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Let’s begin today with a smile. Let’s start the day with a positive outlook, looking forward to what we can discover.

Perfect Liberty 2021.12

after the storm

The skies were so beautiful today, the shadows cast pretty patterns across the white snow. Wednesday when the storm hit, the sky was dark and angry, we were hit with ice pellets, snow, freezing rain and raging winds that howled and ripped across the counties with a vengeance. On the Quebec side of the river, over 1.5 million homes were without hydro. On this side of the river we were in over 65000 down. Hydro workers would just get one grid up and the winds would tear down more trees .. power lines fell and many were left in the dark. Even now as I write this, there are still homes without power. What a way to spent the “Easter” long week-end.

Today I toured two of the trails in the conservation areas I tend to spend a lot of time at. The one tree that you see in the lower left hand, had a girth to it that required my climbing over it very carefully. I admit it was an exercise I could have done without. but it was either climb over it, or walk back to the parking lot and take another route. Thankfully I was fit enough to accomplish the task at hand. Because it was a holiday week-end, and there has been so much devastation… there were less people wanting to hike the trails. This is good. I and others will go around and do our best to locate the areas that will require the attention of trained forest workers to come and remove the fallen trees, limbs and the debris that is littered all over the forest floor.

The skies were blue, but if there are winds of any kind, trees with deep wounds/cracks that have not been toppled could do so… see example in middle picture upper row of another possible danger.This coming week, we are told it will be very mild.. hopefully work crews will get in to take a look at the possible dangers in the green spaces we have around the city and surrounding countryside. Until then, the NCC has closed some of the parks/conservation areas, the areas that remain open .. are ones that so far seem to be alright, but there hasn’t been time yet for crews to get around to all areas. Please practice caution. Stay on the trails.. bring a walking stick if you have one… be prepared. This is also mating season for some of the animals, ie. wild turkeys.. if they are showing signs of aggression, keep your distance.

Make today a “give back day” We can live our daily lives owing to our ancestors, our elders, and the work of our predecessors. Above all, kindness for others is the best way to give back.

Perfect Liberty 2023.11

Reminder, on Tuesday the 11th. Service/Ceremony will be at 10 a.m

Heron -Japan

These pictures were taken by Mariko Inagaki, the bottom one is of the “holy land” in Japan (PL Peace tower in the background).

Put your heart into your words. Do you tend to speak in just a matter- of -fact tone? It is important to put your heart into your words

Perfect Liberty 2022,19

“When you meet your friend on the roadside or in the market place, let the spirt in you move your lips and direct your tongue ” (the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran)

7.7.22 Tanabata

Think “now is the time” Instead of “it’s no use now” Don’t give up by thinking it’s too late. Tell yourself that there is more that can be done.

Perfect Liberty 2022.7

Thursday Doors taken by good friend Nick Vrtis who was travelling in Germany recently, Grey door is the Cathedral in St. Ola, and the brow doorway is Kirkwall. Thank you Nick…! For more doors, please visit the Thursday Doors posts on Dan’s site. No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2022/07/07/june-leftovers/

Tanabata is based on the legendary meeting of two stars, Hikoboshi and Orihime, which are represented by Altair and Vega, respectively. After his marriage to Orihime, Hikoboshi idled away and didn’t work. An angry god split Hikoboshi and Orihime apart from the two banks of the Milky Way. However the god permitted Hikoboshi and Orihime to reunite once a year on July 7. So Tanabata is held on that day every year, and it is said to be the day lovers can reunite. (translated from Japanese to English in Japan)

The romantic in me loves that there is a day set aside for “lost love/s/ers” There is always a place in my heart for someone who has brought me pleasure, shown me kindness, taken time to get to know me, spend time with me. In today’s “throw away” society/culture, we often forget that each moment we live/experience life… that moment is etched in our “being”. To know sadness, we have had to have experienced happiness. Love is in every breath we take, it is like the air we breathe. Unseen but ever present.

Always and Forever


2013 Japan

I was in Japan, studying .. it was an experience of a lifetime. Teachers like this one, spoke only Japanese, for International students like myself, we had a translator, English for those of us from North America, Spanish for those from the countries that needed Spanish, and Portuguese for members from Brazil and Portugal. Here it is 2022.. and I am still assimilating and processing the experience and the lessons,

Yes, I was back again, and yes, the experiences were always a total immersion in the culture and the philosophy. Nothing was familiar, similar but different…

Now many years later, I look back and reflect on the journey that led me to today, I woke with a sense that I had somehow been away and have just come home again. Looking at the clock I see it is barely after 4 a.m. and I am awake with a mind full of questions and … and what…

PL Precept # 19 Begin once you Perceive.

