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Mosquito season- yuck

quiet, only sound was the birds singing
and the sucking sound of mud as it tried to hold halt my footsteps
there were dry areas, but the residue moisture from the previous days of rain, still clung to the interior carpeting under the trees

Have a “let’s do it ” attitude. Even if a task is difficult, keep in mind it is given by God and accomplish it.

Perfect Liberty 2021.14
PL Precept #1 Life is Art

When I saw these hobbit homes, that Shirley took when she was on a tour of Hobbiton NZ, I knew I would have to ask her permission to share them. She graciously agreed.

https://www.hobbitontours.com/it is of course the movie set for Lord of the Rings.

We are all wonderful in our own way. Although results are important, your effort is what is truly precious.

Perfect Liberty 2021.13

For more doors, please visit Dan’s No Facilities site where on Thursday he hosts Thursday Doors. https://nofacilities.com/2021/05/13/springfield-doors/

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone… enjoy all the fantastic and wonderful doors you will visit today!

Your surroundings are a reflection of you. a person who constantly worries will always find things to worry about. an optimistic person will attract happiness. A kind person will always be blessed with kindness in return.

Perfect Liberty 2018 m,.13


Mud Lake 5.12

This next picture was an awesome moment, unfortunately I was unable to get a good picture, I was frozen in place on a stump, the Mother and Father of these babies were coming along behind me, since I was sitting their heads and beaks would have been right in my face, back of head, or my neck. I was not going to chance moving.

No matter what the day was like prior to my arriving at Mud Lake, as soon as I stepped into the area, I was in a different zone. I love being out in Nature, but then I’m sure you’ve arrived at that piece of information already.

every time I meet up with this female duck I’m loving her more, her beautiful markings are exquisite. Her partner is more colourful, true but I find her pattern to be a work of art.

It was a sunny day, temperatures were balmy, next time I need to get their earlier, when I arrived, the cars were already lined up all along the road. However, altho’ the wildlife is plentiful, I think I prefer an environment with less human taffic.

LIFE IS ART PL Precept #1

PS I did get to see the muskrat, but he/she was on the move. I will share a picture of that muskrat soon. Stay tuned.

Let’s begin today with a smile. Let’s start the day with a positive outlook, looking forward to what we can discover.

Perfect Liberty 2021.12
we are all in this together!

flash from the past

Sometimes we find a picture of another time .. another experience, or lesson …I had never heard of this writer, a friend suggested I read one of his books. I was aghast to say the least… and was not sure how to react, being the “feminist’s” I thought myself to be.. I was a very determined young lady, strong, assertive, and sure of who I thought I was etc. etc. However, it was put to me that I should not judge or say what I was saying if I had not at least read one of this man’s novels. I was basing my opinion(s) thoughts on what I was hearing/seeing from other viewpoints and interpretations.

I had told my husband of this friend’s suggestion, being the world traveler, writer etc., that he was, he thought that my friend made a good point. If I myself had not read the author’s own words, and presentation of the subject, I was not forming my “opinion” on the writer’s work. Of course the design cover of the books didn’t thrill me so that had immediately put me off.. However, I did read one of his books, started with his first book, that led me to book two and before I knew it I had read maybe 6, 8 books.. I was drawn like a moth to a flame to a world that I had really not known anything about…

I did note they were written years ago, (at the time I was introduced to the subject) and the writer was introducing you to his concept of a world that ran parallel to ours.. (I was not at that time reading or had been reading much fiction)

It is now many many years later, and I stress MANY and I found the picture you see above.. it got me thinking am I more open today. I also realize that in today’s world we have had books and movies out that are much more explicit and take the reader down some very “interesting” “realities”

I write about it today, because a long time friend surprised me just last night in conversation, with just a few sentences he/she gave me new insight into one of “his/her” internal rooms (thinking) that I had up till that moment not known existed.

The world is a very interesting place, where we least expect it – a new window/door opens..

Just saying… it is food for thought, n’est pas? Any comments or thoughts? If anyone knows this writer and his books, or has knowledge of this subject, I would be interested in how you see it .. in today’s world.. would it still glean a following?

Life is Art

Perfect Liberty Precept #1

Tuesday 11th

The past leads to now and now leads to the future. Life is an accumulation of moments. Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11

At first I was disappointed, my first stop was where the big hill is for tobogganing. (winter activity).. when I explored the possibilities along the trails close to the hill, I found them more suitable to “bikers”.. not the first time I’ve considered the idea of a trail bike, the kind with the big tires. ….. don’t worry the thought came, and went.. =^_^=

some sections today were very steep, I needed to craft a walking stick to help me balance when I started the upward climb.
found a carpet of dandelions – the bees love them

The sun stayed out for me .. it was a beautiful day, got my exercise, now I get to sit back and just relax.

If I can exercise every day, so can you !!

PL Precept #20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.

Perfect Liberty

new growth on the forest floor

New beginnings… a walk along the pathway showed me so much new growth, I was encouraged, after a long cold winter, the ground is thawing, photographers are showing us the wonderful blooms that are showing up all across the city. Coming out of church yesterday, the tulips were showing their happiness, looking up into the sunshine.

For the sake of others, society and world peace. Always live keeping in mind everything you do is for the sake of others, society and World Peace

Perfect Liberty 2021.10

Have a great start to a new week. Tomorrow Tuesday 11th. 10 a.m. service Ancestors’ Day.. for those who can join in at the church, please let us know if you plan to attend at the church itself. We are still practicing social distancing.

we are in this together!

Happy Mother’s Day

PL Precept #15 All is a mirror
show appreciation
Keepers pups are 7 years old today!
Love is unconditional
be kind to yourself.!.

PL Precept #1 Life is Art

today’s walk

Today began in a very uninteresting place. It was such a dismal day, I actually went back to bed. Something I never do, the rain was not hard, but constant and the skies a multitude of shades of gray and bleak. Rather than face the negative thoughts and dismal attitude, I went back to bed. Keeper (my faithful whippet) obviously thought it was a good choice, she joined me (something she does not do, once she is up she usually prefers to stay up and nap in my office or sun room)… Velcro in his wisdom decided to stay in the living room where he could keep track of the comings and goings on the street. In other words, security watch.

I feel my whole body relax as soon as i enter the woodlands

You can freely express yourself within the rules. Consider rules as a canvas on which to express your specialty artistically

Perfect Liberty 2021.9

Brian and I used to go to another trail off Leitrum, the parking lot was there, little else except the remains and debris that accumulates in an uncultivated area over the years. It was used mostly in winter by skiers who wanted to do winter trails. I think its called P19 now. What a difference 8 -10 years make. I walked down the winter trail, it was very muddy, I spent a bit of time collecting wood to make a trail over the mud. When I got home, I cleaned my Bogs (boots) in water, so they will be ready to go again next outing. That was my excitement … I came home feeling refreshed, altho’ going out in the afternoon is very foreign to me, mornings are my time to hike/walk/explore. On the bright side, … it will soon be bed time..

sigh, everyone’s a critic

Be creative in your efforts. If something is not going well, take a step back and look at how you are tackling the problem. There is sure to be something you can improve on.

Perfect Liberty 2014.16
Till soon

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