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Thursday Doors 3.2.17

Rustic charm in a big château built along the Ottawa River on the Quebec side. I meant to go back and take a picture of the main door under the covered driveway that protects passengers as they arrive and drop off their luggage etc.  but forgot, it had been cloudy with rain, and there were times it was just too dreary.  Not to mention busy with people arriving and leaving.

It was a seasonal late February day, the huge majestic stone fireplace was beckoning visitors to sit around the lounging area, and relax.  I enjoy the crackling of a roaring fire, the area was lit in such  way that the dancing flames were merrily putting on a mesmerizing show for all of us who  had succumbed to its many charms.  Huge, the fireplace had huge openings in different direction, so that no matter where you were seated, you could enjoy basking in its glow.

With that pleasant memory firmly planted in my noggin, I’ll head out into the colder brisk air of March 2nd. and run errands.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends, near and far…. for your kind words and support, you are rays of sunlight in my world. Your caring warms my heart, I appreciate each and every one of you.


Montebello, Quebec,Canada

lost? or found?


a glove got lost

that glove was found

and left to  wait

should it be returned to its mate

some other day

meanwhile there it sits

out of harms way

a solitary reminder

that in some cases

it’s not that we don’t care

that we are no longer there

but life got in the way

too busy with other things

we missed realizing

that a part of us

fell away

& got left behind

this happens

when we are not

in tune with our mind


caught by surprise

when we find


one of two

is gone

leaving only



For to be a perfect ONE ( pair)

it takes

2 to be 1


Yesterday was a day of sun and cloud, being a work day, this boat launch area was quiet, in the summer months when we dive by, it would be difficult to even find a place to park.  We stopped here to let the dogs have some outdoor fun.


This was the colour of the day, yes sunshine is nice, but I love the rather subdued and subtle shades  of an over cast day, if every day was sunny, we wouldn’t get to see the full palette of Mother’s Nature’s diverse and endless inventory of wonders.


Here is another Found? or Lost? for you….


While visiting a Tim Hortons (on the American side of the border, I came across the above dime and penny, laid out just as you see them  … I didn’t touch them.. I looked and found it interesting that someone would just leave them on the vanity, especially sitting there so neatly.  Were they in hand, and just laid down while hands were being washed…  Maybe a child had them, and left them when they were being tended to by a parent.. I didn’t know… but I wasn’t going to disturb them, so, I took a picture.

Life is interesting, fun and intriguing, how we accept our daily challenges and adventures is up to us..  Accepting, enjoying and letting go of moments.. is a life long challenge, sometimes it is easy sometimes it is not…. knowing that whatever it is, it is OUR life. Yours and mine… I’m just so happy knowing that you are part of my world,  In loving, sharing, caring, the exchange of ideas, thoughts,sights and sounds,.. WOW… what gifts.

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 2  To live is to express ONE’s Self



Creativity begins with an idea, then someone sets out to put the design to paper, from there, they “play” at making it work, how many times, and what number of templates were done before they got the finished product they wanted.  We see the final product, and go… WOW….  Our lives are constantly being blessed because someone came up with an idea, and by themselves or with collaboration,  they developed the idea into a product, idea, or service.

Please visit the blog site Next to Nicx web site for details on how to do this, and more

In PL (Perfect Liberty) the first Precept.   PL Precept #1  Life is Art, is really the foundation of the philosophy we teach and practice.  Begin today and everyday, with a brand new canvas, it will make your daily choices so much more interesting.

This is a YouTube clip that will keep you inspired 

There was a time when we would say “everything worthwhile in life is FREE”   By this we meant, LOVE, Happiness, Sharing, Giving,Caring, a Hug, and so on.  Time spent with a friend was such a blessing and a special time…  It was being with that person, and giving a personal, hand-made gift meant time thinking of your friend, while you made up or wrote them a letter or a note card. There was personal interaction, and exchanges.

Life does get busy, but that special connection, a personal word or visit, goes a long way in making for a stronger bond, or sense of awareness in the other person’s world.  When we reach out and share with a friend, even a stranger, we are rewarded 100 fold.


