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Hug magic

when life is mostly a blur

and you you just can’t seem to get it right !

a hug can make everything bright again =^_^=

They invented hugs to let people kow you love them without saying anything.  Will Keane


There isn’t any secret formula or method.  You learn by loving. Aldus Huxley

PL Calendar day 30    Lets’ listen to others until the end.

When you interrupt or interject your idea when someone else is talking, you will miss out on hearing the person’s true intentions.  Clear your mind and listen carefully until the end.



I fell

I tumbled

I rolled

there were penguins


he shoots, he scores


never watch a hockey game

before going to bed

2013-02-23 brown eyed Susans 002

they lost

4 -3

now go to sleep

yeah, right!

penguin 10

1 little penguin

2 little penguins

3 little penguins

penguins 11

4 little penguins

5 little penguins

penguins 12

ok, they’re strong

they’ll be fine

back to the garden of Eve

now, where is Adam


don’t wake me

I’m still sleeping

that can be the only excuse

penguins 5

PL Precept # 2   To live is to express one’s self

PL calendar lesson 21 – accept everything with appreciation





There is nothing else like it.


It is truly beautiful

to observe, and even more powerful when we participate


True, we don’t get to choose our family

but we do our friends.


That said, when we have love in our hearts

it is there for all to see and feel


a bond that lasts forever

is built on trust, acceptance and a love that is unconditional


Here is your hug for today..

Pass it on…

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


warm fuzzy moment


A warm embrace, another warm body lying close beside you, their warmth and gentle breathing so calming.  Oh.. so very nice.

I’ve noticed in the last many years, that a common farewell greeting ending a conversation, text especially will be to sign off with a hug.  or xxoo  I do it myself, sometimes without thinking

What does a hug imply.  To me it  implies affectionate, so a hug at the end of a text would (for me) be a way of saying “affectionately yours”

I realized this morning when ending a conversation with someone, that when that person used it when terminating our conversation, I was actually taken aback.  Me who is a user of this expression.!! Wow…

Food for thought.. This person  is rather new to my work world, and I know a much younger person.  So now I am reviewing my use of the term, and will consider carefully how and when I use it.  I think I do, but this morning’s experience has made me aware of something in my behaviour that could be easily “misconstrued”  if I am cavalier in my use of the word.  I believe that we should all do things with a prayerful mind, speak with sincerity.  Live life with makoto (sincerity), and strive to build strong friendships and good vibes with all we encounter.


We are all unique in our personalities and character, some love to cuddle up close and personal, others may not feel that comfortable being so close.  I like air climate control and the crispness of a fall day while someone else wants the warmth of the mid day sun on the hottest day before their purr engine starts.

3f440064-a9d7-4d93-bdf6-e08af052bfaa‘Friends that get to know one another, really learn to care, in that caring, they find trust, and share common bonds The the hug is really and truly a warm and fuzzy moment.   Not just a hug of passing strangers, like the European kiss on the cheek that was a custom, thing to do, and had nothing to do with warm and fuzzy.

mmmmmm I like  hugs, not that I’m a hugger, but I do like the word because it does imply a deep affection.  And so… after all of this… I say to you… I want to HUG YOU ALL.

so saying I pounce………………


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

photos http://www.ba-bamail.com

unrequited love

From the very first moment that I caught sight of you

I knew you meant something to me

There was something about the way you  stood

So proud, so regal, so totally beautiful

I really wanted to see more of you.

For days I saw you in my dreams,

I spoke of you, I asked about you, I wanted to know all about you.

No one could tell me anything, you were a mystery

I persisted, I called around, a friend went out to try and find you

She wrote her excursion had not been successful

Finally I drove down the highway where I’d first seen you

Be still my heart, there you were, in daylight you even looked more appealing

I got out and walked near you, as I got closer I saw  you were older than I thought

It didn’t matter, you had captivated and captured my heart

Jeep and trip to Embrum 149

knowing nothing about you, and not being able to get access to information about you

All I could do was to admire what i saw

Yes I saw you had really lived your life at one time with someone who had  really

spent a lot of time with you

Now it appeared you had been cast aside,

probably for a younger model.

Jeep and trip to Embrum 146

Had I the space I’d take you home and let you graze in the pasture

With gentle breezes and flowers in the meadow

Jeep and trip to Embrum 138

Somehow I know the neighbours will just not want you on our front lawn

I’ve taken pictures, and I want you to know

That although I can’t have you with me, you will always have a place in my heart

Jeep and trip to Embrum 137

For now your seats are empty and you aren’t going to go far

but.. you’ve earned your rest  the mileage you’ve put on, the challenges you’ve lived

have given you the right to call it a day… I hope someone else will find you some day

and enjoy your  as I have..  I cannot bring you home, I can’t own you,

but by golly I sure can appreciate you, yes, just the way you are.

bear hugs

If  I could wrap my arms around the Jeep to hug it, I would.

Sharing her with you is all I can do for now

Blessings everyone!!

