are my thoughts .. mine alone… they are simply the musings

of my worn and weary mind.

Do I want to wear the happy colours of celebration..

Is sincerity of heart, body and mind, also a thing of the past.

Are words like tenderness gone, is genuine caring (actions without hidden reasons) a history.. oh wait.. in todays world, if we don’t like or don’t understand something, we shoot it, burn it down, or bury it.


I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but honesty with you, is what and who I am.

Celebrate the day, celebrate family. tomorrow is another day.

teach me tonight

some singers and their songs will last forever.

NZ.. by Shirley Keene

The everyday things you do will show when it really counts. If you have a tendency to be careless about everyday matters, you cannot expect to perform well at crucial times.

Perfect Liberty 2020.3

I missed Canada Day because I was “under the weather” putting it mildly. Could it have been different, yes and no. In PL we believe things happen for a reason. I had a long day to reflect on how I got myself into such a state. The love and caring of friends, helped me to get through the “moment”… We don’t think we are being careless… “because, we always do something, or have “….

A wise Yoda ..” Change is constant, and change we must. We must be open to the observations and loving concern of others. “We” don’t always know best. ” One doesn’t always see the forest for the trees” ” Ok Yoda may not have said things in the same way. But you get my drift.

I have made a conscious decision, to be more aware, and to make changes.

One can only do one’s best!!


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