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Be Flexible to change. A flexible way of thinking and responding is one of the keys to getting along with others.

Perfect Liberty 2023.31

Day of appreciation

There was a time when life was simpler – when all we did was get up and go to bed our days were filled with learning about life, what was, what would be, Dad was the breadwinner the philosopher, photographer, gardner, Mother was the person who grounded our realities, dressed us, prepared our meals and when Dad passed away at a very early age, had to learn about being a single parent and bring up 3 daughters on her own. Humble beginnings… life was .. and will alway be, the moments we live, learn and experience the start of a new day.

Today is Thanksgiving (Day of Appreciation) in Perfect Liberty, but to each and everyone reading this, I ask you to take a moment while you read this, and just remember a happy moment in your past….who was in your life then, where were you, close your eyes just for a second, and smile at the memory, whisper thank you… it is such rewarding moment. Thank you for sharing it with me …

I live everyday with gratitude in my heart. Dad was a believer in family and community, he instilled in me a life long habit of always reaching out with a smile to strangers, I was the eldest and got to go with him almost everywhere .. he didn’t hold to I was not a boy, I was his daughter and he wanted me to grow up being proud of who I was, and to accept that others would find me “different” but that was their loss and not mine if they couldn’t accept that I “looked” different than they did. He taught me to be proud of my heritage, and to love the country I was born in. I am Canadian, born and raised, I love the many blessings I have had, in some cases “earned”…

Today in all PL churches internationally, service will be at 7 pm. whether you are in Japan, Brazil, Europe, USA, or here in Canada, we will gather at 7 pm and offer our gratitude to our ancestors and those who have shared in (been a part of) our lives.

Be grateful for everything. If you see everything as material to express gratitude, you can encounter a number of opportunities you are grateful for.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 21 translation to English done in Japan


and then

Strive to live with a positive outlook everyday. Put your whole heart into whatever you do. With motivation, you will feel joy and excitement.

Perfect Liberty 2017.20

Move forward with confidence. Experiences you have acquired through efforts so far are wonderful. give it all you’ve got.

Perfect Liberty 2023.20

Tomorrow is thanksgiving (in the PL world) or day of Gratitude and Appreciation.. service will be at 7 pm if you are unable to attend the service, please spent a moment in prayer/meditation .. expressing your appreciation and gratitude for life and its blessings.

photo Shirley Keen, NZ

Where am I

Caught between two worlds.

Frozen in Time

The turning Point is Now. Life is a sequence of moments called now. you have the key to turn yourself around.

Perfect Liberty 2023.19


Good Morning ?Hola!

“Don’t worry, I’ll come to you”, as he/she makes its way towards me, there is a huge puddle (maybe two and a half car lengths and maybe a good 4 -10 inches deep in places) between where I was getting the feed out of the back of my car. I did wade the water and he/she followed me back to the upper area where the other birds were all feeding.. The water could be a problem I heard grumbling that recommendation could be made to shut the parking lot down while it is so “wet”. This morning while it is still on the “cold” side, I’ll brave the darkness and head out soon. The water may still be ice.

BTW, am not a big telly fan, but while I waited last night to meet up with friends, I sat and watched a taped segment of The Masked Singer… I missed the performance but at the unmasking .. I was delighted to see Dick Vandyke, he is 93 now.. wow.. he was still so vibrant and full of energy. His voice was still holding up, he did a few bars of the Mary Poppins song, superfragilistic superallydocious. Inspiration for sure.

We all, no matter our age, have noticed how with each passing year, our bodies show signs of wear and tear. 93 .. yes he looked fragile, but he was never a heavy or big man, he was always tall and lean. Kudos to him for doing such a high energy show and allowing us to enjoy him once more.

That is what life is about isn’t it. Taking each day and doing our best to live it in the most memorable way we can.

Be mindful with Prayer. If you work on things with a prayerful heart, there will be many things you can be taught.

Perfect Liberty 2023.18

Have a wonderful day dear friend, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, know that someone cares and is wanting only the best for you, today and always.

today 15th.

Good morning everyone, this time change is not happening smoothly – my darn body just doesn’t want to go along with it this time. I don’t recall having this problem before. I simply do not want to be out driving in the dark, and at this time of the morning it is D A R K .

LOL.. the calendar is supporting me on this….

Express your feelings straight away. It will be good if you could express your feelings as they are to people around you, when you are happy or when you are troubled. Also it will be a good chance for you to get to know others.

Perfect Liberty 2023.15

Photo Jackie Dunn


This too shall pass – it did – now?

Everyone has their own way of seeing and thinking. there are different points of view and ways of thinking which makes it interesting and creates new ideas. Try to enjoy others’ expressions

Perfect Liberty 2023.12

Mastering the moods, the meds, the madness that is day to day living – can it be done – you bet it can! Take time today to S T O P whatever you are doing… and just pause, close your eyes .. take a deep breath and slowly let it go before reopening your eyes. When you pause to hold your breath.. be aware of your neck and shoulders.. give your head a little shake and let your shoulders drop.. when you release the breath you took in. Slowly open your eyes.. and viola…. another new opportunity.. it is a new moment.


Enjoy What happens

Enjoy what happens. People who can enjoy anything happening to them receive wisdom for the next step. Try to work on things without being overly concerned.

Perfect Liberty 2023.10

Everyday is a new beginning. In PL, Precept # 1 is Life is Art… I like to think of every day being a new canvas.

In 2022, day 26 had a quote that was one I referred to often,

Make today a Memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whtever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

Tomorrow being the 11th. we (PL Church) will have a service at 10 a.m. for everyone who can attend. Ancestors Day. Through this ceremony, we express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors and ask for their protection and guidance as we continue to ive the PL Way. See you tomorrow if you can make it!

Regular service (gathering) on Sunday, 10 a.m.


Hello Bom dia!

Give importance to listening, looking, thinking, doing and speaking. Look and listen carefully before making a judgement. Assumptions and hasty conclusions can lead to misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2023.7

Sun bathing

This bench is where I did my sunbathing. I cleared off most of the snow, gathered my coat around me and lay down.. closed my eyes and basked in the sunshine. There was a gentle warmth that warmed my face. I was in a happy space. It was so quiet, there were no birds singing, no little critters running about. I had the place to myself. Where was I, in the middle of a bog. It was at least a twenty minute walk to the spot where I was lying down. The boardwalk you can see still has snow packed on the boards, but with the use of my walking stick it was doable. The first bench I came to, (boardwalk photo) was totally covered in hard packed snow. Make no mistake, this area is still in its winter wardrobe.

Sun bathing in winter is not something I usually do. This was a first actually. Would I do it again, yes… it was pleasant, and I liked the silence. If you look at the bench photo, you can see where I dropped a peanut in case a little critter wanted to join me.. I had no takers. What time was all this, somewhere between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30..

“Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2023.26

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