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Which door would give you the greatest pleasure to enter…. or attract your attention… why? Each offers a different experience.. doors are special that way..=^-^=

Help the people around you smile more. Always strive to make those around you smile. That will bring you joy too.

Perfect Liberty 2022.18

Every day presents us with new opportunities – PL Precept # 1 Life is Art.

PL Precept # 2 To live is to express One’s Self


NB* the regular Thursday Doors feature on Dan’s site is absent this week, we will return next week, with doors from all over the world.


photo Nick Vrtis

You can only change yourself. Before you start telling people how they should do things, think of how you can be more flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2022.13

Friends of mine are travelling in the States, sending back wonderful photos of the sights they are discovering. I asked Nick for this picture to share because when I saw it.. I saw and felt such wonder at the magnificence of this natural monument to change. The colours, the cleavage carved over time, centuries of weather carvings, that happened in miniscule micro moments. Nothing can compare to the abstract wonders Nature presents us on a daily basis.

Love comes when we least expect it. be ready when it does come. Prepare to be ready to nourish love, be open and receptive…

In the picture of this natural wonder that Nick took, I felt and saw raw passion, and tho’ the surface is hard to the touch, it left me with the impression of softness, tenderness and the meeting of yin/yang in harmony and balance.



Aggggh a three letter word in a blog about relaxation, philosophy and living with good intentions
vibrant life growing out of a crack in the asphalt
Nature expressing itself
Human expression
breakfast before my morning walk

When you face difficulties start with anything you can do. When you are able to grasp the situation, you will surely be able to notice something that you an do.

Perfect Liberty 2022.12

Complaining mind

Caught up in dueling thoughts/emotions

When instead of still waters, the energy around you seems to be constantly stirring and charged with negative emotion. you can’t pin point where the “distress” is coming from… but.. you know its there.

I recall at the office opening an envelope one day, in it, one of the ladies from the accounting department had put in a sheet of paper, on it was a photocopy of a list of statements that were about aging. Some of you old enough to recall photocopies (these were the days when we sent memos and inter office communications via. internal mail systems that usually comprised of a “mail Person” … who went from floor to floor, office to office delivering the mail (internal/external) that had been received in the hospital’s mail room, sorted and then delivered

Anyway I digress. the sheet of paper was meant to be funny, and usually we all had a mini break of laughter as we read about – how at one time we knew where we were going, and now, we left the room and forgot why? Or couldn’t find the glasses we thought were missing, only to be told we had them on, etc. there was one, and someone out there can remind me if you recall the exact words, but was to the effect that our new friends now all had names like BenGay, Absorbine Jr. etc. and went on to name other over the counter creams/lotions, for people to deal with arthritic pain, sprains, muscles etc. I used to think, is that all people can talk about when they get older. their aches/pains/discomforts.. sore this, sore that, can’t do this anymore, can’t remember, always forgetting, being slower than before, blah blah blah.

OK I’m older now. and of the generation that no longer wants to leave the house at 9 or 10 o’clock because that is when things start to happen. (yes at night). Nor am I interested in attending the most amazing live concert at the stadium or some other event that involves hundreds and hundreds of people standing in line to get in and then standing or sitting packed together to listen or watch some event. (mind you with Covid that came to a standstill for awhile)

All this, if you think about it, is a way of complaining… it is seeing the negative and trying to accommodate it. Think about it. How often in the day, given a chance to say or express yourself, your response is about a negative. It’s soooo cold, a question like “how are you” .. elicits, “its been so hot, the humidity is killing me” ” I stood in the drizzle yesterday watching the dog run…or having a conversation..”

I realized that I was moaning and groaning yesterday, complaining about my aches, pains, and inability to do things like I used to… wow… voices from the past came crashing down on me. I was becoming a complainer, I need to focus more on the feel goods, the positives… then a little voice askes in wonder, how did this happen….???? and I don’t know that the answer jumps out at me. Today’s calendar says..

Express yourself clearly so others can understand you. When you can’t communicate clearly, it can lead to problems. Always express yourself carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.9

In PL we learn to recognize when we are complaining, and we are tasked with the exercise of working on changing that habit. it is an ongoing exercise for me, picture a wee hamster in her cage with a treadmill.


see the face?

When working on the pictures taken at Morris Island, I kept coming back to this one picture, cuz I felt it was “looking” .. at least I felt I was being looked at. I copied it to another file so I could isolate it and get a better look. Even in a batch file, I could see the face as plain as day .. can you?

Always aware of the energy that is around me, there are times I’m oblivious, it happens, however more often then naught, I am aware and open to the ambience around me. Since the storm the conservation areas are having to deal with a lot of damage, the balance that had been, is no longer. I visited P18 today, I had been told that the forestry department was finally tackling the debris.

I was filled with such mixed emotions when I visited after the storm and saw the destruction. When I got there this morning, I was overcome with the memory of years past, the recent storm, and what I was seeing, now.

PL Precept #16 All things progress and develop

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning Point.

Life is always giving us the opportunity to grow, develop and adapt to changes – I wish I could do it with more appreciation,- I’m working on it….

