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live today to the fullest

Utilize the makoto* left by your ancestors to live today to the fullest. You are here today thanks to your ancestors’ virtue and Makoto (sincere effort) Remember to be thankful and live your life to the fullest so that you can pass this virtue on to the next generation.

Perfect Liberty 2014.11


Today November 11 is also Remembrance Day in Canada, fitting that for us, in PL, it is Ancestors’ Day.

be calm, be kind

IMG_9145Be calm, be kind without compromising

Hesitating to share our true feelings hurts not only ourselves, but others.  While respecting the other person’s feelings, say what you need to say.

PL Calendar day 17




photo hT9



good morning, bom dia, buen dia    The moment you notice is the best timing

El momento en que perciba es la oportunidad

A chance esta no momento em que e percebe

I am the little yellow flower in the picture above.  I was out being spoiled with another special outing.  One of my  dearest friends had arranged with me weeks ago, for us to celebrate yesterday.  Celebrate we did.  It was a full day of shopping and exploring, ending with a fabulous dinner at the Mandarin, (Asian buffet)

Yesterday, Eartha drove, she was my hostess with the mostess.  Then last night as I lay basking in the events of the day, I imagined this picture, and  my being the yellow flower, surrounded by people, events with the world going on all around me. I had a feeling that I  had missed something, and it nagged me.  So much so that this morning, I sat down to meditate on “it”

The rest of todays calendar message says…  Procrastinating will only weigh you down.  The best time to do something is when you notice it.  You will feel lighter both physically and spiritually.

Whatever is niggling at me, took place yesterday, obviously I was too surrounded by outside energies and activities.  It was a special day, and thanks to Eartha sneaking in a surprise on me, I have a memento of our time, that I am able to put on the fridge (a picture of us that the Mandarin presents to us in the form of a magnet)   A cherished souvenir!

Sometimes in life, we are so busy living, we miss something else, that moment is gone, so begin TODAY with Makoto (sincerity and focus).



chop suey Wednesday

Good morning everyone.  I thought I would start today to talk about laziness.  Seriously this is one of my “work on it” traits or “flaws”  Being a visual person, I woke to a perfect example to share with you.

cafeland 1.17.18

This is a game I play on my iPhone when I am somewhere waiting, ie. for a dental, or doctor’s appointment.  Now that I no longer have an iPad, having gone for a phone with a bigger screen, you know the size of the screen I am working on.  Interestingly, the game on my computer is the same but not the same, my computer being a Windows format.

When I began on the iPhone/Pad, I had to start all over with a new café, in this new format. Fun I thought I can do something totally different.  Off to the races I went, enjoying myself, watching my money grow etc.  However, I don’t have the friends to play with in this format, but lots through the game.  I digress.

Last night I decided to start decorating for the Chinese New Year, which will be coming up soon in mid February. *year of the Dog* (lunar calendar)  The program suggested I take a picture to show my friends, I took a picture and sent it to myself.

To my horror when I looked at the picture this morning, I was assaulted with the glaring objects of my laziness.

  1. I didn’t clean up the floors before taking the picture
  2. I saw where I had started to change my servers and didn’t go back to make sure all of them were done.  In fact, I used some from my inventory rather than buy the shiny metal ones that go with my  décor ..( frugal and lazy)
  3. The tips could have been collected, but in truth I didn’t see them, again, I didn’t take the time to look

Small over sights maybe, but in my case, I lean towards lazy, we all do, intention is to go back and fix it, but as the days go along, and since it is only me playing, none of my guests to this site, are known to me… bla bla bla… excuses.  After making time to fix up the café, start on my remodel, I take a picture .. and voila. caught on camera…

We just never know do we.  this is a fun example, but it IS an example, we never know, taking short cuts, neglecting to do something “just because”.  A camera never lies the results can be photo-shopped or edited,  but lens itself, never lies.

PL Precept #15  All is a Mirror

PL Principle #1 I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto (sincerity) into all I say and do.

Have a good day everyone… I will post the link below to the dymoonadventures blog.



dymoonadventures.com      if you want to follow along, please follow from that site.



Every day we are faced with choices.  Some are small, and routine, done on a regular basis, like when we shop for food.   What we are looking for will determine where we go to shop.


What appeals to one shopper will be passed by, by another. I have waited while a customer before me, goes over every bag, weighing it, turning it so that he/she is able to see all produce in the bag.


Even once we’ve picked out the product we will take home with us, no two people will cook that one product in the same way.  That is why there is such a great variety of restaurants as well.   Though they may offer the same basic dishes, how they are cooked and served, could be oceans apart.  When it comes to food, almost everyone I know, is willing to try something different and will dig in and enjoy a cuisine from a different culture.  Diversity is a welcome change.