Namaste  -Oyashikiri



Inspiration comes to us in many guises … this picture from a clip on “things one sees only in India” had me reaching for pad and pencil.  That donkey looks pretty relaxed… considering… my dogs trust me, but if I tried to get one to ride on a motorbike with me in such fashion, I don’t know how laid back they would be. In fact I doubt that anywhere here in Canada could someone get away with riding such a small bike with two adults and a good size animal.  The gentleman is happy, seems like an everyday occurrence to the onlooker.


This was a story on a rescue of a miniature donkey (Herald Sun, Jan. 18.2010 – Kelly Ryan)  the picture of contentment.  born the size of a small beagle, a miniature donkey will not grow as big as a great dane, and will weigh in at 130kg.  Animals inspire me, they are guileless. Life is!


Some of their expressions are priceless.  When I am inspired, I feel it, there is an excitement within, a connection to a power that transcends words/logic, it simply is.  Other writers, artists, creators, tell me the same, we don’t sit down and say this is what we are going to do, we may have an idea, but when it gels, or takes “definition” we are often just as surprised as everyone else at what we have accomplished.

When listening to a good musician do a set, something he has done over and over for months on end, its good. but when he looses himself in what he is playing and simply “let’s go” there is a difference to the song/melody the music takes on a life of its own, it happens when man, the instrument and the music come together as one.  It is amazing.  When we try to force a thought or idea, we might communicate a message, but when it is allowed to flow and happen with sincerity and love, the message will be totally different.  Received a  lot differently too.

Mother and child.  Jonathan Palmer 4/7/06

Affection is a very important part of life. A warm hug from a loving friend, a smile of recognition across a crowded room,  saying hello to a stranger who looks tired and alone… often we are polite, but are we caring, do we care?  Do we have or need affection in our lives?  Now is the perfect time to show those we care about, that we do really and truly care…. I close my eyes and hug each and every one of you.. Know you are loved.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

Warm embrace

warm embrace

The warmth of the summer sun.


Words can comfort, but give someone a real hug today!


Give someone a real hug today – share the love!


pictures -Pinterest

Guten Tag ! Buongiorno!

awesome place -PinterestSometimes I just have to share with you some of my finds.

Sometimes I find a photograph that leaves me without words to express what I am thinking, or the wonder that fills my mind,  Is it real,  how did it happen or come to be…   It was posted on Pinterest by a Nathan Eames. (Poole,UK)

Every day I have such moments in my life.  Moments where I am simply overcome with an emotion that carries me away.  It could be something as  simple as walking outside with one of the dogs and seeing a squirrel run across the hydro or telephone line as easily as I walk along a sidewalk.  The other day I noticed a small purple violet peaking out from a small clump of freshly unfurled moss green leaves.  There are crumbling pieces of broken concrete from a weather worn bird bath that somehow seem to give character to the  sprawling juniper.  If I look even harder I see the faces of long forgotten art dolls looking out at me wondering if I’ve forgotten them.  I have.  There is just so much to see, explore and experience right here at home, yet when I see the finds of others. like the picture above.  I truly am amazed.   Isn’t technology wonderful. How blessed we are to live in an age of “social media” where artists can share their works, visual and otherwise by simply posting it for others to see.

awesome moon - via Jane Abernathy Hahn


Value your time here, actually see the world around you, listen to the sounds of life that fill your day. Most of all, appreciate the true worth of those around you.  Family, friends, tell someone you care, don’t assume they know.  We all need to know we matter in someone else’s world.

No matter how big or small the part we play, we are all ONE under the moon/stars/sun.    Blessings…      Oyashikiri

bear hugs


bottom photo via Jane Abernathy Hahn -Pinterest


Goedendag! good day everyone!


Good Morning Everyone!  Ahhhh what a day, what a day… kicked out of bed very early this morning by a whippet…a surprise wake up call! What can one do, standing over me with great concern on her face was the Porti (Portuguese Water Dog).. what else to do but smile.. No matter what rude awakening starts your day, S M I L E.

smile and hug

A nice big hug to go along with the smile is bonus!  It isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but a smile that reaches the eyes can melt a heart, change a mood and just be gall darn enchanting.  Not only does it make you feel better, it helps those around you have a better day themselves.  Happiness is contagious.  Now pucker up!

smile - pucker up

Hope I got a smile out of you today……     thank you for sharing this moment with me….. love, today and always……  Oyashikiri


photography >Pinterest/Flickr

Begin each day with a renewed sense of appreciation

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAfter watching the news last night and seeing the snow storms that hit parts of the States and Canada leaving behind a mess to be cleaned up and dealt with for days to come, went searching for a picture that showed green vegetation and new growth.  Wow my prayers and positive energy is being sent out to all of you who need that extra boost.

The PL lesson for today was > Begin each Day with a Renewed Sense of Appreciation <   Are you living each day and getting into a rut? By making small changes in the things you do, your day to day life can become fresh and exciting.  We are here today , by the grace of God.  Let’s make each day meaningful, by starting out with a feeling of gratitude for a brand new day.  In being genuinely happy about life, we will be blessed with a deeper sense of happiness.

Smile, you are loved each and every day, sometimes we may not feel very loved, but you are.  Know and believe, you are loved.


I love this picture.. Warm HUGS everyone!   Blessings – Oyashikiri.



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