I seem to have something I want to do, think I should be doing, but… it is not gelling… not clear what it is my subconscious is trying to make me aware of. I have been doing a lot of clearing out, cleaning up, could this be a by-product of the new spaces opening up around me?

PL Precept # 15 All is a mirror

What am I seeing? The 21 PL Precepts reveal the true path of life for all humankind. Beginning with Precept #1 Life is Art.

Today I will try to Grasp what is most essential Precept # 17

Each Precept is written in simple and clear language, but the truth revealed in their words applies universally to all humankind. To be mindful today, I will do my best to continue to observe and try my best to declutter more of my “inner” thoughts so that I can progress in a meaningful manner, and do my best to live today with “good intentions”

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity.

It was years ago, and I am sill there today – the sight/sounds became part of me
Life is


Thought for the day! Life is a constant rebirth – at all times there is a miracle unfolding.

Pensamento para um bom dia hoje

A vida é um constante renascer em todo momento há um milagre desabrochando.

Express yourself clearly so others can understand you – When you can’t communicate clearly, it leads to problems. Always express yourself carefully to avoid any misunderstanding,

Perfect Liberty 2022.9
Till soon – Oyashikiri

a wreath

You can freely express yourself within the rules. Consider rules as a canvas on which to express your speciality artistically

Perfect Liberty 2021.09

2021/12/09 [True joy] You won’t be able to enjoy real joy (the joy of the soul) if you try to get pleasure by taking it easy, such as “Is there anything good? The joy of being able to solve difficulties and difficult problems, and the joy of being able to do something that pleases others, are the real joy that no one can take away. -translated in Japan .. PL lesson for the 9th.


*wreath HT


Does light filter through an unwashed window… yes it does… With the days shorter, and the nights longer, on sunny days when the sunlight streams through the sunroom windows, the room takes on a dazzling delight of coloured rays that give the room a festive quality – yes that is one the delights of the winter months in my home. From the moment I walked into the house those many years ago, the sunroom with all its windows was a “magical” room. Each home should have such a room, We never utilized the room as a functional room, I always decorated and used it as a “canvas” or “feeling” room.

I never wavered from this delight I have in the room. I often will just sit at the fining room chair and just look out the window (this one chair faces the sunroom and its many windows) Its a view I get when emerging from the area of the house where the bedroom and my studio are located, I marvel just catching a glimpse as I walk from one area of the house to another.

Do you have a special nook or area of your home that holds a special meaning to you and you alone? No reason or rhyme, just because…..

It’s okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

PL Japan – You have to memorize it with your body to learn the content – If you want to study each path, you can deepen the content according to your efforts. If you continue to try to reflect on your mental habits and correct them, you will learn some harmonious expressions (listen, see, say, think).

translated in Japan 2021.11.27

Body language

It’s a new season.. The Xmas trees are in the tree lots, people have started to look for their special tree. Our model is no exception, she is dressed today in a toasty outfit from Black Angel retail store in SL or in Marketplace. This outfit is Carlia it is a new release http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alyssum%20Island/224/79/22

There is something about the tranquility of Nature, that I find very appealing. I step out of my vehicle and immediately feel the presence of an energy that is endless, the depth of which is beyond my comprehension, yet it feels like “home”.

With my model I am able to express my joy at being outdoors, she is happy, she is playful and most of all she is with “friends” playing in the snow. Something as adults we don’t do enough of. The location of this photo shoot was Winter solstice I will give you the LM (taxi) to the location, please be aware that not all of the area is open to the public, there are residence there be mindful of their privacy. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Real/218/157/21

Be very careful bout doing things you really like. Do everything in moderation. When you overdo, you will lose your balance.

Perfect Liberty 2021.26

Getting along with others. (translated from Japanese in Japan to English.) When people are truly united, infinite power is exerted. The first step in closing is to understand each other and get along with each other To understand the other person, acknowledge his/her strengths and never blame him/her.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11.26
Till soon

this and a little of that

You can freely express yourself within the rules. Consider rules as a canvas on which to express your specialty artistically

Perfect Liberty 2021.9

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