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Be Flexible to change. A flexible way of thinking and responding is one of the keys to getting along with others.

Perfect Liberty 2023.31

life in bloom

Get things started with grit. If you work on things in daily life with the attitude of “let’s do it!” you will feel a power to accomplish things. People around you will rely on you.

Perfect Liberty 2023.29

original abstracts by Q – post card size.

mixed media acrylics,pen,ink,wax,cardstock,canvas

moving on

How many of you remember the days of the big bands, the nightclubs where you paid at the door for admittance, left your coat/hat with the hat check attendant before being escorted to a table by a maitre’d and were seated at a table with a clean white (usually) linen table cloth. ??? Shows were at set times, and always the musicians were in a tux or suit and the chanteuses or singer/entertainer were dressed in formal evening attire.???

Unfortunately I missed all of that. However, my Mother loved all the old movies especially the ones that were musicals. My step father was a musician who played in the big neon lit nightclubs regularly, he was a well known stand up bass player who was always being called in to cover for the big name bands that came into the city to play the clubs. Because in those days, the “known” performers travelled with their own back up musicians when they were short or needed a replacement he was top of the list.. A few times this worked for my benefit.. I got to meet “personalities” that would otherwise not have been accessible to me.

Life was different then, I remember my first summer job, was at a retail shop, we had to dress up, always wear nylons .. no nail polish, hair always neat and in place… It was unheard of for a young lady to been seen in slacks. Dress or skirt and blouse were the order of the day. Do you remember getting a run in your nylons and the “headache” it was to repair them. And ladies.. did you experience the panty hose?

Times change, and so do we. I try to think back, to remember … but it has been too many years now.. the uproar when a starlet was seen wearing slacks and a tailored blouse it was someone tall, slim and very avant garde. Whoever the starlet was, she made the movie magazines and the news tabloids. And when jeans came out… that was another whopper of a storyline. now I see commercials about people who ask to be buried in their jeans. Now.. the less clothes or more revealing an outfit is.. the more attention it gets.

Even the content of the music we listen to is different. All this to say, change is with us and is not likely to disappear anytime soon. How are you coping, do you feel that there is a generation gap? If you could find a way to bring back a part of your past … would you?

There is a musician in the States who is into “jazz” not something I spent much time listening to in years gone by, but since making his acquaintance I have been learning. His repertoire is extensive, he plays with and in many different bands so the range of his musical knowledge is vast, how he plays and what he plays depends on where he is performing and to “what” audience.. Change is evidently very much part of his life on an ongoing basis. His personal expression/likes range also, to me, who is “observing” he has taught me to listen to the music itself, how it all comes together. Words are not his form of expression, musical notes are. His personal way of expressing is through instrumental storylines.

How do you express yourself, has your method of conversing with others changed. Do you listen differently now than you did say, 5 years ago? Can you see the change in YOU. or is it a surprise to you, if someone says to you.. “you’ve changed”????

It is about how we deal with change. It is the only constant in our lives… the more we experience and deal with change, the better/ more well rounded, we become. Your thoughts?


Sometimes I need to let the world drift by – at one time I felt my participation and involvement was not something one could simply ignore. – I’ve grown up now…. I recognize that time to rejuvenate, time to simply let the body and mind rest is important to a sound, healthy, balanced life.

The simple task of walking to the front of the house to collect the recycle container, the two dogs bouncing and jumping happily beside me was pleasant. The neighbour walking her dog, stopped two houses away so that the dogs would not have to interact. I waved.. she nodded.. then the dogs and I made our way back to the backyard. A moment in time.

Simplicity. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. It is the human mind that insists on complicating the moment, with what if, maybe, perhaps if… NOOOO…. sit .. close your eyes.. open a door or window.. let the air move freely around, pushing out the stale winter air. it is a new season.

Develop new ideas through your imagination – softly and flexibly. If you could find a way to add a twist, you will have more joy.

Perfect Liberty 2023.28


Good morning, this is an audience attending a stage production of Grease put on by the players of a theatre group in a virtual world (Second Life) It was a full house, standing room only, I am attaching pictures and information on the show for anyone who is interested at the end of this post. You can have a look… https://virtualnws8.ca/2023/03/26/slea/

Please note that behind every avatar is a human being, The performers, the stage designers, costumes, dance routines, all these are worked out and presented to you by creative individuals with a passion to express their creativity to entertain bring smiles and a welcome moment of “thrill” to the audience. In that time, during their performance, we (the performers/audience) were gathered from all over the world.

The co-owner of the theatre company and his team had to have spent countless hours to gather the materials, or build them .. never mind the hours of rehearsal the team building, the set designing, the gathering materials, animations…what a feat. The players are from all walks of life and as I stated from all different time zones/countries. It was A M A Z I N G.

The applause, the audience appreciation was loud and genuine. It was the Makoto and the sincerity of everyone in that moment at that location that made MY day yesterday!! Wow.. to have shared in such an experience…

Put Makoto even into small things. Don’t let things go with, “Oh well” You will have a different outcome if you put Makoto

Perfect Liberty 2023.27 Japanese/ English



Silent Sunday

Smiles are the world’s treasure. If you smile more, there will be more smiles in the World. Be one of those who makes more smiles.

Perfect Liberty 2023.26



Its the middle of the night – sleep is happening somewhere else – Not happening for you – instead you are lying restless and alone – the room cold and dark is not inviting – you close your eyes again pulling the blanket up under your chin – then you feel it – a small paw presses into your side – the dog sighs in her sleep, her legs stretch out as her body relaxes even more. she’s happy… what is your problem?

Always have presence of mind. If you overexert yourself, you will get easily swayed by emotion. Always put the best makoto with presence of mind.

Perfect Liberty 2023.25

What is wrong you say? Nothing! It is a moment, it will pass.

Friday moment

Have a prayerful mind to love yourself and others. Open up your heart fully when praying to God. It will help you sort out your feelings .

Perfect Liberty 2022.31

and then

Strive to live with a positive outlook everyday. Put your whole heart into whatever you do. With motivation, you will feel joy and excitement.

Perfect Liberty 2017.20

Move forward with confidence. Experiences you have acquired through efforts so far are wonderful. give it all you’ve got.

Perfect Liberty 2023.20

Tomorrow is thanksgiving (in the PL world) or day of Gratitude and Appreciation.. service will be at 7 pm if you are unable to attend the service, please spent a moment in prayer/meditation .. expressing your appreciation and gratitude for life and its blessings.

photo Shirley Keen, NZ

Where am I

Caught between two worlds.

Frozen in Time

The turning Point is Now. Life is a sequence of moments called now. you have the key to turn yourself around.

Perfect Liberty 2023.19


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