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Chop Suey Thursday

in flight 4.26.17

Colours of my day…… of late instead of writing in a journal, I do a colour piece, mixed media,  these pieces, are either stand alone, or I will use them for backgrounds to other works I might be inspired to do.


Colour plays a part in my day.  I love colours that speak loud and clear. Probably because I like life to be clear and uncomplicated.  I spent part of today, calling what friends of my Mother’s that are still around to let them know the memorial is coming up soon.  Like her, they are up there in age.  It is more a courtesy call, to let them know so they are not forgotten.  The memorial will take place right down town, not convenient for parking.


As beautiful as they are, all flowers eventually wilt , dry up and fall off.  They are so vibrant and joyful when in bloom.  I feel so alive, so bad ass healthy.  Too bad, when I catch a glance in a mirror, I’m not sure who the person looking back at me is.  I say to myself, I’m like the bark on a stately tree, I get better with age.

To celebrate my husband’s birthday, we had dessert.. which is not something we do often.  There are advantages to celebrate the passing of time =^_^=


PL Precept #18  Each moment is a turning Point.

PL#21   Live in Perfect Liberty

lost in time (a morning prayer)


another day goes by

and still I wait

under the clear blue skies

I watch one cloud slowly make its way

to another cumulus cloud

as they merge into one another

my thoughts return to another time

when I was young

in my prime

life was different then

so many fun encounters

young and old

spent time with me

now each new day brings 

the trees reach out to give me shade

and the long tall grass

whispers to me softly

as they lean into me

I don’t see as well

with the passing years

my eyes have clouded over

but I know you are always 

with me God

that makes every moment 


I  sit and enjoy 

my fading years

another stranger will pass by

and capture me in lens

for whatever state I’m in

the glory of my life with you

will shine through


I am one with you


PL Precept # 11   Always be with God







Good Morning!  another day begins.  Aging, as humans this is a journey we will all take.  Unlike mechanical or man-made objects, we aren’t parked and left to rust.  The process of aging takes place in a very different way, for each and every one of us.  Even the manner we are laid to rest has changed over the years.


Dancing when we partnered and spoke in rhythm to the music that was in our lives.  Activity for many was hours of dancing to the sounds of the time.  Roller skating, or ice skating, had us outside, for others there was hockey,skiing,ice climbing or racing, and ladies remember the two-step on skates. snowshoeing, biking!  As the years roll by, do we do as  much as we used to do?   Maybe the type of activity changes, but it is important to keep moving, doing, and stretching not only our bodies but our minds.


We need to put our hearts and mind into everything we do.  Activity keeps the momentum of life moving forward.,  Seize the day, get out and enjoy!  Fresh air, fresh outlook, all contribute to a new perception.  Life is Art….. 


Namaste      –     Oyashikiri





**print on etsy.com (Soul,tango dancers in Buenos Aires)

video,music – Gordon Mote (singer songwriter,pianist,recording artist. http://www.gordonmote.com

life and aging –

We have life today because of the ancestors that came before us.  Utilize the Makoto )sincerity left by your ancestors to live today to the fullest.

Haga valer en el presente el Makoto de sus antepasados.  (Spanish)

O hoje existe gracas aos antepassados. (Portuguese)

Love translates into any language, it is easy to forget as we ourselves age, that our elders have lived and experienced the same joys and sorrows over their lifetime. Try not to squander your days and nights on actions or non actions that you may at a later time come to regret.

Never forget to express love and appreciation to those in your life that matter.


Chinese Moon Gates, symbolize gateways, passage ways to a mystical “beyond”… their architecture in gardens had them so one could see the full moon, and enjoy the vista beyond.  Some day we will all cross over the threshold of today, and when we do we will be ancestors to those we have left behind.

By increasing the feeling of appreciation to your ancestors, your life will be more enriched.

And remember to do your best to smile, sharing a cheerful smile and expression makes everyone around you happy.

Realize tudo com um sorriso!

Irradie su entorno con sonrissas y expresiones alegres.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

Please note that I will be in holiday mode for the next week or so,  posts may not be consistent.

