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Alone, adrift, lazily following the current, ….. no…. if I were to pan out you would see my companions and fellow nature lovers…. we are all ONE, sometimes we need only raise our heads and look around.

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6


When life sends you a message you can’t ignore

Express yourself clearly so others can understand you. When you can’t communicate clearly, it can lead to problems. Always express yourself carefully to avoid any misunderstandings

Perfect Liberty 2022.9

Stop hesitating … It is more natural for you to be direct and say what is on your mind. Holding back or hesitating is unnecessary.

Perfect Liberty 2017.27

When I think that life couldn’t get any more “complex” or “disturbing” the Universe sends me a “ray of sunshine”.. a text from a friend, a raven will fly across my path and call out to me… sometimes I think it is telling me to “smarten up”… to listen with an open heart… or a “critter” will wander out of the forest and waddle past me showing great unconcern of my presence…

What is time when we have forever…

simply said… I believe – I truly do

9.9. =18=9


When we are constantly doing something… when the day seems to disappear and you are still doodling, there seems to be no end in sight to the “this and that” that are on your “to do ” list.

Are you overdoing things? Not only do you harm yourself when you overdo things, but you may be imposing on others as well.

Perfect Liberty 2022.29

When we are mindful, we appear to process information with our full bodies rather than simply the mind.

always and forever


There is no expiring date on grief….grieving is something that happens and we have no control of how it will affect us or for how long we will live with the emptiness and sense of loss.

Its a door that just never closes… a pain that seeps into every nook and cranny of your being. Just when you think you’ve moved on, when you feel the sun on your face, or a chirping bird sits on your shoulder, yes there is that moment of awe and pleasure, but… it passes… then the shadow slips in, and you feel the burden of the pain, the emptiness of loss.

“Time heals” you hear it time and time again.. yet as the years go by, when you least expect it… a sliver of the cold grief wraps around your heart once again. There is nothing to be done… it will pass. It does, but let me tell you, from the moment the icicle begins to drips its glistening tear, you are engulfed in the hopeless feeling of loss. The shattered pieces of your heart lie like broken shard with edges that are still too sharp to even begin to pick up.

You can’t go back .. you can’t retreat, you can only accept and live through the moment. The more you seek solitude, the more it eludes you. Love that endures, love that wraps its tentacles into forever, is beautiful, but it has a cost. How many moments were squandered, lost to foolish pride/ego. The seasons will change. and yes, you will get by, you will live another day… But oh… how crippling the grief is when it comes to call.

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022. 26

Saying Goodbye

When someone we love – travels into the Universe – on wings of air so light, only his/her memory remains

I recently learned that a special friend, was dealt a blow that sent him reeling. His life was turned upside down with the news that his son (42 years old) was no longer of this world. I can only imagine that moment of reality that he, his wife and family had to live, was not only crushing but life changing.

Myself I learned of this news only the other day, I happened on him as he wandered on the street by his home, lost, fighting for control of his feelings. With each word that fell from his lips, I felt the raw pain, saw the fight within himself for control. I was walking one of my dogs, she became very quiet, attentive and with me, she quietly gave all her attention to his words, feelings and outpouring.

It is important in this lifetime of ours to never take for granted that everything will still be the same tomorrow. Life as we know it is fragile.

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning point.

There are no words to express the sadness I feel when I think of my friend and his family, and no words that I can or could offer that would ease the pain of their loss.

What I can do .. is ask each and everyone of you who can, and would, to say a prayer for all in the world who are dealing with such pain and loss… Grief has to be lived… and each and every one of us, has had to deal with sorrow at some time in our lives. Prayer is a powerful tool. let us take a few minutes in our day, to say a prayer for all the families in this world who at this time are dealing with a situation that is difficult and hard to bare.. but live with it they must, till time helps ease the pain.

Today in the little bird garden, I asked each bird to carry a prayer into the skies.. that would carry love and healing energy to all who need it.

photo taken my Mark Webster


PL Precept #11 Always be with God

Top photo by Shirley Keen, NZ


The only constant in life, is change.

R,I.P. Oshieoya-sama (Takahito Miki)

Funeral service will be held in Japan Holy Land, December 8. at 11:a.m. for us in Canada, that would be December 7th 9 pm.

With gratitude and appreciation in our hearts, we pray. We will continue to practice the teachings of PL, to live peaceful and joyous lives, for the sake of others, society and world peace.

We will hold Sunday service as usual tomorrow, as scheduled. 10:a.m. Eastern Time.


photo Shirley Keen NZ

I am woman


RIP Helen Reddy, she cowrote I am Woman with Ray Burton. Inspired by her involvement in the women’s movement, the song gained popularity climbing the charts, she was the first Australia singer to hit number 1 in the US and earned her a Grammy for Female Pop Vocal Performance.

We also said goodbye today to Mac Davis, American singer-songwriter, who was from Lubbock Texas. Mac was known for his easy laid back songs, he also wrote for Elvis Presley (In the ghetto)… https://youtu.be/Ll8BBZCNoqk

some music/songs, the creativity and interpretation of life will never fade.


https://youtu.be/ywsuK3sRtLI https://youtu.be/MrPypIhrN9g




How often in our life time will we say goodbye.. How often will we say, “its for the best”..

Like a fine wine we age, then the day comes when we simply know its time to enter another phase.. the journey we will embark on is all our own, family and friends are left behind. It has to be that way, for we all reach our journey’s end in our own way, and in our own time.

When we live each day to the best of our abilities, give thanks, and appreciate all that we have lived and learned along the way…. The final journey is a blessing well earned.

Appreciate your ancestors and their virtues. We are here today thanks to our ancestors. Let’s pay our respects and give sincere thanks to those who came before us.

Perfect Liberty 2014.11

Begin your day with appreciation. Welcome each new day with renewed appreciation, and step forward with a feeling of World Peace in your heart.

Perfect Liberty 2011.21


photo Shirley Keen NZ


photo Dave Renz (day 68)

Yuppers today I woke up with a maudlin mind. My thoughts travelled down roads, through valleys and dales that well…just brought tears that needed to be expressed. Crying doesn’t mean I’m unhappy, it means I am reliving a series of events that tugged at my heart strings.

I talk to you all about love all the time. Love is forever moments that live on in the energy field that is me, myself and I. Crying is cleansing, to allow a tear drop to fall is to allow the sunshine in on a sunny day.

music,singers,song writers, story tellers, what a beautiful world we live in

There will always be a way. If you persist and be creative without giving up, you will find solutions that you had not considered before.

Perfect Liberty 2020.28

Now I’m off to exercise, walk my many steps, and move. How about you! step, step, step, exercise your brain, your body, your everything. Life is for living.


immerse yourself

a moment in time

You will find joy when you immerse yourself in your task. When you face your tasks with a can do attitude, you will be filled with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Perfect liberty 2020.22


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