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There is nothing else like it.


It is truly beautiful

to observe, and even more powerful when we participate


True, we don’t get to choose our family

but we do our friends.


That said, when we have love in our hearts

it is there for all to see and feel


a bond that lasts forever

is built on trust, acceptance and a love that is unconditional


Here is your hug for today..

Pass it on…

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


Comments on: "connecting" (9)

  1. Just love that last pic – and so apt for you, too! Made me smile. Hugs! xxx

  2. beautiful….thank you for posting.

  3. amplitudejoy said:

    Thank you for sharing rain or shine, up or down. I thank God every day for you

  4. Love the “hug for today” photo and the last “being me” photo! 😀

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