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Let a new year begin

Be Big Hearted. In fact what you are concerned about might be something you don’t need to be concerned about. Interact with people without worrying too much.

Perfect Liberty 2023.2

Your smile can create an instant connection

Don’t think “I Can’t” from the start . Begin by taking the first step, then you’ll be able to see what comes next and a path will open.

Perfect Liberty 2021.6

happiness is

Watching the visitors arrive and share the meal in community. Once the feed is out, I sit away from the eating areas, and quietly watch them come in to partake of the good. The Grosbeaks arrive with a lot of community spirit, they call out greetings to one another, and appear to actually visit with one another as they taste and select their morsels … I use a mixture that includes added protein.

The birds are very observant, I am always surprised at how they know when and where the fresh suet is put. I don’t see them watching, yet unerringly they will go to the freshly buttered tree bark/crevice and nibble at it. from the chickadees to the blue jays they all will fly over for a taste they are good at doing it “casually”…. the doves who prefer to eat off the floor/ground, have been seen to fly up to check the butter out.

For those interested, there is another product out like the butter, that Ritchie’s* have, it is called “Icing” it will be milder in the next week or so… I did try it, but will give it a better test when the weather warms up… The birds showed their interest, we’ll see, the butter/icings don’t spread well in the colder temperatures. Ritchie’s also has the seed that deters squirrels.

Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc. – 95 Years of Gardening Excellence.


Ritchie Feed and Seed Inc. is one of Ottawa’s oldest garden centre’s serving Ottawa for 95 years.

Be cheerful and friendly with those around you. Other people can sense how you are feeling. So, be cheerful.

Perfect Liberty 2022.24

There are many shadows, but remember, where there is a shadow there must be a light. God/Light

Blessings,Heartland Samplers 1994

I thank God for my handicaps, for through them I have found myself, my work and my God

Helen Keller

Ts’ui (hexagram in the I Ching) – Indecision will bring about mistakes. Confidence an be gained from the support of others, Flow along with the current. Remain in harmony. A philosophical prophecy 1972

Happiness is knowing I share a world with you in it.


today 19th.

Holiday wishes, magical scenery, toy trains that can be ridden, candy canes and white sparkling snow everywhere. In a virtual world there is no limit to the visual wonders that are presented to us to explore and delight in. The artist has no boundaries.. the weather conditions don’t deter his/her creativity. As a member of the virtual community I and millions of other creative souls get to wander and enjoy all the magic of someone else’s imagination and creative talents. A reminder to one and all…. there is always another human behind the avatar. Be kind, share a smile… especially to new comers who likely are completely baffled by the “world” they are experiencing.

Put your heart into your words. do you tend to speak in just a matter of fact tone? It is important to put your heart into your words.

Perfect Liberty 2022.19

There is something special about a smile that reaches the eyes… When you pass someone and they catch your eye, smile and say…”hi.. have a good day”…. or simply smile, nod and say “good morning/good day” It goes a long way… it can brighten a day.

Raising money for charity.. everyone always joins in…This event was Relay for Life.. there are a lot of cancer survivors who pay back… join us in a good cause. there are many people who at this time of year need an extra bit of cheer. Just because you see a happy exterior does not mean there is not a heart needing a hug … Sometimes the only company someone gets is sharing time with someone else that is “house bound”, alone, without family, or simply… on his/her own, over the festive season.

To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

we have to “Let go” to begin again.



Baby it is cold outside.

Someone asked me “where do birds go to die”… Last night I was reading that the birds work very hard at surviving our winters… the nights are the worst time.. they have to eat enough to fuel their bodies till they can feed again.. they huddle puffed up in their “safe” place till they can start feeding again as soon as the daylight begins again,

I went around yesterday to various shops looking for “fats” to try my hand at making suet cakes for them, Every little bit helps.. This is a month where so much is happening, celebrations around every corner, people gathering … Please remember that not everyone will live the same experiences, or have the same opportunities. Reach out if you can.. remember to smile… and share a positive or happy vibe whenever you can.

You can be with God by having a prayerful mind. Let’s pray for world Peace. We are all one big family. Let’s start by praying for the happiness of those around us.

Perfect Liberty 2022.11

Photo was taken by BeeJu

There was a dream like ambience at Caledon yesterday (Second Life) Organizers are and were preparing for a concert. Money is being raised in a number of places for Diabetes, Cancer and other very worthwhile foundations in SL (Second Life). If you are part of the virtual platform(s) please give if you can.


