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As I sat and pondered the beautiful scene before me, I meditated on the shadows dancing across the unbroken blanket of pristine snow. It was so peaceful for me, yet I was sitting in a parking lot in the middle of the “green belt”.. cars were driving in, people were looking for a place to park, it would soon be time for me to vacate and let someone else enjoy this wonderland I’ve discovered. From my little space behind the car, I could hear the conversations as couples, families emerged from their cars.

Communication is so important .. it always has been, over the days, months I’ve been visiting the woodlands, I have been privy to conversations that have been going on around me. Snatches here and there as people pass me on their way into the interior of the woodlands. What one becomes very aware of as one matures, is that not all conversations are productive, or actually even engaged in. When we have conversations, we tend to connect with friends/acquaintances in different ways, the ambience, the person we are engaging with all lend to how we communicate. How much we actually engage, and what we retain and integrate into our/that “moment”

The couples in particular that arrive together, tend to have a different “vibe” then the friends arriving in different cars, meeting up at the park. When I first started this “journey” I didn’t think I would be embarking on an adventure, but I have been. Getting out every day, meeting and talking to new people has expanded my horizons, brought newness into my life, the energy and creative possibilities that I had not had available to me before, are now many.

Quality time spent with a friend/partner is always rewarding. Even a few minutes, a day. Make time to listen, to engage, to encourage, be encouraged, be aware of the energies that are part of your every day. Simple moments, honest words, sharing dreams even the mundane… quality time either by yourself or with another is priceless.

The peaceful setting of the shadows blending and creating wordless beauty on the fresh blanket of snow, is as powerful as the private moment spent with a loved one, when no words are needed, just the closeness and understanding true friendship spawns.

Love is Life… Life is Loving. We are all ONE,,,

PL Precept #15 All is a Mirror.

The birds are singing outside my window.. awesome music.

abstract moments

Mer Bleue fence post

Always remember to thank those around you. We are able to accomplish things when each of us fulfills our duties. So always remember to express gratitude to each other.

Perfect Liberty 2016.26

With the sun shining even brighter these past few days, I did get myself a camp chair, and I did sit in the sun today, basking in the warmth of the sunlight on my face. It was cozy, it was comfortable, I thought I might not enjoy it because the camp chair is one that folds like an umbrella, and isn’t high on my back. Never-the-less.. it was great. I truly enjoyed just sitting there, my coat open, the sun on me… no cares, no worries, just allowing the moment to happen. I parked at the end away from where people were parking to go walk/snowshoe, or X-country .. and away from the feeders. My car is compact, I could park and allow space behind the car for me to sit unnoticed.. facing the field of snow…. and just BE. AWESOME!

this was my personal private scene.

Life is good!

The beauty of

Fresh fallen snow

There is beauty all around us, we have opportunities every day to wonder at the world we live in. It is hard at times to remember that life is good, and that there are new discoveries to be made very day. Stay positive!

PL Precept #1 Life is Art

PL Precept # 2 To live is to express One’s Self

PL Precept # 3 God appears through One’s Self

3 of the 21 Precepts of PL.

I think the Precept that we should all keep in mind these days, is

PL Precept # 14 World Peace is Everything.

There are 21 Precepts, each one will help guide us through our day to day lives.

In Ottawa we will now be able to resume Services on Sundays. This Sunday the 21st. we will hold service at 10 a.m. It will be the service/ceremony of Appreciation.

Please keep in mind, we ask that you come prepared with a mask, we have the necessary sanitizing washes which will be at the door, social distancing will be observed. Seating will be spaced accordingly.

Rev. Eugene or one of the Hokyoshi are always available to meet with you for personal consultations, by appointment please.


Wonderful Wordless Wednesday

virtual by Q

no reason – no rhyme – just sublime

photo- Dave Renz

For the sake of others, society, and world peace. Always live keeping in mind everything you do is for the sake of others, society and World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.10


photo Shirley Keen, NZ

Kindness – Yesterday I was blown away by the kindness of friends who wanted to “touch base”, and came by. With the Chinese New year soon to be at our doorstep, I was surprised by a visit from one of my cherished friends that I have not seen much of because of the pandemic .. yes we can chat on the phone, but to get to actually see her and experience her smile and vibrant personality at close range was a true JOY for me. I feel a silent tear slipping down my cheek, but I assure you it is one of happiness.

