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snow moment


Snow what a  blessing

from above, crystals

with prisms that catch the light

an art form,

that can  dazzle and delight


it is true, we can’t fall asleep

in plain sight,

enjoying the sun the same way

we can in summer


oh, but other delights await us

and the winter fun can begin

the slops are being groomed

snowshoes  are being readied

I can smell the baking pies

and anticipate the wonder

in the children’s eyes

the    happy smiles

when they fly down a hill

all bundled up, on their first toboggan ride

oh dear.. there is always

an old bear, who wants us to know

winter or not

he will have his time in the sun


truth be told

he is right of course,

no matter the season

there is never a  good reason

to get out and enjoy

the day no matter what


I for one

will wear my new dress

and have fun

PL Precept #1     Life is Art

smile donkey snowman

hmmm somehow Mr. Snowman, I don’t think that this is a friendly kiss

1st and hedgehog picture are mine, others from social media

a smile to start your day

smile donkey snowman

What would be your caption to this picture?

The sweetest smile

that twinkle in his eye

just how innocent

is the kiss?


hmmm let me ponder

another puzzle to wonder about

this could be a lazy day

let us meet half way

give a shout

if you want to play..

a smile to start your day

with a big loving hug, is on its way…



namaste      –      oyashikiri

PL Precept # 1     Life is Art




There is nothing else like it.


It is truly beautiful

to observe, and even more powerful when we participate


True, we don’t get to choose our family

but we do our friends.


That said, when we have love in our hearts

it is there for all to see and feel


a bond that lasts forever

is built on trust, acceptance and a love that is unconditional


Here is your hug for today..

Pass it on…

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


please, a smile for you?

donkey flowersGood morning, I picked these just for you

 How are you today?  Is it sunny down your way?

Oh dear, what is a shower or two

After all, we are getting to share a moment

Before I have to say adieu..


Yesterday was a wonderful day

I’m sorry I missed my time with you

I knew you would understand

Friends and I, were out on a drive exploring

and simply enjoying the day

Seeing the sights and getting to know each other more

Life would be such a bore,

if we didn’t make time to play


The beauty and wonder of it all

Is that my friends are from Japan,

 I got to show them a small part of Canada

and experience their delight in viewing my homeland

Morrisburg, on St Lawrence River.

We got as far as the St. Lawrence River,

where we could stand, and they could see

our closest neighbour, the United States of America

crops soybean

Farmer’s fields were newly sewn, some early crops were to be seen

Everything was green, as far as the eyes could see

Language barriers vanished when the sharing

was the visual all around  us

country living, sheep

In Perfect LIberty, we truly believe that Life is for Living

and that Life is Art

Rev. Atsushi, Rev. Mamoru and I had a exquisite day yesterday

we put our full Makoto (heart/sincerity)  into what we did

the day will be a memory that will last for a very long time

In sharing it with you, we hope that it

will bring a smile to your day.

donkey smile

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



Inspiration comes to us in many guises … this picture from a clip on “things one sees only in India” had me reaching for pad and pencil.  That donkey looks pretty relaxed… considering… my dogs trust me, but if I tried to get one to ride on a motorbike with me in such fashion, I don’t know how laid back they would be. In fact I doubt that anywhere here in Canada could someone get away with riding such a small bike with two adults and a good size animal.  The gentleman is happy, seems like an everyday occurrence to the onlooker.


This was a story on a rescue of a miniature donkey (Herald Sun, Jan. 18.2010 – Kelly Ryan)  the picture of contentment.  born the size of a small beagle, a miniature donkey will not grow as big as a great dane, and will weigh in at 130kg.  Animals inspire me, they are guileless. Life is!


Some of their expressions are priceless.  When I am inspired, I feel it, there is an excitement within, a connection to a power that transcends words/logic, it simply is.  Other writers, artists, creators, tell me the same, we don’t sit down and say this is what we are going to do, we may have an idea, but when it gels, or takes “definition” we are often just as surprised as everyone else at what we have accomplished.

When listening to a good musician do a set, something he has done over and over for months on end, its good. but when he looses himself in what he is playing and simply “let’s go” there is a difference to the song/melody the music takes on a life of its own, it happens when man, the instrument and the music come together as one.  It is amazing.  When we try to force a thought or idea, we might communicate a message, but when it is allowed to flow and happen with sincerity and love, the message will be totally different.  Received a  lot differently too.

Mother and child.  Jonathan Palmer 4/7/06

Affection is a very important part of life. A warm hug from a loving friend, a smile of recognition across a crowded room,  saying hello to a stranger who looks tired and alone… often we are polite, but are we caring, do we care?  Do we have or need affection in our lives?  Now is the perfect time to show those we care about, that we do really and truly care…. I close my eyes and hug each and every one of you.. Know you are loved.

Namaste   – Oyashikiri

An ass you say !?


“Stop” I cry out, my husband shudders at the word, it usually  occurs when we are clipping down a highway and  I see something I want to take a picture of.  Even after 27 ? years, he still has to adjust to this need on my part to  S T O P.   A safe place has to be found on the road, to turn around and go back, while I mutter about the delay in getting there before the sunlight on the location changes, yadda yadda yadda….  You can’t see him/her in this picture but there is a donkey/ass there. Do you think it would stand still for me to catch it in the frame, of course not. Short of walking up the driveway and over the fence, which is called trespassing, you’ll just have to take my word for it there was an ass there.  The creature was all off white/grey with lovely big ears, he sauntered like he was on a mission of discovery… he just kept moving

. All this to say.. once the moment happens, that is it, its gone, you can try to get it back.. is just ain’t gonna  happen for you.


Have a good day everyone!  We are still on the road, day trips for now, see you when I see you…

Namaste – Oyashikiri


Upper NY State – route 12

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