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photo.Heather T.

Rain is cleansing, calming … yet … can be relentless and create anxiety

because it is said – does this make it a truth

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

Always live with a kind and generous heart. Show love and embrace others’ good points, and be willing to overlook their faults. One who has a generous heart can live a fulfilled life.

Perfect Liberty 2022.17

rain come again another day

this is Chapman Mills on a sunny day (conservation area west end Ottawa)

Think “now is the time” instead of “It’s no use now” don’t give up by thinking it’s too late. Tell yourself that there is more that can be done.

Perfect Liberty 2022. 7

After the rain the sun will shine again.. it will it always does…

No matter how hard a situation is, face it head on… there is always a way..

yes it is raining, but still we are going out to play.


bjd project update

doll on left, is in rest mode.. want the green to really dry before I work on it more. doll on right still to be worked on.

These BJD (ball jointed dolls) have been patiently sitting now for over 3 years waiting for me to “get to them” I have not gotten names for them yet.. they are just “there”… The one on the left that I have been aging, is definitely going to reflect fall (big smile) my fav time of year for “creative expression” The green is a paste I’m trying that works for getting the moss effect, then I have the crypt paste which has a grit in it, and the texture grave paste I want to try. Fun time ahead. =^_^=

Each Person’s peace leads to world peace. First of all, you have to be happy. that happiness will spread and be the foundation of World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.1

First day of September everyone! Whoooo hoooo cachoooo!!!

need to walk today after sitting for all those hours yesterday!
Till soon

walking in the rain

Textures come alive in the rain. I thought should I bring my camera, its pouring, I’m glad I did.. I hung the camera inside my vest pulled it out only to get the pictures, and then dropped it back inside under cover. I imagined a quilt of different shades of green using the textures of the plants, leaves, branches.

It was my first time to consciously take a walk in the woods in the rain. I put on my Bogs (wet boots) wore long sleeves, sprayed my hat, scarf, and sleeves with heavy duty insect repellent. yes did my socks and jeans, put on a kind of wet spring type jacket over me and took off. Even brought my walking stick.

I wish there was a way for you to hear the singing of the birds, they were so happy, there was another car that came along so there were other humans about.. but.. none on the boardwalk.. it was glorious. The air was alive with the singing and calling out of the birds… I didn’t see any near or around the water, but I certainly could hear the chatter. With the steady drizzle there were no snakes trying to sun themselves on the boards either.

I feel so blessed to have been given the gift of good health, a way for me to get to these wonderful places, and the incentive to follow the inspirations that come my way.

PL Precept # 1 LIFE IS ART

Never forget, PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity

PL Precept #21 Live in Perfect Liberty

Xmas surprise

Action figure Pennywise from the Stephen King movie It

What a hoot. My whole theme this year was action figures and personalities from the world of adventure and super powers. I had not said a word about what I was doing.. so imagine my surprise and delight when I opened my nephews gift to find Pennywise staring back at me. You all know how in September I start gearing up for my creative month of October.. my FUN month. The unexpected is always such a “wow”.

If Santa came your way overnight, and was anywhere where the rain was, he would have been one wet Santa. The rain princess was not happy about having to perform “off season” her performance, at least here in this area, was full all out staccato, it was as if she said, “you want rain, I’ll give you rain” and then just lashed out.

This morning all is calm, not bright, but quiet and very wet. Still very mild too. What I noticed was that the little evergreen that has been sitting there all summer just “sitting”.. seems to have sprouted approx. 12 inches. I hadn’t noticed before. Could be because much of the accumulated snow has been washed away. Whatever, she looks happier. She obviously loved the rain, its perked her up.

From one happy little tree at our house, to everyone out there who is sharing this moment with us, we wish you a very happy and merry Christmas Day.

“To every cloud there is a silver lining” someone said that.. I believe it to be true.



PS. I have been up making dumplings for my son’s lunch, and I’m going to cook turkey and his favourite sausages to go with the dumplings, … I know he should visit more often right =^_^= so… to my friend Bonnie, no I won’t be eating out of a can today =^_^=…

mourning – Ancestors day

a lighthouse in the rain

My mind still talks to you

my heart still looks for you

My soul knows you are at peace

I thank God for having had you

but I still miss you so much!

