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July 2. 7/2 = 9

take center stage – play out a fantasy – express your individuality

Discover each person’s unique qualities. When we approach people with respect, we can understand them better and see their special qualities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.2

What are you watching now, how are you reacting. Do you have a secret desire to do something different, to be someone else for a day, to just get away, to have time to your SELF. In days past, we were entertained by going to hotels, bars, nightclubs, we met friends in cafes, restaurants, we gathered in the park, attended sporting events, we mingled with our neighbours and friends.. We said hello to people we saw daily, we expressed genuine interest in what what going on around us.

So often I see people, rushing from one place to another, we drive around in cars, get out, go do what we need to do, get back in our cars go to the next destination, do what needs doing and then often head back to home/office and we have not had a social interaction all the time we were out. Except to say what we need to say to the clerk helping or the cashier on the way out.

It is about routine, schedules, appointments, deadlines, obligations, bookings, err… where does having fun come in, or just chilling.. we plan for our vacation, then rush to the destination, try to fit in as much as possible in the few days we are there, collect postcards, take photos, and then look for something else to do so that are “holiday” isn’t wasted. busy busy busy

Are you feeling motivated, relaxed, are you having fun right now.. are you rested? Are you doing something you want to do because it makes you happy, pleases you, makes you feel special and content inside and out just because life is ooooh sooo good!

I know there are events taking place all around the city its Canada Day long week-end here and in the States, its the 4th of July. There are a lot of places to go .. there are concerts, there will be huge gatherings .. lots of people… What are you doing to celebrate? (if you celebrate).. celebrate YOU.

It is easy to focus on negatives in life, but it is important to make time to acknowledge, and appreciate the positives. Find gratitude. Explore all the different facets and dimensions of YOU.


social interaction/people skills, is that a lost art?

30th really

today, tomorrow, yesterday

Let’s have a humble mind. Once you think, “That’s good enough” you become blind to the opportunities to be more creative.

Perfect Liberty 2022.30

Tomorrow is already the 1st of July. Where did the month of June go? This morning I woke at 3:27a.m. and wondered what I was doing awake.. It was one of those moments when you wake up and are raring to go, but then realize that the rest of the world around you is not. Well ok, there were birds outside chirping away, but aside from that, all was still.

It is interesting how one goes through a number of various options… like.. get up and begin your day, let the dogs out, (they were not interested, one did take me up on the offer to be kind.. but then promptly on re-entering went back to bed.) How do they do that! they lie down, close their eyes and resume a sound sleep. I’ve tried that.. it doesn’t work. I did try to go back to sleep, but my mind simply would not go along with it. I got up and began the task of clearing off my workspace in the studio where I had last worked on some abstract pieces…. that took only a few minutes…

Come on now.. this is not the way to start a day. ” Perhaps you could meditate, slow that chattering brain” said the little voice in my head. “no”.. said another voice.. try going back to sleep, it is tooooo early, you will be tired and wanting to come back to bed too early later.” Eventually I picked up my cell and set the alarm for 20 minutes, I gave myself a time out. This is a little trick I’ve learned in the last month or so, that seems to work, it stills my mind.. the alarm goes off and I get up and begin again. (a fresh start)

sometimes we need a blank screen/page…

We will have a 10 a.m service tomorrow, July 1 at the church .. it is the Day of Peace ceremony.



2013 Japan

I was in Japan, studying .. it was an experience of a lifetime. Teachers like this one, spoke only Japanese, for International students like myself, we had a translator, English for those of us from North America, Spanish for those from the countries that needed Spanish, and Portuguese for members from Brazil and Portugal. Here it is 2022.. and I am still assimilating and processing the experience and the lessons,

Yes, I was back again, and yes, the experiences were always a total immersion in the culture and the philosophy. Nothing was familiar, similar but different…

Now many years later, I look back and reflect on the journey that led me to today, I woke with a sense that I had somehow been away and have just come home again. Looking at the clock I see it is barely after 4 a.m. and I am awake with a mind full of questions and … and what…

PL Precept # 19 Begin once you Perceive.

I seem to have something I want to do, think I should be doing, but… it is not gelling… not clear what it is my subconscious is trying to make me aware of. I have been doing a lot of clearing out, cleaning up, could this be a by-product of the new spaces opening up around me?

PL Precept # 15 All is a mirror

What am I seeing? The 21 PL Precepts reveal the true path of life for all humankind. Beginning with Precept #1 Life is Art.

Today I will try to Grasp what is most essential Precept # 17

Each Precept is written in simple and clear language, but the truth revealed in their words applies universally to all humankind. To be mindful today, I will do my best to continue to observe and try my best to declutter more of my “inner” thoughts so that I can progress in a meaningful manner, and do my best to live today with “good intentions”

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity.

