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no sense or nonsense

V Lock Ard Gorge 4.25.17

it was a restless dream

I heard my thoughts,

the challenges from various sections

of my overworked gray cells

the unfinished sentences

the words of wisdom

clashing with aggressive shouts

the voice of reason was not to be ignored

throught it all

a part of me sat unmoved

was this nonsense

or merely me

unable to make sense

of the prattle and the inner voices

that when all vying for attention

at the same time

make no sense at all


PL Calendar day 2

Live each day with hope   Even in those situation when you feel trapped with no way out, face every challenge with purpose and enthusiasm and you will always find a way.



floral delight


img_1691 jan 19

A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping stone to the optimist – Eleanor Roosevelt

PL calendar day 20

Find a good balance between your present and past experiences.  Without forgetting your original intent, continue to develop your own path by also relying on your knowledge and experience.

I came home today to find a beautiful floral piece with miniature fairy lights.  The lights  twinkle and dance merrily in their space.  The display is  magical. Even on the grayest of days, they will be an inspiration.  =^_^=


PL Precept #1  Life is Art


howling time

fright nite b

LOL the howling month approaches.  Love end of September, and all of October.  Witches, goblins, spiders and bright vivid shades of oranges, blood reds and black. It is time to dig out the dies, stencils and paints. Yahoooo where is the glue.

OK so not everyone is enthusiastic and carries on like I do.  But a roll of big bright ribbon with pumpkins and black cats… wow what a blast. here they are ready to be part of my stash

ribbon xy

I had so much fun, just finding the right shadows to go with the ribbons.

ribbon x

Having fun is what life is all about.  Happiness is… living each moment to the fullest.  At one time I would have cropped out or photo shopped out shadows etc.  Now I find that they are part of the moment, so I leave them in.

canvas torn

I found a picture of some torn canvas that I had happily ripped into shreds for a project.  I think I still have some, so will go in search of what is left.  I feel a new project coming on.. inspiration is rounding the corner.  Time to rock and roll!!!!

Have a good day my friends.

PL Precept # 2  To live is to express One’s Self.

gelli art 2.20.17

text, photos and artwork, Q

ribbon- MultiCraft Clearance Centre -Ottawa,On,Canada

taking ownership


I love many of the minion cartoons, not all, but most.  I confess, some I don’t get the humour at all.  And then, others like this one, connect with me right away.

We all have the freedom of choice, some of us exercise that right, another can be passive about the world around them, however, I’ve learned that passive does not mean indifferent.

My personality is what it is.  I now know after living all these years with my “self” that to others I can be not only opinionated, but stubborn.  Do I think of myself as being stubborn, no, do I think I’m opinionated, no…. BUT… if the other person’s reality is that I am.  Then guess what…in my interactions with that person, I have not responded in a way that encouraged communication, or in turn,  they find me to be stubborn and opinionated, because I don’t agree with them.  Fun eh!

The only person I have control over, or can change, is MYSELF.

Every day is a lesson in .. living life to its fullest potential, to do my best when sharing with others to bring happiness and a smile, whenever I can.  I like being happy, and tend to remove myself when I meet up continuously with negativity.

It is not easy to walk away, or take a stand, but, mental health, and our ability to cope with some of the negative energy that bombards us each day,  is just as important as being heart healthy..A healthy  positive and loving spirit, will go a long way, in seeing daily rewards grow.


caught in time


There are moments when I am caught up in what I see.  We were in a drive through, when suddenly an ordinary moment became one of dimension and depth.


I was drawn into another world, each blade, each stem took on personality of its own. I wanted to capture that moment, and I did.  It all took place in probably less than a minute.



PL Precept #19

Begin Once you Perceive

Even now, hours later, when I look at that moment in time, these pictures, speak volumes to me. I want to experience every blade. each leaf, and discover the marvel of the textures in the bark

How awesome.  Simplicity, I was inspired, I took action, and I’m blessed now with the happy feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction… Life is good.I so love being part of it.  Thank you for sharing the journey with me. =^_^=

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

Texas, the Narrows

Austing,Texas the Narrows

There is something about this picture that draws my eye I want to be there

True I’m not a swimmer I don’t usually seek out water, but there is something here

that makes me want to be sitting there in the sunlight, basking in the sun

minus the people there, I think I would like to be there one my  own

I imagine that there would be a quiet, and a serenity, with perhaps the sounds of wild life

coming in from above.  Maybe people off in the distance, but not right there.

It is not always easy these days to find places that exude quiet, tranquility.

You’ve hard or read that David Bowie passed away, after a somewhat lengthy battle with cancer.

One of his songs that made the biggest impression on me was Space Oddity, it came out in the late 60’s but I didn’t really know it till much later.  When I did hear it, it stuck with me.

David’s Space Oddity  I hope you are able to click on this link and hear the song.   the other song  he did was China Girl, which he wrote in France.  David sings China Girl  I was young enough to day dream about what the song meant to him in his life.

I’ve never been to Texas.  After seeing this picture of the Narrows,  near or in Austin area, I think I’d like to explore more. That is what life is all about isn’t it.  Travelling through life, enjoying the different adventures and challenges that come our way.

At a function this evening I met up with a friend who told me she was going to call it quits, “really!” I exclaimed, “you just partnered!!” ” after a silence, she replied “yes but I have only seen him for about half an hour in so many days.” “but, isn’t it about the quality of your time?” “No, if I’m going to be on my own, I can do that by myself”

Sound familiar?   I don’t see life that way, I feel that when we have friends, we enjoy them to the fullest whether they are with us or not.  It is not for their physical presence that we care about them, it is for the person they are.  Each and every person in your life is a gift. I myself am responsible for my happiness.  If I am not happy it is my choice, it is not someone else’s fault, it is my own.

