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Silent Sunday

Discover each person’s unique qualities. When we approach people with respect, we can understand them better and see their special qualities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.2

!st of month

Be a messenger of Peace. always think “for the sake of others and society” and express yourself for the happiness of all people.

Perfect Liberty 2022.01

Day of Peace service will be at 10: a.m. this morning.

Regular Sunday service at 10: a.m. tomorrow, the 2nd.


Stony Swamp P6 NCC Conservation area.

Hello Fall

Yesterday as I drove down the road to the entrance to Mer Bleue I slowed to look over the valley beyond the trees that border the road and saw … fall colours… the whole line of trees along the far side of the valley were crimson and golds… Yikes… it is still September … I didn’t have the Nikon with me and the cell would have limited range for me to capture that colour. BUT it was there.!!! Good thing fall is my favourite season.. I L O V E IT….

Be cheerful and friendly with those around you. Other people can sense how you are feeling … So, be cheerful.

Perfect Liberty 2022.24

Today I will be a smart puppy .. I will layer and bring out the warm vest. could not do my walk around the bog yesterday the wind was too cutting and temperatures were in the single digits. (Celsius).


Please pray for those who are in need of our support and prayers.

have a joyful day!

Have a joyful day by being a little more creative. You will enjoy your day more by adding a little creativity to your daily activities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.16

Turn your intuition into actions. appreciate each intuition you receive and take action right away. By doing so you will invite good fortune.

Perfect Liberty 2017. 5

Sept. 11 – Oneness

I sat by the water this morning and carved.
The chick-a-dee tried very hard to distract me, it was sure I must have a seed or nut somewhere on my person. Why else would I be sitting in the middle of the forest with a stick, making a mess.. all around me were the pieces of bark and wood that were falling away as I diligently smoothed the surface I was working on.

Good morning… started this yesterday.. it is another day. I enjoyed it, today I won’t have time to sit and bask in a quiet meditation by the water… I will drive out and put feed out for the birds and then head for church. I am only putting out small portions, enough to keep the area “interesting” for them… There is still an abundance of food in the forest for them that they can forage and gather for the winter. I want to share with them, not change their normal behaviours…

Today is Ancestors Day, our Ancestors’ Day ceremony at church will take place at 10 a.m. we celebrate this “day” every 11th of the month. One of our members was rushed to hospital last night, please add in your prayers today, a word of support and healing for all in our community that require that extra energy today. Physical distance is not a factor in a spiritual connection. WE are all ONE.

You can be with God by having a prayerful mind. Let’s pray for World Peace. We are all one big family. Let’s start by praying for the happiness of those around us.

Perfect Liberty 2022.11
Always and Forever

PL (Perfect Liberty) is International, let’s us reach out in prayer today – express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors and ask for their protection and guidance so we can continue to live to live the PL WAY.

energy-balance -joy

My spirituality is something I will never outgrow. it sustains me year after year and I truly believe that every day brings tremendous possibilities. ie a chance to live more fully, love more deeply and learn something new, no matter how old (physical age) I get. We can remain ageless – strong – healthy – happy and connected. but it isn’t always smooth sailing.

September is flying by all too quickly… Today is the 10th already! My morning began at 4 something .. yes a.m. I originally woke it was 3 something… after a wee break with Keeper… she now takes a break with me.. and we have for now almost eliminated accidents..(the vet has her on special food to control the acidity of her urine etc.) Balance is important even for dogs. Balance is important in all our lives.

It’s easier to adapt to something when we find it interesting. No matter how enjoyable a situation is, a slight change in our attitude can make it boring. Let’s face any situation with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Perfect Liberty 2022.10
bear scat (photo Daniel R.)

Daniel found his scat further along the trail, I found my scat closer to the parking lot on my out, heading down towards the research area ..(P23) a word of caution to hikers .. there are bears wandering.

Life will present you with many choices today, at some time.. make time for YOU. Not just the To Do list.

btw… on inspection yesterday, I saw that the bears are still finding and eating beautiful big black berries.

always and forever

Reminder. tomorrow the 11th. there will be service on Sunday, we will be doing the Ancestors Day ceremony at 10 a.m.

