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Yin – Yang

Always there are two sides.   Positive – Negative,  Male, Female, Sun – Moon,    Day- Night, one compliments the other. There are times in my life when I am drawn to the lighter side of life, and other times where I find beauty and wonder in the darker arts.  Yesterday I couldn’t stop reading a historical novel full of love and intrigue.  Today I am deep into the meaning of enlightenment.  I recently picked up the summer issue of Light of Consciousness, thought to take it on the trip with me to read during the long waits between flights.  It proved to have so many articles in it that I wanted to spend time with, i.e. “Visions of the female Buddha” by Deborah Bowman, and Sleep Better with Mindfulness by Joseph Emet  that I couldn’t wait to delve into its pages.  Now of course it will stay here so that I don’t lose it while I’m travelling.   I will pick up lighter fare for the trip, magazines that I won’t mind leaving behind for the next traveler.

In life it is important to continue along the spiritual path towards our goals.    It is also important to know that our goals are not set in stone.  As we develop and “mature” our needs change, what we wanted and needed a few years back, may not be where we are headed today.  It is essential that we take the time to “meditate” and look at the positives as well as the negatives of our “now”, before we move on.  Ask yourself, is it an appropriate time to act.  The time to act is when you have the correct inner attitude, and the commitment to follow through on whatever it is you decide to do.

We are all different and have our own unique personalities and lifestyles.  Therefore, how we practice PL to solve our problems, or to express our true selves will vary.  In consultation with a PL minister, we receive guidance and support that is tailored to our individual needs.

The PL teaching for day 18

The Value of Money and Things Depends on How You Choose to Use Them.  Money and things are materials for your self expression.  Use them to their fullest for the sake of others and society.

July 11 for 12th_003

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