Till soon everyone


Morris island a conservation area, tucked away off the beaten track. You have to know its there, and you have to want to go there. For me it sent me into “longing” it has a lot of water, small bays and inlets all teasing and inviting to paddle, canoe/kayak. It was a very hot day, we were in the high 80’s with a ton of humidity just to make it more interesting… walking (for me) was an effort, what kept me going was the shaded areas I could see ahead of me on the path we were on.

Bonnie had her bird identifier ap with her.. she was happily giving me the names of the birds she could hear in the trees around us. I was content to wander with my knife shaving off the dead bark off a piece of driftwood I found at the start of the walk. It was casual and lazy, we had no need to rush, we simply put one foot in front of the other .. and made our way along the pathway we were on. There were numerous trails that ran off the road we were on, but we stuck to the main trail we’d begun at the start of our “trek”.

It was at one of the little bays we passed that Bonnie spotted something in the water she thought at first was a swimming turtle, but, in fact it turned out to be a beaver! It helps to have someone with you who is observant and sees things you would not otherwise see. I was focused on finding wood, she an experienced birder was more observant on life above the ground. I was checking out all the dead wood with interesting features.. Made for a pleasant walk, usually I am on my own, so this was a delightful experience for me. Careful Bonnie, I might want to drag you out into the wilderness more often. =^_^=

There was a section of our walk that I was totally engrossed with. I found it was full of hiding places for the “wee” ones. =^_^=

Hidden in the cracks and crevices we saw today, live a zillion micro cells of plant matter and small insects, some of the openings are gateways for the many rodents and wee ones that roam the forest floor. During the season where I am not totally wiped by the heat and humidity I want to go back with my Nikon and get close ups. I know that there was much that was hidden from view today… =^_^+

Never stop exploring

Pl Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point.

It’s okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27


Today I want to be that stump! Simply BE.

Wondering why on earth I want to be that stump… cuz…. just because… some days life is full of challenges, that was yesterday for me… so today, its my start of the day “wish”…. Quiet please. no problem to resolve, no challenge, just the opportunity for quiet and good company.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. Sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6


I was of great interest.. they left the little area they were in to swim by me. This strange human sitting on a stump in the middle of the river.. When I caught sight of myself later as I entered a shop .. I actually wondered they didn’t just all fly off.

this is the area to the left of where I was sitting. Someone had placed a big stump on the flat rock you see just under the water’s surface. To get to this little area I have to walk through about a half a mile out from the shoreline. Footing was slippery, lots of allege. etc. worth the effort, see the stick lying in the water.. I brought that home, used it as a second pole to balance myself as I walked back to the shore. used my knife to take off the bark.. left it behind so it will recycle itself =^_^=

The best timing is when you notice. When you notice something , it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing.

Perfect Liberty 2022.5


Till soon -Oyashikiri

Thursday 4th

Doors come in all shapes and sizes and over the years, I have shared many many doors . Lately I have discovered cigar porn, I had no idea, none… that to some the search for that “perfect” smoke, is like the search for a fine wine. Like anything else, I lived searching out my interests and sharing …which is great fun.. but while I was looking at taking pictures of doors, someone else was searching out a good cigar.. and like the doors cigars come in all shapes and sizes.. AND.. where and how they are grown makes a difference in the taste etc. of the cigar. ie. how long it burns, HOW it burns, etc etc.

Having said that. I went back to my doors and (these were from one folder, out of “many”) I can’t taste the door, but they hold an attraction, I asked myself, is it the door itself, or is it how its been painted and how its being used that makes it “stand out” for me. Is it the door itself or how it fits into the structure (if there is one) .. what is it about doors…??? We are many, I had no idea just how many till I discovered Norm’s Thursday doors,( now hosted by Dan ), Thursday Doors lives on.. and we continue to gather participants. Fellow Door chases/stalkers… any suggestions on how and why we fell in love with “Doors”?

Thursday doors is a widely read and circulated post – I’m curious, have you or do you know of anyone who is into cigars like we are to doors? I’m over 50 I’ve lived a number of years, and it is only recently I’ve discovered there is a world out there where the cigar is the centre of attention.

How many people do you know that walk past, go through and use a door, but never see it.

When you get stuck, go back to the beginning. Could it be that you have forgotten what initially sparked your enthusiasm? By remembering what inspire you in the beginning, you will feel a renewed enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2012.4
Till soon -Oyashikiri

For more doors visit Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2022/08/04/clay-hill-part-2/


I sat in silence, my companion shares the summer moment with me. There is a quiet exchange of simply being, side by side. No long range lens, just me, myself and I with the duck. Sharing a forever moment.

As I got up to leave, I was swarmed by a couple of wild turkeys and their brood. I was sitting on a fallen tree that was lying over the water, the young ones were rushing down to drink … they were now inches from me, with the one look from the parent, I saw down again… I knew who was trespassing in their space. When she saw I was not going to move or do anything to scare her brood, she meandered off and left them to peck and drink. It was interesting to watch how they turn over the rocks with their feet to get whatever juicy morsel is under the rock.

Discover each person’s (living being) unique qualities. When we approach people with respect, we can understand them better and see their special qualities.

Perfect Liberty 2022. 2

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