Video – YouTube

Picture -The Daily Mailer

Aging – best before date


Maxine always has something to say!  As we mature, age, our bodies start to lose the zest and vigor, our minds may still want to play and experience all that life has to offer, but the balance between body and mind has shifted.  We’ve all at one time or another had the e-mails or faxed  “words of wisdom”  passed around to us.

aging .1


All cute and all words to quote and use when times get tough when we think we are getting old.  Usually if I am to believe the moaners and groaners out there in the 25-45 year age group getting older is a process and accept it or not, it is a journey that has to be taken. The magazines, and marketing shows all want us to think that we can stop the process, there are products out there to make one look younger, or a way to apply makeup so you take years away. The French have an expression, “whether you want or you don’t want it, life happens”  that is a literal translation.

Laughter is timeless – Imagination has no age – and Dreams are forever (Walt Disney)   I can tell you that when for some reason or another I’ve had to visit a home for the elderly, I don’t  hear a lot of laughter. When you look into the faces of the men and women who are sitting there lined up in chairs, facing or backs to the sunshine. You usually meet  eyes that are blank, with no laughter waiting to spill over, just a tired, resigned look of apathy.  No one wants to be in that position, no one goes out of their way to be alone in their very senior years, but for some this is where their journey will bring them.

Even the young are facing such moments. Social media, has a lot of pluses, but it also has the potential of leaving us more alienated from life than we’ve ever found ourselves before. We (society) has taken steps to ensure that what we put into and on our bodies has a best before date emblazoned on it.  We joke, and talk about getting old, but we don’t really prepare, really prepare for old age.  We accept that a plant will grow and go through the cycle of its life and die, but our own life cycle, we tend to put on hold. We want to live at all costs, and we are always so busy planning how we will do that.. We do not live the moment.  If we are unhappy with something, we cleverly, create other means of satisfying that itch, or passion.  There is a lot of talk of improving our own SELF.  it is a huge task, do we really work hard putting our utmost sincerity (makoto) into dealing with our own issues.  Happiness is something that begins within.  One first has to be happy with one’s SELF, in the end, that is all you have is your SELF.

Aging 5

aging 6



50 shades of cold

50 shades of cold

You don’t only feel the cold, we can see it transforming the landscape around us. Saying STOP,is like whispering into the wind. In conversation with my sister we talked of aging, and of course being that it was my sister, I was musing out loud about the challenges of the last few weeks and heard myself say that if aging was about taking medications, being unwell and consistently challenged, well I was not, repeat NOT happy about it all.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 011Then this morning, I looked out my window at my friends who were patiently waiting for the snow to come.  The yard has been tidied and ready for the winter weather that we get here in this part of Canada.  Paths have been cleared, plants/shrubs cut back so that the dogs will have room to navigate when they go out for their exercise and fun in the snow.   Canaille loves to run through the fresh snow and chase after her ball.  Velcro (whippet) well that is a different story, he is in and out in record breaking time.  But being a whippet, he has to burn off energy, so he follows the track Canaille has made and runs at break neck speed over the trail.   Thus we clear it of  objects that can obstruct.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 014I noticed that one of the garden fairies has put herself in a lying position, she is using a rock to cushion and protect her from the blanket of snow that will soon cover her and keep her safe from the bitter winter winds.  As I sit and survey my private garden, much like Canaille does when we are just sitting watching the world go by,  I realize that when the summer growth is abundant, many of the “little people” are not visible to the eye.  They are there, they just are not seen, but their presence never-the-less is still felt, all who come to the garden feel the “calm” they infuse into the setting.

Now with the greenery gone, they are laid bare.  Today, I spent time with each and everyone of them, renewing my connection and feeling the bond that we share, for at one time I placed them there,  Unlike me, they can’t come in out of the cold, they accept and patiently wait out the changing seasons.  Every year, the time and weather takes its toll.  Like me they are growing old.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 043Smile the “old man” says, smile when you feel sad, he is always smiling, I love him, seeing him today, made me realize that my challenge today will be to pray that I will have the inner strength  to endure patiently (like my garden friends)  the changing seasons.  Soon the snow will come, and I too will be embraced in magic of the falling snowflakes.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 030A step at a time we find our way home.  This little kitten was tossed into a heap of broken and unwanted concrete  at a shop where only the perfect pieces were wanted for display .. she was not content to stay buried in the rubble,  where she was tossed, she found her way to where she could be seen, =^_^= that’s right, I found her, and now she has a home here with me.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 025My garden brings me joy in all of its incarnations.

I took time today to reconnect….if you feel my sadness … don’t worry, it will pass… I’ve learned in life, not to suppress emotion, for to know sadness it to have known great joy and happiness.   The Universe is is simply giving me “space” “time” to appreciate my realities.

2013-11-17 nov 17 2013 032

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