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elder -youngster

Work well with Everyone regardless of their age or position. The opinions of those who are younger may lead to new solutions, and we can always learn from the accumulated experiences of our elders.

Perfect Liberty 2020.4


unrequited love

From the very first moment that I caught sight of you

I knew you meant something to me

There was something about the way you  stood

So proud, so regal, so totally beautiful

I really wanted to see more of you.

For days I saw you in my dreams,

I spoke of you, I asked about you, I wanted to know all about you.

No one could tell me anything, you were a mystery

I persisted, I called around, a friend went out to try and find you

She wrote her excursion had not been successful

Finally I drove down the highway where I’d first seen you

Be still my heart, there you were, in daylight you even looked more appealing

I got out and walked near you, as I got closer I saw  you were older than I thought

It didn’t matter, you had captivated and captured my heart

Jeep and trip to Embrum 149

knowing nothing about you, and not being able to get access to information about you

All I could do was to admire what i saw

Yes I saw you had really lived your life at one time with someone who had  really

spent a lot of time with you

Now it appeared you had been cast aside,

probably for a younger model.

Jeep and trip to Embrum 146

Had I the space I’d take you home and let you graze in the pasture

With gentle breezes and flowers in the meadow

Jeep and trip to Embrum 138

Somehow I know the neighbours will just not want you on our front lawn

I’ve taken pictures, and I want you to know

That although I can’t have you with me, you will always have a place in my heart

Jeep and trip to Embrum 137

For now your seats are empty and you aren’t going to go far

but.. you’ve earned your rest  the mileage you’ve put on, the challenges you’ve lived

have given you the right to call it a day… I hope someone else will find you some day

and enjoy your  as I have..  I cannot bring you home, I can’t own you,

but by golly I sure can appreciate you, yes, just the way you are.

bear hugs

If  I could wrap my arms around the Jeep to hug it, I would.

Sharing her with you is all I can do for now

Blessings everyone!!

Namaste  -Oyashikiri

Aging – best before date


Maxine always has something to say!  As we mature, age, our bodies start to lose the zest and vigor, our minds may still want to play and experience all that life has to offer, but the balance between body and mind has shifted.  We’ve all at one time or another had the e-mails or faxed  “words of wisdom”  passed around to us.

aging .1


All cute and all words to quote and use when times get tough when we think we are getting old.  Usually if I am to believe the moaners and groaners out there in the 25-45 year age group getting older is a process and accept it or not, it is a journey that has to be taken. The magazines, and marketing shows all want us to think that we can stop the process, there are products out there to make one look younger, or a way to apply makeup so you take years away. The French have an expression, “whether you want or you don’t want it, life happens”  that is a literal translation.

Laughter is timeless – Imagination has no age – and Dreams are forever (Walt Disney)   I can tell you that when for some reason or another I’ve had to visit a home for the elderly, I don’t  hear a lot of laughter. When you look into the faces of the men and women who are sitting there lined up in chairs, facing or backs to the sunshine. You usually meet  eyes that are blank, with no laughter waiting to spill over, just a tired, resigned look of apathy.  No one wants to be in that position, no one goes out of their way to be alone in their very senior years, but for some this is where their journey will bring them.

Even the young are facing such moments. Social media, has a lot of pluses, but it also has the potential of leaving us more alienated from life than we’ve ever found ourselves before. We (society) has taken steps to ensure that what we put into and on our bodies has a best before date emblazoned on it.  We joke, and talk about getting old, but we don’t really prepare, really prepare for old age.  We accept that a plant will grow and go through the cycle of its life and die, but our own life cycle, we tend to put on hold. We want to live at all costs, and we are always so busy planning how we will do that.. We do not live the moment.  If we are unhappy with something, we cleverly, create other means of satisfying that itch, or passion.  There is a lot of talk of improving our own SELF.  it is a huge task, do we really work hard putting our utmost sincerity (makoto) into dealing with our own issues.  Happiness is something that begins within.  One first has to be happy with one’s SELF, in the end, that is all you have is your SELF.

Aging 5

aging 6


Bom dia, happy Saturday everyone!



A lazy start to another wonderful day, closes my eyes, smiles and remembers yesterday. Would you look at this tree, how old must it be, how extraordinary its experiences in life must have been.  It is hard to tell from a picture just how  high that opening is, right away, I want to climb up to explore inside.  In some ways it reminds me of a big bird with its mouth open, and other times when I look at it, I imagine its the entrance to a hobbit condo.  Imagination is wonderful isn’t, so is intuition.  Both are gifts we were born with, some of us use these gifts more than others.




cherry blossoms -peaceful by Glenn Waters

It is still too cool in this part of the world, to lay in the shade basking  under the warm healing sunshine, but in other parts of the country this could be one of your options today.  Yes I am a bit of a day dreamer, but what is wrong with taking a bit of “laid back” time for yourself.  Value your intuition, often we “know” a little voice tells us, we “need” to slow down, engage in some “me time”. Instead we look at our lists, or to the voices of friends who want to go here, there and everywhere, and you become “busy, busy busy”.  We are not machines, and we all know that machines break down, require ongoing maintenance.  Unlike the tree in the first picture, we might not show our scars and our age in the same way, but instinctively we do know when its time to rest, when we have pushed ourselves to a limit. The “Universe” looks out for us, Believe and have Faith, listen to your “intuition”, stop planning every minute of your day.  Allow time in your day to  P L A Y.  Don’t wait for a better time, that time will never just materialize.  Be good to your SELF today.  PRAY=recharge,  rain or shine, make this a day you’ll remember.            PL Precept #18.   Each moment is a Turning Point.


                       May your day be full of blessings you will enjoy and cherish forever …….    Oyashikiri

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