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locked inside, looking out (this read is not for everyone)

7516320e8ae6a813a84102f561575b19 Again this could be upsetting.. if you are sensitive to  the plight of others.. read no further.

Depression is something that comes out of nowhere, and often it can go undiagnosed.  It isn’t till something unpleasant” happens that we are forced to face something we have not wanted to address.

Did you know.. that at one time if a woman was considered to not be taking care of her husband properly he could have her shipped out to a psych ward for an “attitude adjustment”

What the picture above is showing is a woman wearing a face mask that was part of the conditioning.  It was believed that if a woman saw herself smiling it would become natural… this was often accompanied by shock treatment.  I’ll let that sink it..  archaic ?  I’m sure some of us could really get into this subject alone.


I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t read or hear about some very negative incidents that happen in the world due to “”mental health” issues.  It is all around us, and it begins at an early age.  As a health care professional, we work with many many different forms of “health issues”  .. the unease of the mind & body are constantly surfacing around us. How do we cope, how do we adjust to the unhappiness, dis-ease- and negativity that plague society today.


Life is what we make it.. right?  Not always, when someone is depressed, anxious, and totally bummed out… they are not thinking with a clear health mind.. they are dealing with an illness, something beyond their control.   They are not in this state by choice, they are dealing the cards dealt them.  Whether young, or old, when they are placed in or on a ward that requires safety steps be put in place.  Double sets of doors.   Visitors can come in, and only allowed visitors at times, not just anyone.. Visitors can leave, but they are left behind the locked doors.


The pressures of life are never easy to juggle if you are bombarded continuously with one problem after another. What can we do, how can we help others to cope.. Before we can really benefit someone else.  WE really have to begin with ourselves.  No one, not one person , has ever been without a negative thought, a compelling lure of self-doubt.. or unease about something or someone.  Imagine if those moments had intensified, gotten out of control, IF we had not had someone to speak with, be with, or connect with.


A hospital is a hospital, no matter how nice you dress it up, paint the walls, or clean the floors.  It is a cold clinical environment.  If you have occasion to visit someone in hospital.. the best gift you can bring, is a genuine love and sincere wish for their recovery.  This is a precious gift, unique to you and the person receiving it.  Wrap it with a warm loving hug and a big heartfelt smile.


Love and laughter will fill a bleak room with sunshine, and thought you may think it is not noticed.. believe me, the receiver will feel it, and it will stay with them, long after you’ve left.

God,Nature,TAo, Divine HIgher Power, whatever you call the life-giving force within, is without measure, and without definition.  Love, pure unconditional love is force like no other.   a smile that begins from within and radiates out to the world……………………is awesome.  Share a smile today.  Please... today I missed my chance, I was in an elevator full of people, and i didn’t smile. it is not easy, I will try harder tomorrow.


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


Listen With Your Heart and Your Mind

When you are listening to someone, give them your fullest attention.  Turning your body towards them, listen for the feeling behind their words so that you can truly understand what they are trying to tell you.

Listen With Your Heart and Your Mind.  Today’s Perfect Liberty teaching.  I start each day reading the daily teaching and try to carry it as best as I can throughout my day.  Doing this every day, you find that soon it becomes the natural way to respond and you develop  a greater understanding and connection to the person(s) you interact with.  How many times have you found yourself in a conversation that is one sided?  Someone will ask how you are, and before you can really answer they have launched into their own recounting of what has happened to them.  At such times I realize that the person’s need to share information and have someone listen is what is important in that moment.  I listen.  Not always, but more often then not, in listening, I hear not only the words but the feelings that accompany those words.  For that space in time, there is a connection between the person talking, and myself.  It might have been a sad story, an anxiety expressed, a happy moment retold, whatever it was, for me it was a moment shared.  I feel glad and happy to have been able to share that moment in time with my family  member/friend/acquaintance.  My happiness and comfort in sharing, transfers to the person I’m interacting with, when we can connect with another individual in a personal way, a sharing way, that is a real “hug”

Too often in life we say love, hugs and kisses, or make affectionate  sounds, but do we really feel the “comfort” and “joy” (closeness)

Listen With Your Heart and Your Mind.

Q meditates

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