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Thursday Doors – @ the locks


Cute as a button, too bad it wasn’t open the day we were there.  there was an event going on at the picnic area next to it, but I managed to get in a picture of the shop without bothering the small gathering.


The door was creative and festive.  We will try to head back that way before the “season” comes to an end.  We did notice, there some of the trees along the road side, were starting to show shades of colour.

PL Precept #16  All things progress and develop

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

Happy Monday everyone!




Living in the moment, being mindful means that you are living each moment with awareness, being present, addressing the moment with a clear state of mind. In “biblical” times it is told that Jesus walked on water and that in/with faith, so could his followers.  The moment they let fear/doubt take over, they sank.  It is not easy to always be clear of negative feelings, but we can learn, we can practice the ART of trusting and truly believing that the “Universe” no matter what the challenge, has a reason for where you are and what you are living at any given time.



Begin by starting your day with a positive attitude.  PL Principle # 2  I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather. Rather I will always be creative and will for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.

If you wish to learn more about the PL 21 Principles, please ask for a consultation from your local PL minister. (Perfect Liberty)



Have the courage to take the first step.


Sometimes the world seems lonely and we feel a void.  To some the world lacks sunshine, not just on occasion but often enough that they forget the days of warmth and sunshine, when life was full and happy.  There are days when just getting up out of bed is an effort. We’ve all felt that emptiness that begs to be filled. Some find relief in a relationship, others dive headlong into work and stay buried there.  The void may be filled for awhile, but friends come and go, jobs change, that craving/desire for the special “something” returns, often with an even stronger feeling of “need”

In PL (Perfect Liberty) we live a prayerful life,  The goal is to live with God all day, everyday, morning prayer and evening prayer at home, meal prayers, before and after. To be thankful, appreciative,and accepting of God/Universe in us and in our daily lives.  PL Guides us to work towards our goals.  We all of concerns that cannot be resolved easily.  PL has a unique way of responding to problems in our daily lives.  Through consultations given by PL ministers you receive personal guidance tailored to your individual character and situation

You have to have the courage to take the first step.  If you are timid, you will never be able to break free and start something new. BELIEVE in yourSELF and take that first step.

God is the power,source and law of the Universe. Everything that happens in this world is God’s Act. in PL we call God, Mioyaookami.





Faith is something that is very personal. Believe and your faith will stand the test of time.

photo 2 (6)

Let Go

Embrace the changing seasons

Go with the flow, Allow the light of God/TAO to be your guide

With every season, comes new life, new challenges and adventure

Embrace it all,   Freedom comes in Letting Go.

Blessings everyone, have a wonderful day.       



Be True to Yourself

Be True to Yourself

No matter how you try to make yourself appear differently, you can’t alter your self worth. Just be yourself. Freely express yourself without hesitation. (PL teaching)  Be True to Yourself!
As one who has chosen to live a life of spiritual awareness, I am always learning, and always moving forward.
Things around me are constantly changing, thus allowing me greater choices for creative expression.

photo- SL Palmetto Island -by Q

Divine Order connects me with others


God’s order is at work in all my relationships.  I am a peacemaker who honors the diversity of all life.  Attuned to divine order, I notice evidence of a divine plan unfolding in my connections with others.  Even with those I meet only briefly.  It would seem that life could be much more peaceful if everyone thought and acted alike.  Yet in my heart, I know that harmony does not require sameness.   a single note played simultaneously through several different instruments  doesn’t take advantage of the beautiful music that emerges when different chords and notes are played.

To honor the diversity of all life, I trust in the divine order to lead me, help me build  and connect with others in a network of sharing and support.

“From the state of mind of being one with God, Oshieoya-sama teaches us the path of happiness, how to progress and elevate ourselves, and find true freedom in our lives, based on the truth of “life is Art”  He gives us individualized teachings through “Mioshie” to show us our own unique paths.” Church of PL

The light of the soul is  bright, dense clouds of human ignorance/doubts obscure it.  Where are you in  terms of effort to make life brighter?

Have a grand day everyone… open your hearts and minds to new possibilities, smile, every minute you are angry or sad, is 60 seconds of missed happiness.

picture – Holy land taken by Ana (Spain)  The First Founder’s Tomb (Rev. Tokuharu Miki)

part #2 Bathing in Japan -pictures

Bathing in Japan, is interesting, when it is so unlike what we do here at home (USA and Canada).  Keep in mind that I was also in a teaching/conference facility.  I would also like to add that the place was clean, VERY clean, outside the building and around the grounds, the roads gave the appearance of being swept they were so clean.  I am a cleanliness freak when it comes to public washrooms etc. believe me when I say to you that where I was in Japan, it was clean without  giving the appearance of being sterile and antiseptic.

