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wordless wednesday


We just need time off. Time to be lazy, to do nothing, and just chill. Try it, you will discover, it is a good thing… love is forever, love IS.


forever is now. Q

Wednesday 13th

When you have been somewhere but can’t remember where it was. Someone will know and eventually I will remember. Small town in Ontario, but which one…

Photos, memories are part of who we are, were, places we saw, may see again, however, even going back, will not ensure that the moment can be recaptures, you have to see the signs of aging, and the changes, and reacquaint yourself with the wonders that were.

Nothing stays the same, the only constant in life, is change. Today, I have my doll club meeting, where a group of ladies and the occasional male gather to share in our love and romance with dolls. I will be doing a short segment today about creativity and dolls.

The last weeks have been spent, deciding who will come with me, and what and how I can share this lasting “passion” on my life. What was, was, and what is, IS. In my valise today are dolls and personalities I wouldn’t have considered before, nor was I even aware of them till the last couple of years.

This is what makes life worth living, connecting with people, learning and being open to the joys of fellowship and community. learning something new, trying something new… is always an adventure.

Don’t be swayed by the past; it’s what you do from now on that counts. Your failures as well as your successes are now in the past. Always look toward the future and start with a fresh outlook.

Perfect Liberty 2015,13

Make today count everyone, have a good day, allow for changes, and go with the flow. Smile at the world, it will smile back at you.



wordless wednesday


a little cheer

multicraft gifts – Thurston Dr. Ottawa, Ontario,Canada

Did you just groan. LOL, get ready, it will soon be in your face. Crafters are already preparing, and many like myself have started the various projects mid October. There were several craft shows happening this week-end, I suspect from now till mid December there will be a craft show happening somewhere every week-end.

Whether you are prepared or not, you will be drawn in, the festive season is one too bright and merry to avoid. For Americans their Thanksgiving is this month. Double fun, and a lot of home cooking.

Accept everything with appreciation. Appreciate not just people and society, but everything that comes your way. You will experience a deeper joy in life.

Perfect Liberty 2012.21

Today I have a deep appreciation for my friend Bonnie, she is a wizard when it comes to organization and planning, I was lucky enough to get some of her time, to help me with my “scattered files” When my husband passed away, (he had been the master planner and keeper of the files) for me it was a mountain of a task to apply myself to what needed to be done.

Wonder woman arrived with her big blue scarf, her cape was in the wash, and giving me time to gather my wandering mind… she gently pushed the procrastination file aside and began in earnest to put some order to the disorder. A big thank you Bonnie.

I have finally reached a maturity where I can acknowledge that I’m not good at everything. >will wonders never cease< =^_^=

Express your feelings without hesitation. If you hold in all your feelings, you will feel heavy. Just say what is on your mind without hesitating.

Perfect Liberty 2017.4


new arrival

This little lass arrived on my doorstep yesterday, all the way from China. She was tired and a little weary from the long voyage, and the environment she found herself in was vastly different from what she has known. After much thought, we decided her name would be Yumi. I have a young friend in Japan that she reminds me of… She graciously accepted her new name. It pleased her, since previous to arriving here, she was simply a stock number. I will let her adapt to her new environment before I try to involve myself in her life.

Today is the 31st, there will be celebrations , depending on the age group, I suspect it will be a busy evening, with a lot of fun and frolicking. Energy levels are very high all over the world where “witches and warlocks” play. How well do you know your neighbours. =^_^= I myself, will meditate and pray for all to be safe in their enjoyment of the night.

I loved this piece when I did it, October 2015, now I can’t even recall what had inspired me, or what I did with it. Life is in constant motion, what we feel is so thrilling and important today, in time, the intensity fades, and unless we learn to let go, we will be facing frustrations and hurt. Places, people, everything changes.

In PL (Perfect Liberty) we are given the tools and the encouragement to live our lives in a way that allows us flexibility, and teaches how to adapt to changes.

Don’t look for excuses to say “I can’t”. If you let your situation control you or you fear failure, you will not be able to feel enthusiastic about anything.Take on any project with a firm conviction that you will succeed.

Perfect Liberty 2011,13


wordless wednesday

create your story line… the day is yours. Oyashikiri

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