Alone, adrift, lazily following the current, ….. no…. if I were to pan out you would see my companions and fellow nature lovers…. we are all ONE, sometimes we need only raise our heads and look around.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6

where was I

What happened? Where did I go what did I do? for some reason I did things yesterday that today, I realize I filed/posted in the wrong places. I looked normal enough, I felt like I was firing on all cylinders, but…. then this morning my phone was acting up, I couldn’t see the screen, it was black, like it has done before when I forgot to charge it… and the wake up was sudden when a friend sent a text.. and I heard the sound… and my sleep fogged brain realized that it had to be later in the morning, cuz the phone would not have beeped. and and and and…. it isn’t even 7 yet and I’m late. OK… deep breath…

Be cheerful and friendly with those around you. Other people can sense how you are feeling … So, be cheerful

Perfect Liberty 2022.24

Remember the wabbit in Alice in Wonderland (yes wabbit, I do know it is usually spelled rabbit…) sigh.. I want to run like a “Tiny/Dinky” and River Dance.. (animated dancing done by little personalities in SL Second Life)

What is the prognosis, will I recover….


Second Life is a virtual platform http://www.secondife.com

Silent Sunday

Think – Now is the Time –

Think ” Now is the time” Instead of “It’s no use now” don’t give up by thinking its too late Tell yourself that there is more that can be done.

Perfect Liberty 2022.7

virtual photography by Q

July 2. 7/2 = 9

take center stage – play out a fantasy – express your individuality

Discover each person’s unique qualities. When we approach people with respect, we can understand them better and see their special qualities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.2

What are you watching now, how are you reacting. Do you have a secret desire to do something different, to be someone else for a day, to just get away, to have time to your SELF. In days past, we were entertained by going to hotels, bars, nightclubs, we met friends in cafes, restaurants, we gathered in the park, attended sporting events, we mingled with our neighbours and friends.. We said hello to people we saw daily, we expressed genuine interest in what what going on around us.

So often I see people, rushing from one place to another, we drive around in cars, get out, go do what we need to do, get back in our cars go to the next destination, do what needs doing and then often head back to home/office and we have not had a social interaction all the time we were out. Except to say what we need to say to the clerk helping or the cashier on the way out.

It is about routine, schedules, appointments, deadlines, obligations, bookings, err… where does having fun come in, or just chilling.. we plan for our vacation, then rush to the destination, try to fit in as much as possible in the few days we are there, collect postcards, take photos, and then look for something else to do so that are “holiday” isn’t wasted. busy busy busy

Are you feeling motivated, relaxed, are you having fun right now.. are you rested? Are you doing something you want to do because it makes you happy, pleases you, makes you feel special and content inside and out just because life is ooooh sooo good!

I know there are events taking place all around the city its Canada Day long week-end here and in the States, its the 4th of July. There are a lot of places to go .. there are concerts, there will be huge gatherings .. lots of people… What are you doing to celebrate? (if you celebrate).. celebrate YOU.

It is easy to focus on negatives in life, but it is important to make time to acknowledge, and appreciate the positives. Find gratitude. Explore all the different facets and dimensions of YOU.


social interaction/people skills, is that a lost art?

Praying, do you?

ever had one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong, or not happening, like nothing is going right

“life is not always a bed of roses” note.. roses have thorns.”

Praying before taking action changes the outcome… Have clear wishes and do your best. then something new will open up for you.

Perfect Liberty 2022.27
Life is full of surprises – Enjoy!


quiet reflection

You can be with God by having a prayerful mind. Let’s pray for World Peace. We are all one big family. Let’s start by praying for the happiness of those around us.

Perfect Liberty 2022.11

Find compassion with others by thinking of things you have in common: ” Just like me, this person wishes to be well and happy” Then take a moment to send them some kind wishes.

a quide to mindfulness 3..22.

the night is dark, my thoughts simple

In the quiet as I sit in the evening shadow

I know the light in the room is You

I need only close my eyes to feel your presence

with gratitude and appreciation I allow the night to draw me in

There is a calm that wrapes like a balm around my restless heart

When I allow my mind to clear of all that is shallow/unnecessary

and simply listen


virtual photography (Second Life) Q

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