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a hidden jewel

Was it a dream, no it was real………..

What started out as a routine search and find mission, ( looking for a launching place for a kayak adventure), I found the conservation area, and decided to explore. It seemed that it was one “OH wow” after another. What is that expression, “seek and you shall find”. I didn’t go to the very end of the trail, I doubled back when I got to the Vimy bridge, it was a good 5K by the time I finished my exploring.

Make today a different day. Instead of doing the same old thing, be creative and do things to improve your day.

Perfect Liberty 2021.17


Listen carefully and speak clearly. A good relationship starts from truly understanding each other.

Perfect Liberty 2021.5

Approach everything with a firm belief that “It will turn out for the best”

Perfect Liberty 2015.4

Whatever you do … enjoy the day …be kind to yourself. Life is too short.

Tomorrow Sunday service 10:a.m.

owl photo thanks to Meryl Raddatz (Birdsnbeasts on Instagram)

Beaver and Chipmunk trails

Be a person who can say “I Like It” Find what moves you the most and express your appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2021.2
chipmunks everywhere -not shy either …

They were everywhere, I could hear rustling in the vegetation, they scampered from place to place, up and down fallen trees, up and over rocks, they chatted, they nattered, there was no way you were going to not notice them. When I think of it, the only place I didn’t have them scampering about was when I was on the observation decks.

I saw photographers grouped around a tree, because of the mosquitos and because they were all intent on what they were photographing, I decided best to let them attend to their project with out more human traffic. Guess what I missed!!! A mama owl and her young offspring…. one of the photographers met up with me on the trail, bless her heart she steered me on the right track to get back to my car. She also showed me what she uses when in the bush to ensure she keeps the ticks away, (Deep Woods) another piece of advice for the novice here.. she puts her clothes in the dryer on her return to the house to make sure, any ticks or other unwelcome “insect” that has jumped on for a free ride is annihilated.

On the way home I heard an interview with a weather specialist, our summer it seems is going to be another hot one, maybe not as intense as last summer .. but high temperatures with high humidity for days on end. Not the best for farmers. If you’ve not experienced a Canadian summer (in this region) its not for the faint of heart. =^_^=

flower in full bloom, showing its loveliness – with love for YOU

down by the water

You couldn’t always see them, but you heard them, the geese were in great numbers today..

Let’s respond clearly. giving a proper response shows consideration towards others.

Perfect Liberty 2021.28

wander with me

It’s okay to think “This is where it starts”. There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

Truly, I had good intentions. I saw the parking lot was empty, and decided to try this trail.. I’ve never been interested it is usually full of cars, its a favourite of walkers, runners and families on day walks with children. There were empty feeders along the way, the one above, had remnants of seeds so there was a squirrel and two doves cleaning up on the ground below it. Two black birds had been there, but flew away when I approached.

You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going. Babies don’t walk the first time they try.

Jack Canfield

Even a mistake can turn out to be the one thing necessary to be a worthwhile achievement.

Henry Ford

Silent Wednesday

by Dirk Hankenfrers (Instagram)

Be carful about doing things you really like. do everything in moderation. When you overdo, you’ll lose your balance.

Perfect Liberty 2021.26

A quick note- example – I love to hike/walk in the woods.. for days on end I go out every morning and drink in the world around me. Yesterday the heat/ the miles/ many steps, caught up with me. I lay down just for a second and lost the rest of the day/night. MODERATION.

stay safe – love U

thanksgiving – appreciation

roots – family -life

Express your appreciation with enthusiasm. appreciation is the driving force for progress and development.

Perfect Liberty 2021.21

I am an abstract artist, I love texture, form, and how everything in life intertwines, when I paint, I enjoy working with acrylic and other materials that I can sculpt as well as shape, with whatever tool I am working with. Life is a series of exchanges with other people and energies I meet along the way and during the day. When I engage I listen with every fiber of my being. I drink in all that is presented to me. Challenges are opportunities… I absorb and digest and later, I reflect and meditate. The world is dynamic and ever changing, sometimes there is just too much activity, and it is only hours or days later when something will reappear in my “preview” window …

This morning reading another blogger’s sharing, I saw his wonderful capture of birds he’d posted.. the yellow reminded me that while I was walking yesterday in what I termed mosquito alley, a bird flew past me, it was a hit and run, it came out of the wooded area, across my path just over my head and into the trees on the other side, it happened in seconds. What struck me was that it appeared to be dark with yellow under its wings. It all happened so fast. Not the dark ” orange” of a robin more of a ripening banana. With all that happened with the rest of my day, I lost that moment, thanks Tim for bringing it back to me.

They had their appointments with the Vet yesterday, with social distancing, they get to go in for their check up, parent gets to stay in car in parking lot, or go home till you are called to come pick them up. Velcro is 13, I expected I would get a call about his growths, his teeth, his over all condition.. but I wasn’t ready for a call about Keeper’s condition. She had a bit of a procedure, requiring a sedative be used.. (unexpected) her heart has a murmur that should be monitored, and her thyroid had enlarged, she needs to go back on medication, which will be ongoing etc. Dr. M did her first, so I had all he had to say about her health to take in, when I got a second call about Velcro.. not only is his hearing going, he has cataracts that have progressed to approx. 50%. So much to take in. It was overwhelming.

NOW here is where you come in…. if any one has had experience or know of what I’m going to say next, I would appreciate hearing from you. The Vet wants to put Velcro on an eye drop that has had very good results in stopping further growth and in some cases, creating shrinkage of the cataracts. In one case (his personal experience with another client) the cataract disappeared completely. Taken back, I asked how come if there was such a medication it wasn’t used with humans…. he replied that it is not approved in Canada, but is used in other countries. The cost on top of everything else was not something I could do yesterday, and I wanted to ask for opinions??????

I did call my wonderful breeder friends, (where both Velcro and Keeper come from) and they will also look into this for me.. Is anyone, out there got information to share with me on this subject?

I am headed for the church this morning, and I will pray for guidance – I love and appreciate the blessing of having these two precious energies in my life… last night we were all exhausted from the days events. It was an early night!

It is Friday everyone… in Canada we are heading into a long week-end. The garden centers are open, this is the time when everyone would be opening up their cottages, here in the city we would be sprucing up our gardens, temperatures are going into the 80’s.. and here we will have high humidity to go with it.. groan.. lots of inside for me. I wilt in the heat.

be safe, be happy!

Church service on Sunday 10: a.m.


Let’s begin today with a smile. Let’s start the day with a positive outlook, looking forward to what we can discover.

Perfect Liberty 2021.12
we are all in this together!

brooding silence

Some evenings I sit in silence – my thoughts travel the distant shores

Often it is a brooding silence that haunts me, clinging to me, shouting for recognition

In far off lands, I walk a shoreline where the wind howls and the seas lash the rugged coast

there my spirit roams, the salty air wraps itself around me

the mist gathers me in, and I am free to simply BE -Q

Energy springs from your smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic.

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

A smile is something we feel inside, a smile plastered on your face, doesn’t mean you are happy – it is the simplicity of smiling from within that radiates from your eyes and your whole demeaner – being happy is an art.

Energy springs from your smile, when that smile is sincere ..

Be happy, it is a gift we give ourselves.

PL Precept # 11 Always be with God.


some steps are easier to take then others

Changing your way of thinking will make a difference on how you perceive the world. With one thought, “the world” will change.

Perfect Liberty 2021.24

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