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Xmas surprise

Action figure Pennywise from the Stephen King movie It

What a hoot. My whole theme this year was action figures and personalities from the world of adventure and super powers. I had not said a word about what I was doing.. so imagine my surprise and delight when I opened my nephews gift to find Pennywise staring back at me. You all know how in September I start gearing up for my creative month of October.. my FUN month. The unexpected is always such a “wow”.

If Santa came your way overnight, and was anywhere where the rain was, he would have been one wet Santa. The rain princess was not happy about having to perform “off season” her performance, at least here in this area, was full all out staccato, it was as if she said, “you want rain, I’ll give you rain” and then just lashed out.

This morning all is calm, not bright, but quiet and very wet. Still very mild too. What I noticed was that the little evergreen that has been sitting there all summer just “sitting”.. seems to have sprouted approx. 12 inches. I hadn’t noticed before. Could be because much of the accumulated snow has been washed away. Whatever, she looks happier. She obviously loved the rain, its perked her up.

From one happy little tree at our house, to everyone out there who is sharing this moment with us, we wish you a very happy and merry Christmas Day.

“To every cloud there is a silver lining” someone said that.. I believe it to be true.



PS. I have been up making dumplings for my son’s lunch, and I’m going to cook turkey and his favourite sausages to go with the dumplings, … I know he should visit more often right =^_^= so… to my friend Bonnie, no I won’t be eating out of a can today =^_^=…

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  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Have a quiet and relaxing day. We have enough snow to call it a white Christmas. The blue jays, cardinals, finches and occasional woodpecker are enjoying the birdseed I put out for their Christmas.

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