As you know, I left home with out my cell yesterday, it happens, I am focused on getting the food ready for the crows, feeding the dogs etc. before I leave.. and the cell is not on my mind. This of course means, not only was it not there for me to use when I wanted it, but friends calling me, could not reach me. Knowing I had not had my phone with me, didn’t mean much to me except the inconvenience of not being able to use the camera when I wanted to.

What I didn’t think of, was that family, friends trying to reach me were unable to …. that is not a problem in itself, but eventually one sees the messages and calls back. However, I am of a generation where a phone was not in my life at all, and then when it was, it was attached to the building, and the one setting on it .. was a loud ring if someone called your number. So of course I came home and went about doing my “business” unaware that I had had calls and that there were messages I should be addressing.

I was therefore surprised and delighted early evening to find my niece and nephew at the door with my wild and wonderful dog niece Lily… again there had been a message and I had not responded. Their thoughtfulness, kindness was doubled when Lily came barging in (she is almost 5 months now and probably 50 pounds of furry energy) and took no listen to her “parents” as she charged in wanting to ensure that all was well. Both my dogs, one more senior than the other I think were taken back by such highly charged activity. It was a fun delightful 15- 20 minutes of chasing, hugging and kissing (the puppy and I )

Kindness should never be under estimated or taken for granted. My visitors and callers yesterday, made my day a truly sensational event. I am filled with gratitude that I have family and friends who are such genuine delights. I truly am blessed.

My friend Shirley (whose pictures I often share with you)… lives in NZ, altho’ we have never met in person, we have been in each others lives since very early days. Probably over 50 years. We began as penpals. Yes before internet, when people communicated by writing letters and using stamps. You would wait impatiently for mail to arrive from distant places, to hear news from friends who you corresponded with .. then when the letter arrived you read about what your friend had been doing and saw pictures (yes, black and white or colour) taken with cameras where you had to wait to finish a roll, get the film developed.. and then wait for that service to be provided to get your pictures..) Our friendship has endured. She takes wonderful pictures of her hometown, and her interests, I am blessed with her kindness, she gives me permission to share her world with you (my friends).

Experience the JOY of being KIND to others. The Joy of expressing kindness to others is much greater than when someone does something kind for you. Always strive to be a person who can be kind to others.

Perfect Liberty 2012.5



this stamp is available from Canada Post

Tradition in my house is that prior to the new year, I set myself to clearing out the debris from the previous year, to prepare for a brand new year. My parents were very “Chinese” in that they always celebrated the coming of the new lunar year. My Father would take me to the formal functions at the Chinese Consulate, and in later years, my Mother and I would almost always attend the functions at the Embassy. It was very important to her, thus making it important to me. It was a time to meet with friends and family that you have not seen during the year or seldom saw, and importantly meet and make new friends.

There was entertainment and LOTS of good food. I use past tense, only because I have not attended a formal function for years. When my Mother got ill and was unable to attend .. we just didn’t get there, and of course life over the years changed.. My husband than took ill, passed away, and I have been adjusting ..that is what life is.. an ever changing experience.

However that said, that is the social aspect of the coming of the new year. Spiritually, I have maintained and always cherish the time of meditation/prayer of what was.. and what is. In PL, we have special services/ceremonies that are performed 1st of the month, Day of Peace, where we pray for World Peace, the 11th. Ancestors Day, where we give thanks for our ancestors who came before us, making our presence in the NOW possible, and the 21st. Thanksgiving/ Appreciation for the blessings we experienced during the month and where we express our gratitude.

