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doors revisited

This post has given me the opportunity to go back and look at some of the doors posted over the last year… For a wide selection of doors posted from all over the world, check out the Thursday Door feature on Dan’s site… https://nofacilities.com/2022/12/08/doors-of-christmas-past/

Thursday door

Life is fragile … a moment comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Today was December 1st. and at the PL church we had a 10 o’clock ceremony (every 1st of the month) where we pray for world Peace and dedicate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings in our own worlds. On the 11th. we have a ceremony to express our gratitude and appreciation for the love and virtues of our ancestors … asking for their protection and guidance so we can continue to live the PL Way.

The church is a building where we come together to pray and share the values and the philosophy of the teachings. Without people it would an empty building, it is the people who come to share in community that makes it a special play to be.

When I come up to and walk through the doors into the church, there is an immediate calm and a sense of “quiet comfort” … the doors our symbolic of “passage”… they are not ornate, but strong& sturdy, their presence give a sense of “security”… when we enter, we pass through from “the outer world” to the “spiritual” world of our true “selves”

To visit and explore the world of doors, please visit Dan’s No Facilities site, where other “door lovers” have posted their door(s) for you to appreciate and enjoy. https://nofacilities.com/2022/12/01/barns-and-news/

Heron -Japan

These pictures were taken by Mariko Inagaki, the bottom one is of the “holy land” in Japan (PL Peace tower in the background).

Put your heart into your words. Do you tend to speak in just a matter- of -fact tone? It is important to put your heart into your words

Perfect Liberty 2022,19

“When you meet your friend on the roadside or in the market place, let the spirt in you move your lips and direct your tongue ” (the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran)

Thursday Doors

Let’s trip down memory lane. Every door is a story in itself, put it is always part of what we are looking at. See if any of these doors today, tickle your fancy and send you back to another time and place.

For more doors, please visit Thursday Doors .. follow this link https://nofacilities.com/2022/11/03/meeting-in-granby/ it will take you to Dan’s No Facilities site for the weekly feature.

Cheers everyone I love my doors and vintage cars!!!


a stop the car moment

PL Precept # 19 Begin once you Perceive.

There is no denying that a new season has arrived. The leaves with the rain that we’ve just had will be dropping more then they have been. In the forest there has been the soft sound of continuously falling leaves, as they flutter to the earthen floor. I was in the right place at the right time yesterday as I drove down Ridge Road towards the parking for Mer Bleue Bog.

Praying before taking action changes the outcome. Have clear wishes and do your best. Then something new will open up for you.

Perfect Liberty 2022.27

For some reason i thought yesterday was Thursday and did my door post yesterday, if you are looking for the link to the weekly Door feature, here it is.. https://nofacilities.com/2022/10/27/new-old-doors/

also note.. I have now tried the CBD roll on for my arthritis in the fingers/thumb joint, with the compression glove and it does provide some relief… but I still (after a couple of days of raking etc.) needed the heavy duty pain med (over counter) from the pharmacy to sleep. As you all know.. evenings.. night time, is when flare ups can be a real nuisance.

shut the door

What is it when the mind just won’t stop.. so many thoughts, so much information, so many “things” needing attention, There comes a time when the constant traffic of ideas, thoughts, conversations, tasks, to do lists, and just plain chatter … gets to be too much. Self preservation, turn off. Slow down. Walk away, take a deep breath, shut the door!

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning point.

PL Precept # 17 Grasp what is most essential

PL Precept # 5 One’s Self, is lost by being emotional.

Chill. Easy to say, but hard to do. Sometimes we need to remember we should close one door before opening another. Or find an entry that is open and inviting, leading to endless possibilities.

photo Shirley Keen NZ

How much can we hide behind a closed door? or…. in closing a door, we keep out negative energy, or do we, we can never escape the realities of our own thoughts.

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 20222.26

For the Thursday Doors feature, please visit https://nofacilities.com/category/thursday-doors/

frost – musing

In silence I find myself transcending the NOW of the moment

To the vibrant energy of the forest trail

I see before me the portrait of the life on each leaf – in the textures of the tree bark

I am in awe at the way the frost paints a delicate lace on the landscape that surrounds me

Each picture perfect moment is etched in my consciousness

THIS is LOVE of the rarest kind – it removes the blindfold from my eyes

I am seeing the world again … not just with my eyes

but from the heart and soul of my BEing.