Why then, do we draw a line, or seem to be so black or white, when it comes to choices we make about our social environment?  Or cultural divides?  A very close someone in my life, will eat carrots, but when they came out with “designer” carrots, (different colours) he balked, why…. cuz they didn’t look the same, blind folded, they would taste the same,  but……. Another friend told me her husband wouldn’t eat the new blue potatoes, why… cuz they didn’t look like a potato……………………………………………?????????????

Amon  Wed 23rd_edited-1

A child is innocent, loving, trusting, …  they  make us all smile with their smiles, and their genuine responses to being loved.  What and why do we change as we advance in years.  What changes us.  WE are shaped by the choices we make in life.  Choose wisely.  Put your full makoto (sincerity) in all you say and do.

PL. Precept # 3    God appears through One’s Self



Good Morning… ahhh what to do today…..

shall we lie by the pool, or would you like to stroll the beach.

 Look at the clear blue sky, not a cloud in view.

There is just a bit of a breeze,

can you feel and see it rustling the leaves.

Let us spend the day… me and you

even though we are miles apart

welcoming the day with an open heart.

We will each do our part

to cultivate and nurture family, friends and co-workers

so… that no matter where we are, 

the inter-action will inspire and make that moment ours.

A sincere sharing, heart to heart.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

PL Precepts 14  World Peace is everything.

* cntraveler.com

Monkey Wisdom


I have Rev. Goto (NY PL church) for this expression.  He had my complete attention today while explained to the members PL Principle #9. I will not have a mind to be dishonest.  The set of 21 Principles are there for us to help us live our lives following the 21 Precepts.  Today Rev. Goto talked about Principle #9. He always like to give us an example of the lesson so that we better visualize and understand the teaching.  Like all good teachers, he doesn’t talk forever, he says what he has to say, and then cheerfully leaves us with an embedded image and lesson to ponder and assimilate.

He related a story to us that came to him through another PL Minister, Rev. Ono.  The story takes place years ago, in a different time.  An elder in a small viillage decided to organize a festival that would take place in the square at the village shrine.  For the occassion he had asked that everyone come with one item of food, and one bottle of sake (Japanese rice wine)

This was a time before bottled sake, villagers made their own sake, and kept it in traditional jars or containers made f wood or ceramics.  The idea was that each villager would bring a container of their sake, and it would be poured into one large sake barrel, for the enjoyment of the community.  This ‘sake cocktail” would be a sharing and each member participating would be honoring their fellow neighbours.

Once the mixture was prepared, the party started.  The village elder took a sip from the barrel to start the festivities, took a sip, and stood back in surprise, calling out…”oh m God, what is wrong with the sake?  It tastes like water!”    Hmmmm. how could sake turn into water?  It was clear that the sake had not changed into water, but that it had been water in the first place.  Each guest at the party who was to bring sake, had decided to bring water instead.  It was a precious commodity, and they thought no one would notice.  However,  they were not the only ones to have that thought and to act on it.  Monkey wisdom… since the majority thought to be deceitful, the few who did bring sake, had their sake diluted by all the water.

When we live with a pure and honest mind, our actions and our thoughts bring a joy and satisfaction to what we do, for us and those around us.  We should live with one mind, a mind that says “there is nothing to hide between God and myself”  Just because you think no one is looking or will know, God knows.

This story although told with humor, shows us that as humans our ego does not always motivate us in the “right” direction.    All people have a mind capable of thinking in a manner that is not always “honest” –  Let us do our best to live with a mind that will apply makoto (sincerity) to being honest in all we do and say.



sorry I couldn’t resist.

Blessings to each and everyone of you.  You are so Loved!

Namaste – Oyashikiri




* found on iso.500px.com
** found on huffingtonpost.com

Happy Wednesday everyone


What is it that attracts me to old trucks, cars, motorcycles, and bikes?  I haven’t a clue.  In recent years I’ve noticed that more and more I am drawn to pictures where one or more are featured.  Driving along hwy 37 in NY State past farms with old barns, I found myself searching for sight of a rusted out car.  More in the States than along the highways here, I’m rewarded by vintage vehicles being driven or for sale.  Some are covered in rust and barely standing, yet they have an allure for me.


Be still my heart, how this rusted decaying, bucket of metal can stir my emotions, I’ll never know.  But how I love to look at it.. the vibrant colours that takes place as it goes through its changes.  the way nature welcomes it back into her embrace.  So far I’ve only been able to gaze in wonder at the wonderful pictures I’ve found posted on Pinterest or other social media sites.


