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new day-new YOU

Do you feel you stand out!

It is only Natural that you are different from others. Each of us has our own way of thinking and our own individual lifestyle. That’s what makes life interesting.

Perfect Liberty 2020.20

Good Morning peelistas, Bom dia amigos! Do you ever feel that you are on your own path, not part of the “happening”… We are all unique! that is the beauty of being part of this Universe. My Mom used to make these little cuddly “bears” for charity. You would see her knitting away whenever she sat down to watch the telly. It was her “happy” place. The piglet I think was a gift to her.

A gentle reminder –

You can learn from anyone. There is a limitation to your own knowledge and experience. Listen carefully and sincerely to others’ opinions.

Perfect Liberty 2015.18

We don’t have to agree, but we can listen, and do our best to understand, why and how someone got to that “place”… We are all ONE. Love is the thread that will link us together… always!


Thanksgiving long week-end

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, I know it is not a holiday in the States, but you are still getting the good wishes. =^_^= We all need some positive vibes these days.

Where I am, we are back to a being on serious lock down, people are being asked to allow at least 28 days of remaining close to home, no social gathering, or extended forays into the city if it is not required.

Please stay safe, stay positive, and enjoy family visits via virtual means if at all possible.

Today is also the 10th day of the 10th month. auspicious time.. =^_^=… we could get an early start to perhaps doing something we haven’t done in years. Let’s send Christmas greetings by snail mail. !! Now is the time to try making your own greeting cards.. or drafting a Season’s greetings news letter. 2021 is less than 3 months away!

Enjoy the moment while you wait. Things come about when they are meant to happen. Think of what you can do for the time being, and don’t rush the outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020.20


time – it is all in the perspective we apply =^_^=

dancing in the rain

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Q's Story Telling

photo by shirley keen NZ

Dancing in the rain, getting all wet, feeling your clothes clinging to your body, not caring, its the rhythm of the rain and the beating of your heart… that is all that matters. Being alive! Knowing love in your life, yes…. dancing in the rain… getting soaking wet…. why not. Q

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Another doodle for you

I’m enjoying your comments and what you see in these doodles.. Likely do another layer on this one tomorrow.

Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.

Andre Breton

Live today filled with enthusiasm. Life is an accumulation of the efforts you make, day by day. Live keeping in mind that “today” only comes once and live your precious life to the fullest.

Perfect Liberty 2015.20


July 6


Don’t give up! Stick with it, as many time as it takes. Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel and say, “I give uu”, but that is the time for you to dig deep and ush through, Your sincere effort will invite a good outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020. 6


Study Nature, love nature, stay close to nature, It will never ail you.

Frank Lloyd Wright.

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alternations.

Faith Baldwin

photo by Shirley Keene NZ


photo.Shirley Keene
photo Q

No celebration, for I’ve landed in a far away land

Were life is stark, skies are fire and brimstone

the world I knew, has gone

betrayed by lies, greed, aggression and wars

where once I heard songs and cries of love and pride

where man stood side by side

exploring and discovering with gladness and expectations

for a brand new life, in unexplored lands

Flags flew proudly across the skies

Children learned of the history of the land

the many lives, lost for one cause or another,

BUT it was through hardships that we grew strong and free

Cultures came together – differences were worked out

we were proud and we knew God, we knew love,

we respected and knew gratitude, we knelt on Sundays, we prayed.

Somewhere, dignity and self respect got lost along the way

Oh, nature still abounds, even in shell shocked countries

Where children live amongst the horrors of war

They awake to the sound of gunfire, they sleep under battle torn roofs

True, in North America our skies are still blue

and in gardens, the roses still bloom

But peace is no longer sown across the land

These are my thoughts .. mine alone… they are simply the musings

of my worn and weary mind.

Do I want to wear the happy colours of celebration..

Is sincerity of heart, body and mind, also a thing of the past.

Are words like tenderness gone, is genuine caring (actions without hidden reasons) a history.. oh wait.. in todays world, if we don’t like or don’t understand something, we shoot it, burn it down, or bury it.


I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but honesty with you, is what and who I am.

Celebrate the day, celebrate family. tomorrow is another day.

PL Day of Peace 1st.

July 1. Canada Day & PL Day of Peace

Harmony brings us peace. Let’s strive to always maintain good relationships at home, at work and in the community we live in.




a moment in the sun

I close my eyes tight

the moment will not disappear

physically there is no disappearing

my body is heavy

the sun is hot

I feel caught in the moment

moment in the sun

my restless mind is stopped

I feel the shade across my face

yet I am in the warm embrace

of a moment that won’t go away.

the heat, the moment

transports me to another time and place

moments ARE forever

they can never be relived.

good or bad

in that moment

you live, the past, present

and yes, the future

the shade will shift

with each breath I take

for my sake

I want the moment

to pass, and let me wake

another day, for

another moment awaits.


PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point.

thrift find

found and captured to share

I’ve found it difficult the past day or so. I was disturbed by the news that one of the famous milestones in younger day, was being taken away, because for some it was offensive. I’m talking about packaging for pancake mix and a pancake syrup

We have learned so much from the past, from the mistakes others have made, in making them huge lessons were learned, and we grew as human beings. Not everyone agrees about history, even in the country I was born in (Canada) there are huge divisions that need to be crossed.

As a person who grew up in an Anglo Saxon, French Canadian culture, I know what it is like to be seen as different. I know first hand what it feels like as a child sitting on a bus, and having it fill up, but on one wanted to sit beside me because of my “colour”

Even when asked where did I come from, and I would say, where in Canada I lived and grew up.. I would be asked again, “no, but where do you come from” “I am Canadian I would say, born here” My Father taught me the importance of being Canadian, instead of learning Chinese, he encouraged and sent me to French kindergarten. Both parents were adamant that being a Canadian, I needed to know the two languages of the country..

Yes I am proud of being Chinese, but I am a Canadian first. I was born here, this is my home.

There was a beautiful statue of a native Indian kneeling looking out over the river behind parliament buildings, I was told of how the Indians had been the proud warriors who fought and lived on the land .. how their history intertwined with ours. It was a beautiful work of art, to me it stood for how wonderful Canada was, that we embraced and respected the culture of the many people who live here.

The marketing for the pancakes and the syrup depicted a beautiful woman of colour, again, it was a symbol of how we loved and embraced all races. (as a child, it was part of life, and it made me feel special, that not all people saw being of a different colour as an oddity)

It broke my heart when I mentioned to a friend that I had heard that the beautiful lady was to be removed because of her colour. How could I tell my friend, who I know loves me, that she was stabbing me in the heart, by saying “its about time” What is about time.. that we take away colour from our lives. live in a plastic bubble where everything has to be white or off white, maybe freckles are allowed.

The journey is not over for me, I will probably live many more years, but I am so sad these days, that the discriminations of the past are resurfacing, I was also told that because someone said, ALL lives matter, the person was dismissed from their work.

It has been eating away at me, did I dare share with you how deeply cut I am about the divison that is happening.

We admire and love the coloured vegetaion in Nature. Are we, human beings not part of nature and the Universe, Why are we being catalogued once more by colour. Why do we point fingers and put blame everywhere else but on our SELVES.

I will never turn my back on someone because of their colour or put down their heritage, Interesting the people shouting and make alot of the noise, are people who are not of colour.. How can they say things with such authority when they themselves have never lived it

Walk in someone else’s shoes to know, what it is like …

I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I felt that I needed to share my thoughts and feelings on a matter that stabs at my heart.

How can we achieve world peace, if all we can do is “take sides”…. I spent years associated with law enforcement, many of us spent hours and dedicated our careers to improving the interactions of “law enforcers” and “citizens” – my heart is screaming from the pain of seeing the division starting all over again.

PL Precept # 20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.



Thursday door + musing

my babies have grown up
this is the one I have patiently waited for to shine.

We were just one of many older bungalows or 1.5 on a quiet street with mature trees in backyards and not picket fences, but small hedges bordering the front yards.

Now of course, many homes are gone, you can see the two infill houses on either side of me. Instead of a quiet neighbourhood where children had played and grown up.. now .. a few are rented to singles who want to live in an area that is considered choice because of its easy access to the super roads that take them east, west, north and south.

The few empty nesters who are still here, are constantly getting cards in our mailboxes… our favourite sales agents/brokers.. wanting to grab up your property.. not to live in, but to sell to contractors who want to tear down your home to subdivide your small lot to put in bigger homes with postage size grass patches, MAYBE.. likely it will be a paved or interlock space for a small to mid size vehicle.

My Blue Spruce was a youngster when I brought her home. the old fencing had an opening there for a gate.. and a broken walkway up to the front door. I replaced that with my baby, and set her up to have her own place and space to grown. When the time came for a new fence. she was protected from street traffic.. and now.. look at her.. isn’t she just beautiful.

That is a Saskatoon berry tree on the right of her, and on the left a cherry tree. Neighbours enjoy the bounty every year, or the church down the street, their members come to pick them, and preserves are made. Its called sharing.

The birds come every season, depending on the species. My backyard is much the same. It is for nature to thrive. As long as I am alive, I hope to provide a haven for the crows, squirrels, and whatever else finds solace in my “garden of love” Yes even the skunk I smell in the late evening should I need to let one or both of the dogs out.

I enjoy simplicity, personal privacy .. I love sitting outside surrounded by my family of trees, shrubs and perennials. …listening to their whispers as they bask in an evening breeze or an afternoon of dappled sunshine, playing with the ever changing shadows.

For Thursday Doors, this is the one that needs a special feature. When traveling on the roads, this might be the only friendly door that is open to you… should you need to stop and refresh.

it was too early for the food truck.. but the little charmer was welcoming. =^_^=

Live each day with an open heart – Smile, share your “light” each and every one of us, is a unique “universe”.


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