It was years ago, and I am sill there today – the sight/sounds became part of me
Life is


What happens when something happens that is out of your control. One minute there is a familiar and welcoming environment, and suddenly with a roar of a raging, angry, demented winds and torrential downpour, years of happy memories are wiped out. boom, crash, what was, is gone. Like a ripple in the calm waters. one casualty causes a domino effect.

The forest floor is littered with fallen trees, some have been standing for years, their arms had reached high into the sky, now… they lie broken, no longer able to stand, so damaged there is no way to heal. Because these trees are in areas that are frequented by humans, not all, but some will not be left as they have fallen, but will need to be removed, in most cases, relocated or repositioned so that they are not a safety hazard.

The damages have been so extensive (we are blessed in this Province with a lot of green space.) it will be not weeks, but months , maybe even years before there is a sense of “normal” again. People with special training from the Forestry dept. have been called in.. It is a huge project.

blocked path by a tree that finally fell – yes there is still danger of falling trees!

Some areas might look safe, but if the NCC has danger /caution tapes up, and the sign says THIS SITE IS CLOSED … there is a valid reason for this. I am amazed at just how many times these tapes need replacing because “some people” feel the need to rip them down, and enter when there are clear signs that the area has not been cleared yet and is still a potential danger/risk.

There are ways around the tapes, one can go under or walk to an area that is not barred, people determined to go in, do so at their own risk.. When you take down the caution tapes and rip away the signs saying the site is closed, that puts other people at risk.

It is not fun to be stuck in one place. Instead of being captured by what’s in front of you strive to broaden your horizons.

Perfect Liberty 2022.28

Please be aware that what you do, could have consequences for others.

Think /pause before acting out. or doing something that can impact a decision someone else may make.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.


Praying, do you?

ever had one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong, or not happening, like nothing is going right

“life is not always a bed of roses” note.. roses have thorns.”

Praying before taking action changes the outcome… Have clear wishes and do your best. then something new will open up for you.

Perfect Liberty 2022.27
Life is full of surprises – Enjoy!

where does time go?

Quebec 2008

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put out whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

When I see the picture …I remember the many times we drove there to let the dogs enjoy the water We had Canaille (Portuguese Water Dog).. she absolutely loved water.. On hot days like the heat/humid and sultry weather we’ve been having, we felt it was an obligation to find her water to swim in. At that time our other dog was a Labrador mix, the two could wade and swim while the human parents sat on the big rocks along the water’s edge and enjoyed their antics.

Fast forward to 2022.. could I find it today, I don’t think so… I seldom drive out to that part of the Province anymore, in fact, I think if I get over to the Quebec side a couple of times a year, that is a lot. I have become a creature of habit, and I stay pretty much “local”. My eldest dog now is Velcro who just turned 15 (whippet) he, nor Keeper (10) (whippet) have no interest in swimming and I of course am now a widow…. “THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE”

Someone asked me the title of a book the other day, it was Atlas of the Heart (Brene Brown) the book takes us on a journey through 87 of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human. “We cultivated love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known”

Love is not something we give or get; it is something we nurture and grow, a connection that can be cultivated between two people only when it exists within each one of them – we can love others only as much as we love ourselves”



Good morning.. I went back through my files.. to find this picture that Num took some time ago, this rabbit, (ok one like it) gave me a very pleasant visit yesterday. I had come back from my “mindful” walk earlier that I expected to. The mosquitos/biting insects* were just to hungry. Cloudy overcast, off and on drizzle kept the film crew away, so I was totally alone in that stretch of woodlands. I was feeling a tad grumpy I had been viciously attacked during my walk, through my clothes and despite the “keep away” bug sprays and lotions.

Once I took off my rain gear, put away my carving knife and the piece of wood I was working on, I felt watched. Closing the trunk I turned to walk around the car to get in .. and found that I was being watched. At a safe distance sat this young rabbit just watching me. I had seen him/her earlier as I came closer to the parking area.. running in and out of the tall vegetation that lined the path I was on. I was surprised that it didn’t turn tail and run.. it just sat there as if it was wondering what this odd two legged creature was doing..

The birds that had been feeding and going about their morning routine had also taken an interest.. was it because I was alone, there were no other beings around, certainly the film crew was not around, nor were any of the regular “bird watchers” or dog owners .. it was just too damp and muggy. I got in the car, started the car, and watched as the rabbit hopped away when the engine started. For some reason, I turned off the motor and just sat there… he/she reappeared peaking out from the brush. With the motor off, I simply sat there, turned the radio off and just watched to see what would happen.

