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a door closes,

photo Bonnie H.

Abby Saint Benoit in the Eastern Townships, Quebec.

How often have you heard the expression, when one door closes, another one opens. I have heard it often over the years and I have lived long enough to know that, it is true. At the time when emotions are raw and the hurt is cutting… the agony of the moment seems so all encompassing that we wonder if we will live through it all. We do. To know such pain is because you were blessed with happiness. Incongruent but true.

It is easy for me now, year past my “youth” I can look back and remember the moments of total misery, I felt and knew “heartbreak”.. I longed for and wanted something that I couldn’t seem to find, I didn’t understand what I wanted either. What I thought I wanted, and what I was so sure I couldn’t go on living without.. turned out .. it was a total disaster in so many ways, yet, I learned from these heart aches, and I grew stronger as a person.

My interest in doors goes back many years… You’d think that by now I would have seen enough doors, but just when I think .. a door is just a door…. I will come across a doorway that is simply “striking” .. it will shout out.. “hey.. gotcha!” and I know I am about to participate in a new chapter of “life”.

Live in the moment. There is only today.

A door may close … and you will walk away

but. know. always. there will be another doorway

a new beginning .. a new discovery

the door will open for you


is now


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Omega Park

Meet my newest “friend”… yesterday I got to have a wonderful “away” adventure .. Having a friend who will drive and give me a chance to just “ramble” and let my “mind” wander .. take pictures… and basically just chill…. is an amazing way to share a few hours. Boniway is such a friend… it was so wonderful … I got to ohhh and awww at the wonderful animals who came up to the car to greet us… Miss piglet here was such a personality. AND the baby piglets who were trailing around behind her…were just the cutest.

We were favoured with gorgeous weather. The sun shone bright the weather itself was cool and refreshing…. a big enough breeze that there were no mosquitos .. at least… we didn’t encounter any. It was a day of blessings. I even got to cross the river on the ferry, not once but twice. Much appreciation and gratitude in a day makes for a perfect day. Boni… you were super fantastic in your generosity of spirit…thank YOU.

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning Point.

PL Precept # 21 Live in Perfect Liberty

Be mindful with prayer. If you work on things with a prayerful heart, there will be many things you can be taught.

Perfect Liberty 2023.18

You will note, the two doors we entered and exited by when we stopped for a “coffee break”. for more doors please visit Dan’s No facilities site… this is Thursday!!!! https://nofacilities.com/2023/05/18/light-leftovers/

a door

run, run, hide…. my brain wouldn’t stop chattering… life has been busy, and I’ve had unexpected “situations” to deal with. When I thought of the Thursday Door feature, I thought.. “just me find one open door that I can run through and escape….” Of course all the pictures I’ve collected over time show doors that are closed or are completely missing.

As I lay thinking, trying to keep my mind from dwelling on the fact that my precious Keeper is not well, (whippet) … that there is animosity and family discord happening around me, an 8 year old legal dispute between siblings is rearing its head again… the day/night was a tad over whelming. In my earlier blog, you saw I wrote about “letting go and letting God” … to preserve my own sanity I turned to prayer. Prayer/meditation is like a balm …

Each door in the above photos will take me into and towards another “destination”.. each has its own ambience and flavour. Each door would lead to a different kind of “adventure. Each would transport me to a different place and time.

Reality. my moment is now…. an dmy Precious Keeper is showing signs of improvement this morning, but in the wee hours when I got up to take her out, she was staggering and very weak. I began to give her small amounts of Japanese Green tea, I have read about and known about the healing benefits of tea for a long time.. I’m just not a tea drinker.. fortunately I had some in the cupboard.

She liked it… she actually opened up to allow me to insert the syringe so that the tea would go in easily. In a bit I added a turkey broth with tumeric. (made especially for dogs, but of human grade) We even spent a bit of time outside while she did a bit of sniffing and walking (not a lot, but we did get to exercise the leg a bit)

I often talk about how doors play such an important role in our lives.. as we evolve in life, we are constantly going through one door or another into a new “chapter” in our lives. Today I am asking you, to send positive energy this way… the healing process will be gradual and I will appreciate knowing that there will be an abundance of love/caring energy for me to “lean ” on IF and should I need it.

