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Wordless Wednesday






come back soon


please, a smile for you?

donkey flowersGood morning, I picked these just for you

 How are you today?  Is it sunny down your way?

Oh dear, what is a shower or two

After all, we are getting to share a moment

Before I have to say adieu..


Yesterday was a wonderful day

I’m sorry I missed my time with you

I knew you would understand

Friends and I, were out on a drive exploring

and simply enjoying the day

Seeing the sights and getting to know each other more

Life would be such a bore,

if we didn’t make time to play


The beauty and wonder of it all

Is that my friends are from Japan,

 I got to show them a small part of Canada

and experience their delight in viewing my homeland

Morrisburg, on St Lawrence River.

We got as far as the St. Lawrence River,

where we could stand, and they could see

our closest neighbour, the United States of America

crops soybean

Farmer’s fields were newly sewn, some early crops were to be seen

Everything was green, as far as the eyes could see

Language barriers vanished when the sharing

was the visual all around  us

country living, sheep

In Perfect LIberty, we truly believe that Life is for Living

and that Life is Art

Rev. Atsushi, Rev. Mamoru and I had a exquisite day yesterday

we put our full Makoto (heart/sincerity)  into what we did

the day will be a memory that will last for a very long time

In sharing it with you, we hope that it

will bring a smile to your day.

donkey smile

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

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