LOL I got a taste of what the animals must feel like when humans come around pointing cameras /binoculars etc. at them. The rabbit boldly came up closer to look up and into the car at me.. then ran around so it could see from all sides of the car.. I won’t swear to it, but I think it was being playful, it began to run across the road down into the little gully and around the outer rim of the parking lot, showing its stump and long legs as it ran, pranced and explored the grounds all around the car. Always checking and looking back to see if I was watching. (fyi this is a dead end road that is only used by people who know this area exists)

I am not a person who just sits in my car. but here I was.. just sitting and watching the antics of my little friend who was obviously keeping me company. This took place for a good 15 minutes, till my phone came alive.. and broke the “spell”. I was given a reminder.. that one need not always be “doing something” or “on the move”.. maybe an old dog can be taught “new tricks” or reminded of past lessons that have been put aside or not practiced.

During my walk, even tho’ I was being bitten and bothered by flying dive bombers*… I did notice that my mindful walking has been improving.. I walk slower, quieter and even though I’m whittling, I’m finding a way to be present in a way that blends in with my surroundings. The birds along the way, were not flying away when I approached, they were accepting of my presence. I’m a long way from having the “stillness” and mindfulness that I am wanting.. but progress is being made.

Be cheerful and friendly with those around you. Other people* can sense how you are feeling. So be cheerful

Perfect Liberty 2022. 24
You never know who is watching or paying attention to YOU
  • just because we don’t see .. doesn’t mean there are no “eyes” on you.
  • * I had huge big bites/welts on upper arms and neck that itched like crazy (through my layers of clothing!!!


Hey wait up… you are going to fast..

Have you ever found that for some reason you are just not able to keep up with the others on the trail or path.?? Do you need to keep up?? What is the purpose of your outing? Is it to go a great distance or to enjoy the moment? Is it, time out in nature, or exploring new parts of the city/town you live in or near. For whatever reason you find yourself “out of step”.. when you notice it.. it is at that moment you need to explore the thought…

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning point.

PL Precept # 19. Begin once you perceive.

When you get stuck.. take a step back.. When you are able to see things objectively, your viewpoint will change and you will receive new wisdom

Perfect Liberty 2022.23
Always and forever

Wednesday 6-22

When a professional guide takes you fishing to “just that spot” there are no guarantees, but if/ when you catch and bring in a fighter… that is an experience you will remember.

We each have our own way of experiencing “NOW”, I like the mindful walking in nature, someone else will enjoy the solitude of a lazy day on the water. Someone else will get lost in their garden, whatever it is you like to do that makes you feel an “inner joy/pleasure”.. make the time.. take the time .. put aside a block of space.. just for YOU. So often we are so busy doing, we forget to “stop and smell the roses”

Today’s calendar reminds us to

Be in Tune with the feelings of others. Let’s start by trying to understand other peoples’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.22

I want to add… it is important to be mindful of our own thoughts and feelings.. It is easy to gloss over our personal reactions… in lieu of… when we do that… it will come back to haunt us.. maybe not immediately but it will.



In life nothing is ever “simple”… the lake may look calm, but under the surface there is a multitude of activity in all shapes and sizes. Decide what it is important, and let it happen. Find a way. Stay positive.

Does the past ever walk up to you and say…”hi” “remember me” – when you clean up/ clear out, boxes are found, files, old correspondence, pictures. There are a couple of you that have traced your families back, I am fascinated when I read the detail and the wonderful stories you uncover. In my world, I live in the moment (most of the time)..so when my extraordinary friend (she loves organizing, sorting and the like) (like.. there is such a person in my life…!!!) came down and said,” you should look at these”(she had opened an old briefcase** she came across when trying to put some order to what remains of my husband’s offices …

Like the plant, I just keep on trucking… I like space to move ahead, explore, to live each moment as it comes. Sometimes these is a lot of “happening” all at once, and then there are dry spells… always there is change.

I have around me, beautiful gardens and landscapes, I appreciate them, I do… but I am the plant that grows in the cracks along the roadside, or in unwanted/unused spaces. “When there is a will, there is a way”.. the picture brought back memories.. long road trips to hotels/nightclubs in distant places. We played 6 nights of the week, traveling on the 7th day to the next gig, unless we were booked for 2 weeks. We were a “show band”.. lead guitar, bass, and drums.. side men were added depending on the lounge or club we were playing and what the venues wanted. At one place, we even arrived to find that there was a stripper booked at the same time.. her back up didn’t show. we got to play for her… now that was a hoot!

Today is the 21st. there is a service this evening at the church 7 pm. Service of Appreciation. – When we live each day doing our best, and being “present”… there are few regrets.. just memories that help make the person you are today.

Thank you thank you, thank you. Let’s live with gratitude towards everyone and everything all day today.

Perfect Liberty 2022.21

wish I still I had the dress to see if I can still wear it.. yeah sometimes the ego just won’t shut up.

** I have yet to really look at all that is in the briefcase, I will..

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