Yes, I love a beautiful object, and I admire the work, the skill of the crafts person who did it.  I appreciate its beauty, and sometimes I even want to acquire that object.  But the greatest gift of all for me is the sincerity, and genuine love that shines in my life.  Life is LOVE.  Love abounds all around us.  BE ONE with GOD,  share your love, reach out and bring light and joy to someone today!

Namaste       –       Oyashikiri

dragonfly perfume bottle, annadan69.livejournal.com




Friday,dezoito 18th

it is Friday

it was s toss-up, between this sweet little pup

and the penguin


Enjoy your day everyone, may your creativity overflow in great abundance!!

Remember a smile can bring sunshine

to those we meet and greet today!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


a feline outlook



what we see

is not what is



Kittens are cute.  If you  have ever been owned by one, you know just how captivating they can be.  You also know they can have a mind of  their own.  Their personalities are so different, not one is the same as another.  And when a cat/kitten wants something.. they know how to  find it.      *Siamese and Russian blues,can be sooooooooo “royal” ..if you have ever had one in your family, I need not explain..”


True, life is never as simple as we would like at times

but everything in life is attainable, when we believe

and when we care and trust in our “inner voice” …

realizing that we, each and everyone one of us

deserves peace of mind, a happiness within

is the first step in true happiness…

the look on this great Dane’s face, says it all.. “like what is 

happening here, where is a human when you want one?”


This my friends is a mistake (depending on whether you are the human or the cat)  once the cat knows that the chocolate thing in your hand will be vanilla ice cream once you start eating it… if the cat is around, you will always have to share.


Ok some cats share better than others…….. but just maybe we got you to smile…..     and that what this is all about….

Ok now take your pick on the

ending… =^_^=




Valentine Valentine 2

And why not?

Why do I have to wait to be flowery

only on one special day?

Golly gee,

the way I see it

is, I really care

and love you every day

truth be told, I like you too

so today and every day

I’ll do my very best

to let you know, some how, some way

in all I say and do

that you are the best ever, and like I really really  mean it

when I say

I love you.


namaste     –      oyashikiri

Sunday Hug

hugsYou never realize the value of a kind compassionate hug, until you have received on,  Sometimes we forget that in some societies a show of affection, or a hug is not something that is done.  I’m sure you all know or have known people in your lives who simply don’t hug, or show any kind of outward affection.

Lately there have been groups that form so that they can experience a  hug, or what is it I heard and saw on the telly the other month, you could hire someone to hug you.   Oh yes, and I was told by a reliable source, that men (sorry don’t know about women) can hire someone to be their girlfriend for an hour or two, where they can just be physically intimate, holding hands, hugging (and being a grown up, should that lead to something else…)  What has caught my interest in all of this is that with all that is happening, we can put someone on the moon, we develop technology that can have us talking to people in foreign lands, with just a click of a button.  But we still don’t know what a hug is all about.

Remember the “air kiss”… ah, allo, bonjour… kiss, kiss… sometimes one side of the face, sometimes both… and many times it is a real sign of affection and happiness at meeting a friend.  However, with anything that is done repetitiously it then becomes a habit and the kisses are given from a mile away (ok slight exaggeration )

Not everyone is comfortable with being hugged, or having someone up close and too personal.  Sometimes being there, sharing a coffee, listening and simply being a good listener, with true compassion and love in your heart is enough.

Not everyone is blessed with having grown up in an environment or with people who show their love in a way that includes a warm embrace and a loving hug.


Shared laughter, and a hug that is purely one of love and friendship is a gift that only can be given from the heart.  It is when we are truly in the moment and can freely respond to another’s smile, need, or presence that the joy of the moment can be felt.


You are never alone

Always I am with you in spirit

and should you doubt

you need only look out

at the evening stars,

their twinkle is my code to you

happily saying I love you in a thousand ways

or the morning sun and feel my touch

as a breeze gently tousles your hair

or sunbeams kisses your cheek

I am in the air your breath

for I am everywhere

now and always


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

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