Every day is a gift from God/Universe

PL Precept # 21 Live in Perfect Liberty

PL Precept # 18 EACH moment is a turning Point.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity

-Q- 10/20/22

photo Ian Mitchell

Choices – we all have them, we encounter them every day – some we make without really thinking about them, others we give a lot of thought to. With the change of seasons, comes an opportunity to listen closely to our inner voice, and let the past drop, like the soon to be falling leaves. Once lived, it is time to let go. Learn from what was, appreciate now and move forward. Love is a powerful emotion, live with it wisely,


In life there is Yin/Yang, we cannot have one without the other. (positive/negative)

Today is Thursday, for more doors please visit Dan’s No Facilities site. https://nofacilities.com/2022/10/20/still-driving-around-pittsburgh/

Thursday Doors NZ +

I can only begin to imagine what the fragrance must be around that wisteria at the time Shirley took the pictures. For more pictures of doors around the world, visit Dan’s site for today’s Thursday door feature. Being a Penquins fan, I was delighted today to see his own post features doors from Pittsburgh, PA. Here is the link…https://nofacilities.com/2022/10/13/driving-by-pittsburgh-doors/

Thanks to Eliza I was on a site that had a picture of a male wild turkey.,

sorry I can’t find the photographer’s name I searched again this morning, she was from Ontario Canada.
photographer Antonio Salvadori, 2007 Texas, USA

and here is a picture of the ones I am getting at Mer Bleue..

Good Morning everyone, my eyes are tired already from trying to find the photographer for the top photo.. time marches forward.. wishing you all a happy Thursday, this is today’s PL Calendar quote of the day.

You can only change yourself. Before you start telling people how they should do things, think of how you can be more flexible.

Perfect Liberty 2022.13

Dan, thanks again for the pictures of Pittsburgh, you just saved me a long drive.=^_^=. I have been a Penguins fan for years.. not because I was a huge hockey fan, but because I loved penguins, and besides friends live in Philly and are Flyers fans. ^^^ you know how it is ^^^ Go Penguins !!!!!!


He shoots – He SCORES !!!!!!!! I think there is a game in October between Pittsburg and the Canadians Oct. 17, they play the Maple leafs Nov. 11 the Senators on Jan. 18/23 But the only one that will have me checking the scores will be NOV 25 when they play the Flyers. (hahahah).. hey.. not me, I’m not a hockey fan!

Thursday doors

Pictures of doors taken during a recent trip to Pennsylvania. Top three are from Scranton, and the bottom 3 are from a tour of a penitentiary (Eastern Sate Pen) in Philadelphia. (Photos by I.Mitchell)

For more doors, please visit… Dan’s site for the weekly Doors feature.. https://nofacilities.com/2022/10/06/shave-a-haircut/

If you missed my regular post, it is here.. https://dymoonblog.com/2022/10/06/pillow-poems/

Have a good day everyone!! knock, knock!

Thursday doors

Which door beckons to you today? What story/impression does it call to you as you drive/walk by?

Life is a series of opportunities, we are always being given opportunities or presented with a puzzle or challenge, some we rejoice in experiencing, others we arrive and have no idea how we did so. Did we enter with an open mind, did we see the moment present itself and let it go by…. or simply walk through without even looking.

In my part of the world right now, even tho’ it is only September, the fall colours are already in many places in full blown colour. I saw a magnificent sight along the road the other day, but the road was so busy with traffic coming both ways.. I could but admire…. the tips of the leaves were a deep crimson red, the rest of the leaf was a golden yellow, yet near the stem the edges were still an emerald green. when next I drive by… well… who knows..

Service tonight at 7 pm. for those of you who can make it to the church, if not please pray with us from home. 29th is PL Anniversary Day, the ceremony where we express our appreciation to our Founders and the Oshieoya-sama that followed.

Are you overdoing things? Not only do you harm yourself when you overdo things, but you may be imposing on others as well.

Perfect Liberty 2022.29

Life is a series of moments. Make today a special one, share your love of life with others. Smiles travel miles!

For more wonderful doors, please visit Dan’s site.. No Facilities… https://nofacilities.com/2022/09/29/big-e-2022/ Thursday Doors is a weekly feature that allows fellow door lovers to come together and admire and share door photos from all over the world.

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