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Saturday 26th.

Quiet reflection

Treasure each moment in time. Life is a continuation of NOW. Treasure each and every moment as it comes, so that you can live your life as fully as possible without regrets.

Perfect Liberty 2016.10

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  1. You have snow!!!!. I’m a bit jealous. I’m sure there is more to come here.

    • lol careful what you wish for. No.. not really, we got a dusting, not like in the “good ole days” but winter is just beginning. want me to put in a good word to the weather fairy? you would have laughed, remember the tripod I got, I tried to put it back to the smallest position, couldn’t get this one arm to go down, didn’t matter what I tried it would not fold down. My son was here for lunch. it was sitting on the table so I told him of my problem, he looked at it, twisted the end of it and bingo, down went the arm. Just like that. sigh… Merry Xmas Mom!

    • PS. the picture was taken a while back, prior to the mild weather and the heavy rains.

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