For more doors .. please visit Dan’s No Facilities site. https://nofacilities.com/2023/05/11/simsbury-et-al/


Welcome to Sharon Springs NY, USA

A trip down memory lane. Back around 2012 I had the opportunity to drive down to Sharon Springs,NY. I had never been down into NY state, always my trips had been to areas in upper NY State. Being it is Thursday I thought I would share with you some of my memories of that trip. I wanted to visit the now defunct Sharon Springs Spa that had been famous world wide for its healing spring waters. I will post a collage of pictures taken during our trip there.

It was a beautiful day, so much charm and history, for us the pride of ownership shown in the houses along the streets was picture perfect.

We are blessed that we can so easily visit and enjoy the history and communities of our neighbours to the south of us. I had asked my husband to find a way for us to visit the Springs since I had read about its fame and was intrigued by its history. The spa itself was of course long gone, but the town had done its best to preserve its history.

For those of us who are photo buffs, it is always interesting to me how we are each and everyone of us, so unique in the way we capture our memories. How we visualize the moment before us. There will be many more doors for you to see and visit … simply visit the following link to Dan’s No Facilities site.. https://nofacilities.com/2023/04/20/running-around/

The past tells us a lot about how life was, across from the Wagner house was this wonderful lookout. Wagner House was on our way to Sharon Springs and Sharon NY.

Can you picture yourself sitting here on a beautiful spring/summer/fall day… enjoying the simplicity of the view, I don’t know what kind of winters they have in this part of NY State, but on a sunny day .. I’d sit a spell, to this day just looking and remembering this view… I smile.

Move forward with confidence Experiences you have acquired through efforts so far are wonderful. Give it all you’ve got.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 20

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me.


Silent Friday

Give importance to listening, looking, thinking, doing and speaking. Look and listen carefully before making a judgment. Assumptions and hasty conclusions can lead to misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 7

Ice and thunder

Good Morning, Bom dia….. Spring in the city after a wicked ice storm that has left many parts of the city without power. I said a silent prayer last night, having been without power during the last mega storm we had not that long ago…. I knew the silence and anxiety that goes with being left without power while the storm rages on into the night. So many of us no longer have land lines.. only our cell phones.. a Cell phone without power (not able to be charged)…Morning prayers today… count your blessings if you have power and send up positive vibes for all who are in need of support …

Try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Put aside your own convenience for a moment and think about what would make the other person happy or what would best serve their needs.

Perfect Liberty 2016 27

Let’s see today is Thursday, let me find door(s) that will lead to some sunshine… or set a different tone.

What will lie ahead today, I don’t know… I’m heading out to see what.. IF .. there was..has been damage done at the feeders out in the conservation areas I have been servicing. Enjoy whatever comes your way.. this is a special week and today I believe for those who follow the tradition is the day before Good Friday and it is Passover… yes? Welcome the day whatever you are up to!!!

Follow this link to Dan’s site, No Facilities, for more doors.. https://nofacilities.com/2023/04/06/pittsburgh-church-doors/

Bark art

Nature has a way of showing its versatility and adaptive ways in the most creative ways. Rain, snow, sleet, ice, searing sun that blisters and burns, winds that tear and break apart, Nothing in life stays the same. The only constant in life is Change.

Applaud the Makoto of others. When you encounter good faith or kindness in others, make sure that you acknowledge it fully. This will make both you and them happy. (Makoto; One’s utmost sincerity)

Perfect Liberty 2016.23

Door to an old school house photo – Dave Renz

Being Asked for a favour is a chance. When someone asks for a favour from you, this is a chance for you to help others. Face the chance proactively.

Perfect Liberty 2023.23

Today being Thursday, I wanted a door that had history, yet in its simplicity and purpose it deserved recognition. It isn’t big and imposing, but it had a very special and important function. Never judge a book by its cover.

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Yesterday is but a memory – Today is what it is – and Tomorrow, I may or may not be here to share your day – so if you are passing through – I ask of you – share my history, learn from what has been, for we only live a moment once, and then its gone…

Perception is important. Take immediate action once you suddenly perceive. You might discover something important in what you perceive

Perfect Liberty 2023.9

Today being Thursday, you can find more doors on Dan’s No Facilities site https://nofacilities.com/2023/03/09/waltham-and-newton/ a weekly challenge for people who love doors and architecture.


A hideaway, a secret rendez-vous.. somewhere some place, an idyllic get away, I couldn’t resist when I saw this bit of landscape, I wanted to go up and be part of the scenery.. sit under a tree, enjoy the breeze coming off the water’s edge. But … it was not my place… someone else lived there. I was a passerby … who fell in love with that moment in time.