I faithfully attend these services, if not in person, at my own “family alter” it is part of the tradition (in my world) of keeping the commitment to do my best in the new year. The celebration of the Lunar new year, begins .. and then continues (for me) throughout the year, by honoring the decision to be a better person by attending and being present for the services that encourage a positive and useful life of service. Changes begin within ourSelves. For a better world, we have to start with our own behaviour, thoughts and actions.

I will not have complaints about others, matters nor the weather. Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

PL Principle #2

I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

PL Principle #3

I will live with the spirit of Misasage (Devotion) working for the happiness of others.

PL Principle # 4

So saying, I look forward to the new year. I live every day as best as I can to be as positive and helpful as I can be. This past year, I have been trying to be better at “self care”. It is easier to look outward than to work on our own shortcomings.

Whatever your thoughts, faith, or life… the lunar calendar begins February 12. You have time to start sweeping.. ( sweeping out the old) to prepare for the coming of the “new”. My red symbols are out, I have already put out my welcome sign at the door .. (welcoming the new year) I’ve put one in my office/studio too, to encourage me when I let the “day” get to me. I look and there is the happy ox smiling at me.

for each and everyone of you.

Always be with God

Perfect Liberty Precept #11

God appears through One’s Self.

Perfect Liberty Precept #3

Day of Peace

Shirley Keen, NZ

Abide in me, and I in you.

John 15:4

Don’t hesitate to show kindness to others. Do you ever find yourself hesitating to show kindness to someone? It is when you put your thoughts into action that you can show others what is in your heart.

Perfect Liberty 2014.31

Have a “Lets do it Attitude. Comece o dia de hoje com um sorriso

Perfect Liberty 2021.14


In a land far away

It is nice to be able to travel and explore the creativity of others, This is Japanese themed Estate. Gardens and Bath house.

It is beautifully done and welcomes tourists to come explore and enjoy … photographers are welcome. If you are an SL traveller, this is the link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BASED/95/16/24

When I was a child, my father would take me to places that now are only distant memories. These memories come back to me when I explore Asian builds in the virtual world.

Don’t think overly about people. Instead of being excessively concerned about others, focus on what yhou should do.

Perfect Liberty 2021.31

During these times of restricted travel, virtual travel is actually a great way to learn about other cultures, and places you’ve never been before. In SL I have met so many wonderful and interesting people, I have been a virtual traveler since 2007. I’ve met people from all over the world, and I’ve expanded my ability to stretch my creative ideas in more ways than I can count. Bonus.. I’ve made friends, good friends who have crossed the border into what we call RL (real life). The reality is, we are who we are, no matter where we are, or how we are expressing ourselves.

Enjoy today, it will not come around again.


clear your mind

There are days when you want to simply clear your mind of all the mental debris that lingers in the crevices and nooks and crannies that fill up the space between your ears, and behind your eyes.

At home we can dig out the vacuum cleaner and do our best to manually suck up the dust and dander that has collected over time. If you are lucky enough to have hardwood or uncarpeted floors, you might even get to sweep up the different dust bunnies that have gathered here and there within easy reach. The mind however, can be a little trickier to unclutter.

Today I spent time enjoying the quiet of the church. With the pandemic having our city on lock down, the church is experiencing a lull in human activity. There is something to be said about being quiet, allowing the stillness to weave its magic .. and then accepting and allowing the mind to empty itself without haste, or worry.. When we meditate/pray, the heart rate mellows out, and tensions ease away. It is an amazing experience, and yet.. it is something that we often postpone, or put aside “till we have time”. Now more than ever, we need to make the time for reflection and “letting go”.

Do things joyfully instead of taking it easy. Enthusiastically engage with what’s in front of you. You’ll enjoy it more.

Perfect Liberty 2021.30

I will live with a mind of appreciation towards others and things.

Perfect Liberty Principle #3


photo- by Nick


It’s Okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point, its important what you do from

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

Ana, Luzia, Claudia . Vera, Cristine, Francisa, Bene, Paulo, Jane, Lena, Shirley, Rosangela, Edneia, Maria, Elaine, Nancy, Marcio, Telma, Giuseppe, Sueli, Cleide, Cida, =^_^=

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