My niece knew yesterday that I was in having a difficult time… she sent me this quote she found on all-great quotes.com.  I saw it only this morning.  and yes, the above is  all so true.

Ancestors day is celebrated on the 11th of every month in PL   Today is the 11th. Service is at 10 a.m.



PL calendar day 11 – Remember to be thankful and humble.  Appreciate the Makoto (sincerity) of the people who came before you.

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.  Love one another but make not a bond of love.  Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls   Khalil Gibran


alexandria 8.4.eTravel down an old country road on a lazy afternoon just two old friends, out for a drive. A country lass and an urban miss.  The old hydro lines are what caught my eye.  We stopped so I could get a shot.  We were not that far off the beaten track, yet, the fields of green, and the old lines, gave me a feeling of another time and place,.

Best of all I was with someone who had grown up in the country, and loved the fields of crops and the newly cut hay just as much as I did.  We would sigh with contentment when we passed peaceful gathering of cows enjoying the shade of sprawling trees  sheltered by outcrops of large boulders and rocks.

Too often I am traveling down a major highway or road to a destination, this was a just because drive.  No deadline, no specific time frame, just a drive, with a stop for lunch at a marina along the way. talking was optional.

alexandrria 8,4,18Be kind to yourself.  Make time for you.  Lazy summer days are few and far between when we live a busy lifestyle.

That day we had mostly sunshine, but the rain did fall, we got the black rolling clouds, and vivid display of lightning.  Made our day complete.  Have you ever smelled the lush green meadows after a rainfall?  Experienced the return of the sun and clear blue skies after an explosive down pour.  the change in temperatures during all this variety of weather.  Mother Nature works her magic in very special ways.

Get out and enjoy the day, make today a special day.

PL Precept #20  Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.

PL Precept # 15  All is a mirror




I remembered I had a picture that would give a visual on what some areas are like in our part of the world right now.  Many people have been and are dealing with flooding. Not just one or two areas, many places in the Province, not only cottage country, any where,  there is water.  Our lakes, and rivers are swollen and over flowing their banks. People are scrambling to save what they can.  There have been thousands and thousands of sand bags filled and carried to numerous destinations.  Still the water rises.

According to weather specialists, we’ve not seen the likes in decades, records have been broken.  The climate changes  the world is experiencing is all very real.

Please pray for those in need, and give thanks of appreciation to the many generous souls who have come forward to volunteer their time and help to those who are having to face the raging rising waters, and watch helplessly as their property disappears under the incoming tides.

PL Precept # 18  Each moment is a turning Point

PL Precept #16  All things progress and develop.

This too shall pass, meanwhile, pray…



the lonely tear


the rain fell, I could hear it beating relentlessly on the window pane

I knew eventually it would end, just like I knew that tomorrow

would be another day,  whether the sun shone, or it didn’t

the pain inside, would still be the same


when we open our hearts to love without restriction, only unconditional love

we agree to the live the roller coaster of emotion that will eventually

wash over us. as we are betrayed by the one lonely tear

that single tear that escapes to leave a trail of scaring from the past

reminding us … that… like the love songs on the radio

to know love is to know sadness and sorrow


no, not for love lost, but for a love so strong that it embraces the hurt and disappointments

of another, and cries in frustration at not being able to erase the other’s pain

to love  with untethered , unbridled passion, so intense, so powerful

that the one single tear,holds the commitment of all eternity

a love pure. strong and so divine, that no name or word can describe

the wonder of that single tear


one can’t know love without knowing the agony of a bruised and broken heart

to open up to a love so sublime that the single tear  is a subliminal message

to the brain and heart, that at this moment, at this time, you are in a state

of now and forever… the lonely tear is a testament to all that has gone before

and the proof a human heart beats in time to the

rhythm of life’s ongoing energy

of love in the now

forever and always















This song played over and over in my head…I felt I had to express how it affected me,,

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