These are the colours I want to wear this fall.  In redoing my fall/winter wardrobe, I am searching out these colours.  There is something rich and satisfying about this palette, in the States I have been able to acquire a pair of old faded and worn, army fatigue pants and the matching long sleeve lite. jacket/shirt.  Obviously I can’t wear then at the same time, I look ridiculous since, I’m obviously not of an age that I would be in service, but the blended colours are soothing to the eye, and calming when worn with colours that harmonize. (mixed casual attire)  So, I’m eccentric, I’m happy =^_^=.


I am not alone with this old truck/car passion, there is an abundant source of art pictures that capture the beauty of the aged vehicles. Enjoy whatever makes you happy today and everyday.  When we do something we enjoy with Makoto (sincerity) we reap the rewards 100 fold.  Have you thought about the colours you wear and why you wear them?


Chop Suey


Today we celebrated Ancestor’s Day, we do this on the 11th of every month.  It is a time to pray and give thanks for the lessons and teachings that we learned  in life as we progressed along the journey through our days and nights.  It is not only our parents, it it is teachers, friends, other family members. neighbours, health care professionals , anyone we come in contact with  who  may have an affect of influence us, in some way shape form or other.

chop-suey-1929.jpg!BlogThe name of this piece where the two ladies are sitting at a table in a Chinese Restaurant is Chop Suey.  This is an oil painting done by Edward Hopper in 1929.  It is currently in a private collection, I found this copy on wikipaintings.org.  This picture brings back memories of the restaurants many decades ago.   As soon as we sat down, a waiter in a smart uniform of black pants and a white jacket would appear with a pot of hot tea and cups.  Rice was always free with your meal.  It seems that every town or city had a Chinese restaurant and each one had on the menu, a version of Chop Suey.


Cooks back then were very adaptable to the region they were cooking in.  The ingredients used back in China were not readily available in the city never mind the smaller towns, so they grew bean sprouts and served a variety of meats with sprouts, celery,onion and a few slivers of peppers for colour.  If they used chicken it was chicken shop suey, if it was pork, pork choe suey etc., when crispy noodles were sprinkled on top the dish became a chow mein.  NO we didn’t eat chop suey at  home.

Today there are Asian grocery stores almost everywhere, even the big super markets have sections dedicated to the products and vegetables used in Asian cuisine.  The ingredients are there for the actual meal, but the ambiance and customer service of yesteryear.  Now you pay for the tea, and the rice, and yes you have a lot to pick from on the menu, it is no longer the simple menu of choosing from  column A, B or C.

We can’t go back, but when I think of the ancestors or people who influenced some of my behaviour, the cooks and waiters who came to Canada to start new lives, their beliefs that hard work and dedication to the task before them, come to mind.  They came to a country where they didn’t know the language to earn money so they could send or go back for their families,  They wanted a better quality of life for those they loved, so they applied Makoto (sincerity) to their lives and earnestly did what needed to be done.

I am humbled by such dedication & selfless giving for the next generation.  I give thanks for this memory, and I pray that I in turn will do something worthwhile that will help those around me and who will come after me.


Veggie chop suey – Yum….  (food pictures from Pinterest)


Namaste  Oyashikiri


Bom dia, hello everyone


Fall is in the air, the perky nip of cooler weather is there to greet me in the morning when I let the dog out. 16 degrees C, ( 45 F).  The fall has to be my favourite season of all.. I enjoy each  one of our very different seasons, but fall weather  has a special place in my heart.  Every year  around this time the leaves start to work their magic on the landscapes.  The lazy hazy days of summer disappear, there is a quicker and snappier mood to our walk.  The fall clothes come out, the warm sweaters, closed in shoes, and wonderful combinations of casual fashion.



It is true, in the fall you are more likely able to draw me out into nature, the bugs and insects are not around, and where I would love a night in this cabin, I really feel the we would have problems taking the dogs out at night.  The next picture is of a “pond” in a secluded area of Nova Scotia, Canada where someone camps.  We have been to such locations in our travels, believe me, the exhilaration of such moments is beyond words.


In my personal journey to become a better person, I enjoy my time away as much as my time in the city.  Life is wherever I am.  It is when we stop moving forward in our lives that we grow stagnant.   One one  personal card I had printed, read, Discover a new you…. explore active meditation…. Step outside the box.   What is active meditation, active meditation is when you live each moment of your day with Makoto (sincerity) with a focus on being a better person in all you say and do.  Like the world we live in (nature)  our moods and self expression changes. When we accept that the only constant in life is change, then we are well on our path to living with a peaceful heart.


May your day be blessed with an abundance of happiness and joy!

Namste    – Oyashikiri





* nature.desktopnexus.com


*** Pinterest, T Werner Abel camping area

**** fs.usda.gov  Lake Conasauga,North Georgia camping area.


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