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mourning – Ancestors day

a lighthouse in the rain

My mind still talks to you

my heart still looks for you

My soul knows you are at peace

I thank God for having had you

but I still miss you so much!

My niece knew yesterday that I was in having a difficult time… she sent me this quote she found on all-great quotes.com.  I saw it only this morning.  and yes, the above is  all so true.

Ancestors day is celebrated on the 11th of every month in PL   Today is the 11th. Service is at 10 a.m.



PL calendar day 11 – Remember to be thankful and humble.  Appreciate the Makoto (sincerity) of the people who came before you.

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.  Love one another but make not a bond of love.  Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls   Khalil Gibran

Boats – waiting


All in a row

one by one

they sit and wait

for someone to come open the gate


it is a beautiful day

surely today will be the day


shadows play along the walls

racks wait patiently

to feel the weight of  their cargo


the sun shines down with promise

 anticipation is carried on the breeze

  Mother Nature  smiles & whispers

“all in good time”

we still are nowhere near the twenty first of May


soon, soon enough,

the grounds will be alive with activity

the sailing season

will begin


for now the few

who have come to enjoy

are blessed with a tranquil day

and open spaces of exquisite joy


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

Buen dia, a reflexion

a thought for today

Sometimes love is about taking care of the moment. being aware of  one’s inner SELF.

broken crayons


Namaste      –     Oyashikiri





So many words come at me, so many ideas want to flow down to my finger tips to be expressed at this time, but I have to pull a few aside and say,,, another time.

When I am having an especially good time, I just never want it to end,but of course, it must, and then I have to work at being patient ….. till the next time.

There are times, when the clouds are gray and I can see that soon, they will get darker, and the mood bleaker…Yesterday we drove along the country back roads, the sun shone down through big white puffy clouds, the patchwork of greens interspersed with  fields of soft shades of pastel yellow golds blended happily with our day.  Then ahead we would see the darkness start to form and the tall church steeple no longer stood against a blue sky but was draped in a cloud of rain.


There are times when what we see, can indicate what will be, yet, if you are in the moment, then time can be only another perspective of what can or could be.  By the time we reached the church, the cloud had passed, we saw the rain, but didn’t experience it, not at that moment anyway …..  we saw time take place for someone else, but not for us.


Time will always be a perception

namaste     –     oyashikiri

paper art,Pinterest


after midnight

Turkey, Mardin

This is a picture of Mardin, Turkey.  What struck me was how different it was from anything I have seen in the part of the world I live in,  I just wasn’t sure when I saw it, if I was drawn in, or even if it was real. There is not a tree in sight, a park, a piece of land, nothing.  Someone had commented that it looked like a picture from a fairy tale book.


This is Austria,lots of green, yet it is still a world I have yet to discover. No matter where we are, whether or not we travel to these far away places or we stay at home, we are blessed with living in an era where we can meet people from all over the world, right on our doorstep.

We need only be open to the experience.

How often have I walked past a stranger, who looked interesting, and not said a word, even though, he/she looked interesting and we had exchanged a nod or smile. We all do it. We let the moment pass.

It is in opening the window, or door to new opportunities that we discover new vistas, new ways of seeing life, Sharing good conversation with a friend is a genuine moment worth remembering.


A good friend is not one that comes and goes with the blink of an eye.  Nor can we go out and search for a friend, they come into our lives like blessings, treasures, gifts from the Universe.  Like anything else, they will grow with time,  if the connection is real, you will have a friend for a lifetime.  It all begins with a hello.  Life is…. lived… one moment at a time. Once a seed is planted, how well it grows, depends on us.

no more… no less.

namaste     –     oyashikiri

captured in time

Timing when taking a picture is everything – the photographer catches that moment in time,  It is an artistic moment.


The light, the shadows, the focus and the intent, will be forever on display


there isn’t always someone

ready with a camera or lenses

to capture that moment for us

c607ad8237d70c0496d7ba8490debf4f no matter

if we were part of that moment, the feelings, the emotion of that moment, live within in us forever

if we were the subject(s) our perception of that moment, will not be the same as the photographer’s


Yet it was together, that the moment was captured.  There could not have been that moment without the collaboration or sharing of that space and time

Today I bow my head in prayer

that my day will be one of happiness and sharing

love/GOD  is within me, in sharing

even if simply with a smile

that smile will spread for miles

for GOD is everywhere

and each moment lived

will be a blessing to be shared

in love and peace with all mankind.

Namaste    –   Oyashikiri

DIY rustic barn wedding



thedsigninginspriation.com (photographer Amo Rafael Minkkinen) not photoshopped!