What do you think?


PL Precept # 6   Efface your self-conceptions

Pl Precept # 7 Everything exists in Relativity

When you meet someone who truly touches your heart,there is never any question or doubt that the love is forever. Your paths can part, you can be miles apart, but that person will always be in your heart. True love is unconditional and it is forever.

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

white lotus

When we love

when we are happy

there is nothing

that is impossible



mirrors 5

Magic mirror on the wall

remember those words

who is the fairest of them all

mirrors 2

it is 2016

many of us have looked many a time

into one mirror or another

always to find

that whether it is 1956, or 2006

we always see

mirror 4

the person that we are on that given day

The mirror does not play tricks

It simply reflects back what it sees…

but  … for  us …. we are not always ready for what we see

mirror 3

no matter how we dress the wall,

using a mirror that is long and tall

if we are short and small

that is what we will see

mirror 6

I myself, believe I’m a star =^_^=

I really  don’t need a mirror

I believe that I am me no matter how I look or how I adorn myself

so, if its alright with you,

I will enter into this new year (year of the Monkey)

year of the Monkey

with a smile and a hardy happy hug

saying, be who you are, cuz I love you just the way you are…

Every day is a new day, and every moment is a new beginning

Thank you one and all

for being who you are..

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 15    All is a Mirror

note-  official start of the Monkey Year is beginning of February (lunar calendar) (8th)

Sun and Moon

sun and moonAs clear as day

I saw the sun and moon

when you looked into my eyes

I know no other way

to express that moment in time

when in a single moment, 

I knew the meaning of sublime

how often have I meditated and prayed

to know such intense and immense joy

suddenly I am so alive

this is not something I can contrive

no, I know… I really really know

together, we are divine.

God is love, we are ONE

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri  


pic.- angryboar.com

a story

It was wild, it was fierce, the wind and rain pelted viciously against the window, there was nothing to do but wait.


Thunder rumbled across the angry sky, I could feel the shuddering of the wooden floor in the little cabin, as the storm picked up its tempo.  Across the bay I could see lights flickering along the shoreline. Everything was blurred by an almost solid curtain of falling rain. A loud staccato filled the air, a sharp piercing light filled the sky as yet another bolt of lightning shot across towards the distant shore.

Suddenly there was quiet, the lights across the bay had all gone out.  It was silent, and it was black.


The all-encompassing passion of the storm had passed.  Where before, the rage, the immediate explosion of emotion had grabbed all of my attention.  Now I was alone again with my thoughts. For a time I had fed on the energy that surrounded me, now it was time to listen to the quiet.


Such is life.  Each day is a new beginning.  How you handle each circumstance that appears before you, will determine the outcome. Storms are necessary to clear the air .. storms return balance to an atmosphere that has become toxic.  Life is for living.  No more…. No less….

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

Time was

retro, breakfast maker

When kitchen gadgets were perhaps simpler.  Note that the idea for breakfast, was that cup of coffee, toast, eggs and I think those are sausages.

campe+ bike UK

When the romantic dream was to camp in a quiet serene lot somewhere, far from the busy cities and towns,  perhaps park the car and if transportation is required, there is the trusty bike to pedal to a country store.

Of course the realities of today when we look back on our dreams of a quiet get away, are not as romantic.  We have to make time to get a way, we need plan and organize, the darling camper, needs to be found and then it has to be reconstructed to meet one’s needs.  Do these small campers have bathrooms, showers, we have to look at logistics, etc. etc.

Important, is our lifestyle such that we can travel with the barest of essentials, or do we need/want more.  Will the car we presently have pull a trailer, do we want to stay in camp grounds that seem to be stuffed with other campers, trailers, and families tucked together between trees much like the some of the communities in the city.  The only difference being, there are more trees, and likely there is water near by for swimming.

And, let us not forget the pets.  We travel with two dogs.  where do we find open space and safety for them.  As the list of needs and wants mounts up, the reality of that romantic dream coming true fades into the distance.life is a journey

Life itself is  journey, how many times do we hear that said, or alluded to. There came a time in my maturing process where I began to realize that each day was my opportunity to explore a piece of my dream, make it a reality, instead of planing  and working at something that may or may not happen, I decided to focus on NOW.  I still dream of future projects, but my interest is in today, how I am feeling today, and what I am doing with my time today. Somehow, that works for me, being present in all I say and do means that I don’t regrets, and I work hard at not having expectations.  I’ve learned when we expect something, we are often disappointed.  The only person that I have control over, in all respects, is myself.  I own the actions and choices I make.  No more, no less.

bacon loaf

Totally irrelevant to anything previous,  this bread takes one hour to make. and I want to taste it. like NOW =^_^- It has 8 slices of bacon in it.   I’d want more.  1/4 cup of Jalapeno,  3 cups of flour, 1 tbsp baking powder,  2 tbsp  granulated sugar  1 tsp of salt,   1 tbsp  vegetable oil,  12 oz buttermilk, 2 cups cheddar cheese,  8 oz cream cheeze.

Namaste    –    Oyashikiri


I’m a confessed bacon addict, if I squeeze a recipe in from time to time, I hope you enjoy!


pictures/recipe Pinterest



* Brian Kkrepshaw on CNET

** hearthandmade.co.uk

*** belvederedesignsb log.com

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