Bathing and the art of doing our daily “getting ready” might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a part of life that can be very enjoyable.  a bonus gift for me was the re- learning to do what can be a mundane daily task, into something leaning towards spiritual.    Enjoying a bath ready filled with just the right temperature of water, silence (when I had the place to myself, or almost to myself) being nude in the bath and not caring or worrying if someone came in. Now that for me was a “zen” moment.  Being totally one with myself in a bathroom ,several thousand miles from home, was really a double WOW, if not a triple.


This is the bath itself  At time of the picture, it had been emptied to be cleaned prior to refilling.


Opposite this little area is another where there are sinks for doing our daily this and thats  Hairdryers are provided.  I will see if I can find a picture in my many snaps.


This picture is where you pull back a sliding glass door and walk into this little area where one leaves shoes/sippers.  When busy, all those little shelves you see are full. Totally.  The next is the area where we put our clothes, see the little wicker baskets in each block.  Can be accessed from either side.


I did not go into a man’s bathing area, but I would assume they are all the same.  In the area where there are the toilets, there is a rack to dry the face cloths you are given.   I was told that in Japan, the choice for drying clothes is sun shine (outdoors)


Before I got to Japan, I never would have thought that one of my most favourite and remembered times  would be the “bathing”  In PL there is a teaching – Take a Good Look at Your Preconceived Notions.  It is good to reexamine those things that you think are “normal” or “valuable” in your life.  You are sure to find something new.  I certainly did.  I would go back to Japan in a heartbeat …

Thank you dear readers for your concern, saw the doctor today, confirmed virus infection in the bronchial tubes, an unwanted souvenir from the trip.  I was getting lots of sleep, I’m on the mend.  My seat mate in the lecture hall was from Brazil, my symptoms are mirroring hers I suspect I’m experiencing a touch of Brazil. Oh the joys of life never end…. Blessings my friends… E N J O Y !


No effort is ever wasted

No effort is ever wasted

No matter how small your efforts, your Makoto (sincerity) will be rewarded.  PL teaching.

If you are going to do something, you may as well do it with enthusiasm.  PL teaching.

one of a kind sandbag doll -by Q


Enjoy Life!

Enjoy Life!

Enjoy your friends, be playful, listen to music that “speaks” to you, & has you “groovin”  What were some of the fun things you wanted to do when you were younger? Have you done them?  You still wanting to explore the possibilities?
Do you allow your creativity to speak, or do you try to mold it into what you think will sell, or be appreciated by others?
Take time today to count your blessings.
Listen or look at what you are producing now, does it give you goose bumps?
Does your creative work bring you joy?  Are the results, soul satisfying?

In PL, one day a month, we come together to celebrate our blessings, we call the celebration  Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is on the 21st of each month.
If you are in the area, please join us.
We are all artist in life, all thing come to fruition when the heart and the object (form) are in accord with one another

PL Precept #2    To Live Is to Express One’s Self..     

When listening not with the ear, but with the spirit, one perceives subtle sounds.  The deepest sound is silence. (Dao)

Yin – Yang

Always there are two sides.   Positive – Negative,  Male, Female, Sun – Moon,    Day- Night, one compliments the other. There are times in my life when I am drawn to the lighter side of life, and other times where I find beauty and wonder in the darker arts.  Yesterday I couldn’t stop reading a historical novel full of love and intrigue.  Today I am deep into the meaning of enlightenment.  I recently picked up the summer issue of Light of Consciousness, thought to take it on the trip with me to read during the long waits between flights.  It proved to have so many articles in it that I wanted to spend time with, i.e. “Visions of the female Buddha” by Deborah Bowman, and Sleep Better with Mindfulness by Joseph Emet  that I couldn’t wait to delve into its pages.  Now of course it will stay here so that I don’t lose it while I’m travelling.   I will pick up lighter fare for the trip, magazines that I won’t mind leaving behind for the next traveler.

In life it is important to continue along the spiritual path towards our goals.    It is also important to know that our goals are not set in stone.  As we develop and “mature” our needs change, what we wanted and needed a few years back, may not be where we are headed today.  It is essential that we take the time to “meditate” and look at the positives as well as the negatives of our “now”, before we move on.  Ask yourself, is it an appropriate time to act.  The time to act is when you have the correct inner attitude, and the commitment to follow through on whatever it is you decide to do.

We are all different and have our own unique personalities and lifestyles.  Therefore, how we practice PL to solve our problems, or to express our true selves will vary.  In consultation with a PL minister, we receive guidance and support that is tailored to our individual needs.

The PL teaching for day 18

The Value of Money and Things Depends on How You Choose to Use Them.  Money and things are materials for your self expression.  Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society.

July 11 for 12th_003

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