Canadien eh!


Good morning dear reader, when traveling we often hear about our money system here in Canada.  I found this picture that shows you are coinage, however please note, we no longer use the penny.  It was a real change for us when they said, no more printing of dollar bills, and we had to adapt to the loonie.  But, we did and the thought of having one more coin to drag down our wallets passed.  Then they (government) announced no more two dollar bills, we were going to be using another coin, which in Canada we have nicknamed the toonie.  Again the grumbling, what a pain, we’d need change purses the size of makeup bags!

time, telling of


Even telling the time, what seemed to be the way to tell time, when traveling I found out that not everyone knew what I was talking about, and yes we were in an English-speaking country.  In French, we also use the above when speaking of or indicating time. (Canada is bilingual, English/French)

saying, problem in Canada

True, we no longer can say, “A Penny for your thoughts?”  we could, but the younger generation, may not know what a penny is since it is no longer used.  At the moment there are still some in piggy banks I’m sure, but the day will come…… In my research this morning I found a whole page of  “canadian-problem”  #’d fun sayings.  If you are so inclined you can check them out. For my purposes, #318 will do

In PL, the PL Principle #2 is.. I will not have complaint about others, matters,nor the weather,  Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

Let me tell you, when the changes with the money came along, I did my share of grumbling.  Then during recent trips to the States, when I had to pay for things, I found myself longing for my loonies and toonies.  How much simpler it is using coins, and not having to deal with pennies.   I found myself appreciating the changes that were made, that I had wasted so much time being negative about them.. was a “light bulb” an “ah ha!” moment.

PL Precept #4 – Being annoyed limits your expression,   and  it does.  Sometimes there is distance between the lesson being offered, and our realization of same.

Examples used were Canadian “eh”…. but the lesson universal

penny 1 cent

no longer can I send a penny and say

a penny for your thoughts, remember I love you


a nickel for your thoughts just doesn’t have the same sentiment

it took 5 pennies to make 1 nickel

the one in the penny symbolized that  you and I are ONE

Sorry but a nickel

sounds fickle

but, all said and done

I do .. love you…

You are the only ONE…

namaste  –   oyashikiri





*the canadguide.com

**** mortgagebrokersoshawa.wwordpress.com


collection of vintage alarm clocks

Time was …     Time is …

a measurement of time

can clock the miles

of our cluttered minds


Yet, all that really matters is NOW


“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. (Henry David Thoreau)

Good morning everyone.  Today is the 21st of the month.  Thanksgiving service is at  7 pm.  Let us give thanks and be grateful for all that we have been blessed with so far this year.  A thankful heart will lead to happiness.

Namaste      –     Oyashikiri


** 365daysyoga.tumblr.com

Time and forever


Time was

when you were strong and vibrant

Now, you sit in decay

sunshine or rain, no one will visit you today

stripped bare of your dignity and purpose

still you stand proud and tall

for come what may

you know you have done it all

Mother Nature still comes to you

her flock never fail to  take refuge

in the recess and protection of your walls

Time is so fleeting,

a life can happen in a minute

and be gone just as quickly

Only man measures time mechanically

in reality

our existence is a fantasy of mind

for when our bodies sleep

where does the mind go to play

it travels to forever

where there is no time

night and day

light and dark

one without the other

cannot be


time was and time is

so now has to be



Is love forever

yes when it is freely given

and unconditional

love is always and forever…..

Namaste     …    Oyashikiri

** photo, Art’s page, Facebook

Abandoned or lost


Where does the time go.  Mid July, soon to be August, it wasn’t that long ago, that we were still in 2013, Mother Time is slowly nudging the dial along,  Once  upon a time I was a hedge hog, and had to decide, to stay and remain or to stand up and grow, allow and become the woman I really wanted to be.  OK  OK no matter what disguise one wears, we never escape being the person we are. It is so much easier to wear a mask and not face the day-to-day issues face on.

Dec 23_002


So do I abandon the Tiny in me, or do I incorporate and used the lessons I gained into the woman I am today.  Of course all of the experiences one lives, become a part of who we  are,  it is a matter of how we assimilate and process life’s blessings, rewards and challenges that make us who we are today.  Living in the NOW means that I have neither abandoned or lost any part of me. I embrace all that I have been and all that I am now.  I simply AM, no more, no less.

And what am I.  I’m a person who is very happy and wants to share my love of life with each and every one of you. Now and always.

amor gignit amorem [L]  Love begets love

Namaste  –  Oyashikiri

2013-01-18 July 8 misc 004

Cherries from our tree – Q

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