The tree in the first picture is at P7 (Sarsaparilla Trail) NCC Greenbelt – west end near the look out.


A chop suey of doors from the past.. leaving the city and making my way into the countryside, with fall around the corner, and the pumpkin latte’s appearing on menus …soon the doorways will be festive with colours of fall… of all things I saw a sign the other day for pumpkin spice noodles!!! That is a stretch even for my imagination, certainly for my taste buds.

For more doors please visit Dan’s site. No Facilities… https://nofacilities.com/2022/09/08/clay-hill-leftovers/


Start by Thinking “Let’s do it!” Once you decide to do something and put your whole heart into it, things will start moving forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.8

September 6

Bald Eagle -juvenile, by Nature photographer Edith St. Martin https://www.instagram.com/edithstm/

Don’t let circumstances sway your decision. It does not help to overthink things. Sometimes we just need to make up our minds and move forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.6

Be in the present – Belong …. practice mindfulness…

“Love is not something we give or get; it is something we nurture and grow.. a connection that can be cultivated between two people only if it exists within each one of them.


exhausted? overwhelmed?

How long does it take for mushrooms to grow, and what determines how the fungus will take shape? Finding these little gems took my mind away from the annoying conversations it was having .. Really I had been thinking of totally irksome information that had come into my gray matter over the course of the last few weeks. I was out in the woods, having a lovely walk … doing what I don’t usually do, I was going the wrong way along the trail towards the bog boardwalk. (the boardwalk has signs that clearly indicate we are wanted to travel it in the direction indicated by the arrows) My reasoning was that I was not going to take the boardwalk, I was walking the path towards it and then planning on taking the trail that leads off in the opposite direction.

My plan and what actually happened are two different things. I’ve been tired lately, I have had a lot going on around me, my walk this morning was to let my thoughts clear, and let the morning air, clear and unclutter the gray cells. That said, I think the thoughts were all vying for the exit and rushing towards it at the same time.

When walking this way (my first time to do so) I had to look at my surroundings differently, I decided to take the small path that led me between very tall evergreens. (looking for wood for me to carve).. I was checking every fallen branch and log I came to. It was a short enough detour, but I was now juggling pieces of wood that I had picked up, and realizing that I would have to head back, since now I had my arms full carrying my “finds”. I came out unto the main path I had previously been on and there before me was the remains of a tree that had fallen during the storm, … while the main trunk had been removed from the path, cut into pieces and moved away from the area, there were still interesting pieces lying there for me to pick through, I had to put down what I was carrying, in doing so, I found the fungi seen above.

The feeling of exhaustion and the overwhelming parade of nattering that had been happening in my head, vanished. I was totally captured by the interesting pattern and textures of the fungi.

The best timing is when you notice. When you notice something, it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing

Perfect Liberty 2022.5

Sometimes we have to break away from the clutter and senseless chatter that happens when we go too long without taking a Me break. It is easy to get caught up in the “must do” “need to do” things that we think are so important… they are not. Our well being is what is important. think about it. You, yourself and only you … are responsible for your happiness and state of mind, YOU are the director of your life,



Every morning, as you all know .. I am out in the woods having my time with the birds/wildlife at one of the many NCC green spaces. There are two that I go to on a regular basis, where I feed during the winter season… with the big storm we had, everyone has had to adjust. (including the animals) The chipmunks are busy gathering. We’ve had a few mornings now where the nip in the air is refreshing. The chipmunks and squirrels are battling it out with the blue jays for the nuts and peanuts in a shell that get distributed when I do my morning round. These little critters can pack a lot of peanuts in their cheeks making their cuteness even more adorable.

Take action without thinking too hard. No matter how hard you try to foresee the future, you really don’t know how things will turn out.. Do your best and see how it plays out.

Perfect Liberty 2022.4

Service is at 10 a.m. today…..

Together we make a difference.

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