Of course this would have made a wonderful post for my Thursday Door challenge that I participate in, but today is not Thursday, it is Sunday, and this is when the picture fell out of my file … I couldn’t pass it by. I wanted to share the moment with you. Life gets so busy at times, that what happens is we react and respond to what is before us. In my studies last night, I listened to a lecture given at one of the universities on coping and living through the many challenges and opportunities we are given in life. Believe me, they can be numerous at times.

The picture above was one taken a couple of years ago when I was exploring a part of the virtual world I had not been in before. It was another artist’s creation, another person’s vision, i was just lucky .. I saw it and captured it … Now I wish I had taken the time to see who the architect was that had the vision to produce such a welcoming environment.

If you have an adventure in your nature, there is a new build in SL called the Golden Place, (A tropical photogenic island, it has many hideaways where you an enjoy some awesome views if you love taking photos, or just being on a beach listening to music, you might enjoy transporting your avatar to the island to explore, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Golden%20Place/99/156/22

I had a personal experience recently that showed me that I can be vulnerable and my feelings and “comfort zone” can be turned topsy turvy… life isn’t always the same old, same old “stuff”. I can’t just call up a travel agent and board a plane for Cuba or some other far away destination. I am at the moment living in a world that is smack in the middle of a snow season. Sometimes come March, spring is in the air and the world is breaking free of the winter “blues” not so this year.

As a photographer, I love the virtual world for the many opportunities I have to see and visit the creative builds of artists/builders/designers/from all over the world, The Golden Place was put together by I believe a visionary from Germany. As a music lover I can hear and experience talented performers from all over the world. I noticed the other day that there was a whole afternoon of Brazilian music being presented on another Island (Isle Du Noir).. a Brazilian guitar player from Sau Paulo … after Wes, there were two other entertainers, I believe singers (also from Brazil) who delighted audiences with their music. I was already covering the new travel location, I missed it. Still haven’t figured out how to be in two places at once.!!

I share this with you because I know I’m not alone at looking out into the snow filled world and wanting a change. We are not in a position to pick up and go anywhere at the moment, it is tax time, we are facing several more weeks of “winter” weather… exploring new possibilities within easy reach… could be an option

Meanwhile today’s calendar reads…

Always be humble. If you work on things with the attitude of asking a favour, people around you will advise you what they have noticed. there is something in fact you are not aware of that you do.

Perfect Liberty 2023.5 translation to English done in Japan.

A recent conversation with another writer/photographer was about -being alone- the comment that stuck out because I hear it so often, “I love what I do (photography) especially when I can be on my own in nature, wandering and searching out ‘possibilities”…. If you were asked your preference, do you like your alone time. is being on your own where your creativity shines through?

The ambient sounds, the birds calling, the wind, the sound of the waves … you had to be there!


The door was closed, but I knew if I turned the handle it would open. Why did I hesitate, what was keeping me from entering? Instinctively I knew that beyond the door would be a series of opportunities/challenges. Was I ready to press forward into the unknown. Everyday we face such decisions, some we don’t blink an eye, we simply make our choice and move on. Others are not as simple, they require more thought.

Most doors are very good at what they are built for. They don’t show you what is inside, you have to approach the door, knock and enter, or wait to be admitted. Most doors keep their secrets well.

Thursday doors is a weekly challenge for people who love doors and architecture. Over time and during our travels we capture the various doorways that we encounter, then showcase or present them in a blog on Thursdays. We have participants from all over the world, I have been able to enjoy the most intriguing doors, some so colourful and exotic in their appearance, and others a mystery, whatever could the householder, or builder been thinking? Always it is a journey of wonder.

Some doors are similar and others are completely fashioned and showcased to leave the viewer intoxicated by their charm. AND… let’s not forget the old world charm and the doors that have stood the test of time.

This is your link to Dan’s site, No Facilities where you will find a list of all the doors presented by fellow door enthusiasts.. ttps://nofacilities.com/2023/03/02/slow-travel-more-doors/

Doors are part of our every day. How often do you walk through a door and not give it a second thought.

What is “normal” is different for each individual … Everyone has a different way of thinking and doing. It is important to understand others’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2021.16

In my world this applies to doors too. They are all different, and each door holds it’s own “secret” next time you go through one… see if it whispers to you….

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